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Chapter 1553: Grandmaster

“But senior brother, while this coffin has been sealed away, it hasnt been fully taken care of yet.” Lu Yun stroked his chin with contemplation and changed the topic.

“Whats the point of taking care of it Were here to hunt for treasure, not do good deeds.” Xing Wuliang heaved a slight sigh of relief to see that Lu Yun really didnt intend to head to Ingress Sword Island.

“This isnt purely a tomb.” Lu Yun shook his head. “This is the land of inheritance for the Hallowed Emperor. Though it holds his body, it also holds his legacy!”

Brighthearts eyes lit up. “You dont mean…”

“This coffin is plainly a cancerous tumor from outside and is eating away at the tomb at every second. If it destroys the tomb, it destroys the legacy,” Lu Yun continued. “If we excise these tumors, we might win the tombs approval and share the spoils!

“If Im seeing things correctly, this was once an enormous garden. All sorts of strange and exotic plants flourished here, but the coffin and gray fog destroyed everything.” Lu Yun looked down at his feet where a withered plant root drifted.

The coffin hadnt been truly resolved. It was still a poisonous tumor on the premises, just prevented from releasing its fog and turning everything into zombies. But as time went on, the things inside would break through the seal from the compass world and ravage the tomb again with fog.

“The coffin isnt the source, whats inside is the source,” Xing Wuliang suddenly spoke up. There seemed to be another pair of eyes opening within his pupils, ones that swayed with strange ripples.

Lu Yuns eyes were the size of dinner plates; when Xing Wuliang displayed his innate abilities, not even Lu Yun could see through him.

He was right, coffins were just a tool to buy the dead. No matter how strange that one was, the dead buried inside was the source of everything.

Lu Yun could clearly see that this coffin forty-five thousand kilometers tall buried a world—a massive world that not even the compass could contain.

“How do we take care of it” Brightheart wasnt well versed in feng shui. She looked at Xing Wuliang, who looked at Lu Yun.

Lu Yun held his forehead.

“Coffins should go where they belong.”

“Where do coffins belong” Brightheart didnt understand.

“A tomb!” answered Xing Wuliang. “This coffin is from another tomb. It inspires backlash from this tomb because it doesnt belong here. If we use this environment and lay down a tomb within a tomb according to the principles of burial, well solve all our problems when we bury this coffin!”

A tomb within a tomb!

“Since its a tomb within a tomb, we have to use a mother and child layout. The Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor is the mother, the tomb within a tomb is the child!” Lu Yun and Xing Wuliang looked at each other with the appreciation of finding one of their kind.

Xing Wuliangs eyes within his real eyes were still open.

“I have a feeling, senior brother, that if you bury this coffin, youll become a grandmaster!” Though Lu Yun was a Nihil World Sovereign, there was no hierarchy when it came to learning. Whoever grasped understanding first was the teacher. Xing Wuliangs supplemental dao, particularly of formations and talismans, was superior to Lu Yuns. He well deserved the senior brother honorific.

In the same vein, nearly all of Lu Yuns current understanding of the fourth realms supplemental dao came from Xing Wuliang. The latter had scribbled his own notes in the margins of The General Principles of the Star Sect Formations and The General Principles of the Star Sect Talismans.

“Alright!” Xing Wuliang had the same premonition. It hadnt been long since hed set foot into ninth step soul force, at least according to the standards of the fourth realm. But now, he had a sense that he was about to break through again.

Bury the coffin and his soul force would reach grandmaster level!

“Lend me your hand, junior brother!” He hovered in the air and directed changes in this worlds topography.

The world inside the tomb was boundless without end, but also connected to multiple other worlds. Those worlds were as if different burial chambers, and people that entered this area immediately jumped into another world without hesitation.

The fourth realms supplemental dao was a very expansive field. Lu Yun had yet to make a thorough study, so he couldnt derive many things even with formula dao. There was also no formula dao in this realm.

The way of burial had much to do with the dao of formations, separating it into distinct sections of feng shui and formations.

The General Principles of the Star Sect Formations recorded only rudimentary formations and didnt even mention feng shui. Meanwhile, Lu Yun could only set up tombs of the third realm and not the fourth, which was why he had Xing Wuliang do the deed.

The second Xing Wuliang buried the coffin, he would be rewarded by feedback from the Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor and reach grandmaster level. Thus, Xing Wuliang started his preparations with Lu Yun helping him off on the side.

Or rather, Lu Yun was learning about the formations, feng shui, and burial of the fourth realm. Advanced formations required high level soul force, but Lu Yuns was so formidable that certain qualitative changes had taken place in it.


After a loud reverberation, a world thatd been eroded by gray fog cleared up. A dense vitality flooded out of an unknown source and filled the world.

The tomb in front of them fully took shape. It was a simple and even somewhat crude affair, but even the simplest of tombs were a tomb that could bury this coffin. A coffin was a seal for what was inside, and what lay inside was what truly needed to be buried.

Xing Wuliang ascended to grandmaster level without fanfare. Outsiders couldnt tell whatd changed about him, but he was now a supplemental grandmaster in both formations and talismans.

“Congratulations to senior brother for becoming a supplemental grandmaster!” Lu Yun raised a cupped fist salute. Supplemental grandmasters were exceedingly respected in the fourth realm. Nihil World Sovereigns would also show him enormous courtesy now.

There were no supplemental kings in the fourth realm, grandmaster was the highest title for supplemental dao.

Xing Wuliang took a deep look at Lu Yun and remarked, “Junior brother Feng mustve benefited greatly as well.”

“Not much, not much,” he twinkled merrily. “My soul force is eighth step now.”

And not just eighth step! Excising this tumor meant that he could use his full strength in the tomb now. Whoever dared provoke him would face the wrath of a Nihil World Sovereign.

Of course, no one would dare give them trouble with Xing Wuliang next to them.

“We should also take care of this tomb. Otherwise, latecomers wont know what took place and will just dig up the coffin again,” Brightheart said worriedly.

“Dont worry, theyll never be able to do it!” Lu Yun laughed with delight. The second he could use his full strength when the tomb was completed, hed slipped the coffin away with the Gates of the Abyss.-

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