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Necropolis Immortal - Chapter 1546: Star Sect

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Lu Yun brought the floating cube into his grasp with a wave of his hand. Xing Wuliang ignored his actions, focusing on finding the right pills to heal the Brightheart World Kings wounds.

Shed been heavily injured after meeting the evil corpse with a direct blow, then worsened the damage when she transformed into wind to elicit a spatial storm. The backlash had recoiled straight onto her and deepened her injuries.

Thankfully, Xing Wuliang carried a large sum of healing medicine on him. Otherwise, Brightheart wouldve had to withdraw from their venture and leave the tomb.

Lu Yun began carefully studying this connate treasure of the fourth realm while his two companions were preoccupied. It was very similar to the Yin Yang Formation Orb of the world of immortals as both could release an infinite number of formations.

They differed in that the Formation Orb treated formations as the yang side and feng shui as the yin. Yin and yang were both one entity and clearly distinct. The Formation Orb was a connate treasure that had formed this way due to a separation between the daos of formation and feng shui in the world of immortals. Additionally, the art of feng shui had been lost.

But in the fourth realm, feng shui and formations were still two sides of the same coin and feng shui remained known to all. The realms connate treasures were born containing both; there was no separation between the two.

The cube encompassed everything, projecting formations that incorporated every manifestation of nature and every single possibility. No matter what formation it was, the cube could replicate it without end once the formation was sent into the treasure.

“What a nice treasure indeed,” Lu Yun sighed and tossed it at Xing Wuliang.

“Youre not tempted to keep it” Xing Wuliang put the cube away and looked deep into Lu Yuns eyes, noting that they remained clear without a hint of greed or anything else.

“Treasures have their own spirits and only those with a shared destiny or the highly virtuous may obtain them. This treasure does not share a fate with me,” Lu Yun chuckled.

“Pfft.” Xing Wuliang curled his lip. “It shares a fate with you if you can get your hands on it, and it doesnt if you cant take it. Virtue I recall that the Divine Fire World King likes to subjugate others with virtue. Whoever has the stronger fist is the more virtuous.”

Lu Yun smiled without a word. After hed given Divine Fire a thorough beating, the latter had changed his habit of dominating others with virtue. He never mentioned the notion again.

“I have another treasure here that you can use for now. You can give it back to me when we get out. Er… if youre still alive then. If Im the one dead, you dont need to return it.” Xing Wuliang fished out a vivid blue orb and tossed it at Lu Yun.

“…a Water Virtue Orb.” Lu Yun nearly went cross-eyed staring at the ball.

Revered Rednote was a true World Manifest, but hed commanded the strength of a Void World King with a Fire Virtue Orb.

A Water Virtue Orb was on the same level as a Fire Virtue Orb; they were both ultimate treasures of the five virtues. How could Xing Wuliang so easily lend out something of this caliber to a stranger hed just met

“Heh, dont think too much, my soul force brand is in that Water Virtue Orb. You wont be taking it away from me, not with seventh step soul force,” Xing Wuliang cackled. “If youd had a few decent treasures just now, you mightve been able to help some.”

“I did help some, alright” Lu Yun rolled his eyes. “If it wasnt for what I said, both you and your crush wouldve died here.”

“…crush.” Xing Wuliang took a look at Brightheart sitting cross-legged in the air, slowly recovering from her wounds. He blushed brightly and fell silent.

Lu Yun lowered his eyes to the Water Virtue Orb in his hand. It was azure blue and seemed to nurture a world of water. The sound of waves rose and ebbed from the orb.

This Xing Wuliang throws money around like its worth nothing. Something that Revered Rednote sees as his hearts blood is probably nothing but trash to him. Tossing it to me like this I wouldnt be willing to lend this to a complete stranger. Lu Yun toyed with the treasure as he waited for the Brightheart World King to recover.

He understood full well that Xing Wuliang had only brought out this treasure because he realized how dangerous the Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor was. Theyd encountered the hand of an evil corpse before entering the tomb proper and almost died. It was very possible that other terrors would lurk in the depths of the tomb.

After eating the Profound Nineroot and raising his soul force to seventh step, Lu Yun was a high level formation master worthy of being hailed Master Feng.

“Ill give you something else too.” A grave expression appeared on Xing Wuliangs face. “This has much to do with my faction. If you learn it, youll be an outer disciple of my faction. Ill teach it to you if youre willing. If not, pretend I didnt say anything.”

“Im willing!” Lu Yun nodded. There was no reason for him to decline as he ardently wished to learn everything about the supplemental daos of the fourth realm to increase his strength. He also wanted everything about the realms cultivation methods and battle techniques.

Xing Wuliang was someone who carelessly gifted Profound Ninetroots and Water Virtue Orbs. He naturally would have the right to accept new disciples for his faction. Though Lu Yun hadnt helped in a significant way earlier, hed identified the crucial point to handle the evil corpse. Hed been the one to suggest breaking spatial formations into spatial fragments and creating a storm out of them.

Someone with this level of perception and judgment was certainly an unparalleled supplemental dao genius.

Xing Wuliang took another close look at Lu Yun before giving him a scroll. The General Principles of the Star Sect Formations!

“My faction is called the Star Sect. Its the biggest one in the Central Planes and it sits in the World Plane.” Xing Wuliang lifted his head with some pride. “The sects disciples travel throughout the Boundless Planes and are strictly forbidden from bullying others through influence. You are not allowed to use the sects name even if you offend an overwhelming enemy.

“Our enemies, our mess.”

Lu Yun nodded.

“This is the medallion of Star disciples.” Xing Wuliang handed over a black medallion to be worn at the waist. “As for the rest of the sects rules, you may read them for yourself if you are lucky enough to become an inner disciple. You should refine the medallion—it will destroy itself upon your death.”

“Does this mean that as an outer disciple, I dont necessarily have the right to visit the sect at the World Plane” Lu Yun grinned wryly.

“The sect has at least eight hundred million, if not a billion outer disciples like you. Some spend their entire lives falling short of the lowest bar,” Xing Wuliang spoke meaningfully. “My senior brother gifted me only the same principles and medallion back in the day. I made it into the sect through my own abilities.

“I think you can do the same.” He flashed a grin at Lu Yun and spoke in much gentler tones after seeing the young man refine the medallion.

“What a strange sect.” Lu Yun discovered after refinement that the medallion was only an identity token, representing his right to visit the World Plane. Everything after that was up to him.

There was also a restriction inside the medallion that if he passed on The General Principles of the Star Sect Formations to anyone else, the restriction would immediately activate and kill him. Since he wasnt an official disciple, he had no right to recruit disciples for the sect.

“Only a sect like this can survive in the Boundless Planes.” Brightheart had mostly recovered from her wounds and opened her eyes.-

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