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Chapter 1551: A Compass Draws a World

Xing Wuliang threw the cube to Lu Yun without hesitation.

“Thank goodness Im able to help a little.” Smiling with contentment, he sat down with ease of mind in the world of swords and casually watched the others outside.

“Are all Star Sect members this useless” Glaring at Xing Wuliang, the young man with the sword directed his question to the Brightstar World King.

Brightstar blushed furiously. She had feelings for Xing Wuliang, but her main focus was on cultivation and how to grow stronger. As a result, shed reached Void World King ahead of him. His cultivation level had remained static because he was focused on supplemental dao, so the two hadnt ended up together despite their fondness for each other.

Her mention of becoming dao partners with Xing Wuliang if he reached Void World King wasnt a joke, but a promise. If it wasnt for this, he would probably still be a minor World Manifest.

“Xing Wuliangs not that useless,” she responded absentmindedly as she fended off the zombie, then realized shed misspoke.

The young man smacked his forehead and slashed forward again, sending the zombie back. Unfortunately, it remained unharmed and rushed back with unquenchable zeal after flying several thousands of kilometers out.

It wanted to eat these two Void World Kings.

It would eat these two, then eat more until it ate Nihil World Sovereigns. It would then claw back from death and return to the world of the living.


Lu Yun held the Rubiks cube aloft and stared at the coffin that towered like a mountain. It was at least forty-five thousand kilometers tall and an ugly crack scarred its surface. That was likely where the gray zombie had climbed out.

The coffin was also gray, but no fog wafted from it. That didnt fool Lu Yun. This coffin was the source of everything.

“Destroy the coffin” He shook his head. It was forty-five thousand kilometers tall and at least a dozen kilometers long. Though these dimensions didnt amount to much in the fourth realm—a Void World King could crush it with a finger at their full size—Lu Yun could tell that there were other secrets to the coffin.

What was buried inside wasnt the gray zombie, but a world! If they only destroyed the coffin, what was sealed inside would still crawl out without end until they ultimately destroyed the tomb!

The mammoth being that Lu Yun had noticed before wasnt this gray zombie, but the true existence buried within this coffin.

“Do I go in” He looked hesitantly at the cube. “Or do I block it with formations If the world buried in the coffin is a different one from this tomb, I can utilize my strongest strength to suppress it. But if my judgment is wrong, Ill be instantly dead.”

He filled the cube with his soul force. It was a treasure ranked higher than the five orbs of virtue, but the cost for utilizing it was even smaller. Even Xing Wuliang could easily call upon it.


The cube started rotating and changing as Lu Yun infused it with soul force. The lackadaisical Xing Wuliang sat bolt upright, staring at his junior brother with incredulity.

“Is potential really that important My master said that Im a peerless genius, so what does that make Feng Feifan” he murmured to himself.

The cube had more than one form, but hed been able to make use of only its first form. Now in Lu Yuns hands, it was displaying its second form.

A… drawing compass

Indeed, the cube had turned into a drawing compass. The development shocked even Lu Yun. Whether a drawing compass or Rubiks cube, neither of them existed in the Hongmeng, chaos, or world of immortals. Only the mortal world—Earth—possessed these things.

“Civilization prospered to its utmost in the original Hongmeng, so its not a total surprise that things like drawing compasses and Rubiks cubes appeared.” Lu Yun realized whatd happened upon further thought.

These connate treasures were born out of rules and order. In other words, they were objective existences formed by the subjective thoughts of living beings. Rules and orders copied the creations of life to form these treasures, and all of these connate treasures were far more powerful than the original cube or compass.

Most of them came with their own order and rules, ones that could be used by living beings to make the treasures their tools.

Lu Yun sent the compass into the air with a wave of his hand and had it draw a circle. The circle became a world, a true world that was the same as the Hongmeng worlds and others in the fourth realm.

He paused with surprise. The five orbs could also project worlds, but those were the only worlds within the orbs. This compass, on the other hand, could draw a second world, a third, a fourth, and more after the first. As long as he had the strength to do so, he could draw an endless number of worlds.

Lu Yun swallowed hard and directed the compass, which directed the world, to swallow the coffin.


The world exploded the second the coffin fell into it. Itd burst because it couldnt contain the coffins weight.

“What… what kind of existence is this coffin!” he gasped. It wasnt that the world from the compass was too weak, but that the coffin was too heavy. A real world had proven insufficient to hold it!

“Ah, were in the Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor. The worlds I draw come from the void within the tomb. If I was in the outside world and drawing something from the Boundless Planes, then I might be able to contain it.”

Despite that, Lu Yun waved his hand again and drew another nine world prototypes, linking them together and sending them over the coffin.

He would envelop it this time instead of swallowing it. Since he could fit it in a world, then maybe he could cover it and cut off its connection to the tomb.


The coffin was covered, but continuous pops rang crisply through the air as the nine worlds shattered one after another.

“Aha, the source inside the coffin is an incomparably strong world thats a hundred times stronger than a world drawn by the compass.”

A small world couldnt contain a large world, no matter the manner.

“Then Ill block the crack!” Lu Yun began drawing another world, wanting to see what would happen if he filled in the crack instead.


A large hand reached out from the ugly fissure before he could finish the first world and grabbed at the compass.-

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