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Chapter 1556: What Do I Want the Hammers For

“Hes… opened the doors to sequence.” Jian Juexian stared dumbly at Lu Yun, unable to process the sight. “No, thats not his own strength. Hes opening it with the two divine weapons in his hand!

“…theres only one person in the Eastern Planes who can activate sequence.” His eyes darted around in rapid succession.

The overlord of Ice.

The Eastern Planes was a tiny cluster within the fourth realm, existing only because the core fragment of the original Hongmeng had come with the origin of the fourth realm and become the Central Hongmeng.

Since the Central Hongmeng had the potential to develop into the original Hongmeng and was the birthplace of the fourth realm, many in the realm viewed it as a thorn in their side. If it wasnt for the overlords sudden appearance and personal stewardship over the Eastern Planes, it was highly likely that someone wouldve destroyed or taken the Central Hongmeng and the fourth realms origin a long time ago.

Even so, there were many parties constantly scheming after the source of their realm. The Central Hongmeng was also exiled to the most barren part of the plane cluster. So when Jian Juexian witnessed Lu Yun open the doors to sequence, a variety of possibilities flashed through his mind.

No wonder he isnt willing to go to Ingress Sword Island, the legendary overlord of Ice is a powerful supplemental grandmaster!

Jian Juexian had mistaken Lu Yun for the overlord himself.

“But he shouldnt be the overlord in the flesh, this should be one of his replicas,” murmured Jian Juexian. “Legend has it that he ran afoul of an existence who can also access sequence and was sealed away in eternal ice for it. This is most likely one of his replicas.”

If this Feng Feifan was a replica of the overlord of Ice, that would explain why his soul force was so abnormally strong at a low level. The overlords body and grandmaster-level soul force were both sealed away, and his soul force couldnt leave his main body like a replica could.

Lu Yun didnt know anything about this. It was his first time activating the sequence of time and his first time seeing it. Rays of sequence stitched themselves into strings of chains, which then interwove with each other to become a world.

In his eyes, this world of time was as if an enormous and intricate machine. The purple chains were its structure.

This is sequence

Lu Yun still couldnt understand it. Why did it look like this Was sequence the chain form of order Or the world that the chains formed

Despite his lack of comprehension, he was able to fully utilize the chains. He couldnt do anything to the mammoth face in the sky despite it being incomplete, but once the chains snaked out, they wrapped around the face and dragged it into the world of time.


Exiled into time. This was what the overlord of Ice had wanted Lu Yun to do to the withered wood. Though Lu Yun was now able to open the doors of sequence and exile things into time, that was all he could do. He couldnt actively utilize the sequence of time in his battles.

The face vanished, as did the world of time.

Lu Yun swayed and plummeted from the sky. His consciousness and strength were completely depleted. The six hellfires blazing outside the Tome of Life and Death could rush into his body and fill it, but they couldnt dispel the fatigue from him.


He fell in a heap in front of Jian Juexian and flashed a weary smile at the man. With the banishment of the face, the beings thatd been claiming treasures toppled over. Their loot moved back to their original places as streaks of light.

It was as if nothing had happened at all.

“Youre not the overlord of Ice.” Jian Juexian threw Xing Wuliang and Brightheart to the side as he looked at a limp Lu Yun on the ground. “The overlord wouldnt be such an idiot.”

Lu Yun rolled his eyes. “I wanted to suppress the face and have you take care of it, but those chains didnt listen to me and just dragged it off. And when did I ever say I was the overlord of Ice”

He looked at the frosty blue hammers in his hands. The last ember in them had extinguished and they were now hammers of ice through and through, but they were still called the Glacial Fire Hammers.

“You didnt, it was my speculation.” Jian Juexian suddenly quirked his lips in a half smile and yanked the hammers out of Lu Yuns hands. “Come find me at Ingress Sword Island if you want the hammers!”

Chuckling, he vanished from sight with a neat turn of his body.

“Hammers What do I want the hammers for” Lu Yun twitched his lips and waited for some strength to return. He operated the method of nothing and materialized the two hammers back in his hand, then tossed them into a world hed created.

He shuffled over to the unconscious Xing Wuliang and rummaged through the latters robes, locating a few bottles of qi recovery pills and cramming all of them into his mouth. Some color finally came back into his face.

In another tomb realm, Jian Juexian couldnt help but curse loudly, “Those bloody hammers! Hes a Nihil World Sovereign now and Im still stuck at Void World King. Theres no way I can keep his treasures under control!

“I need to find some tumors to cut out.” He swiveled his head around, fixed his eyes in a certain direction, and vanished from sight again.


The beings in this world slowly came to their senses after an indeterminate period of time.

“What just happened” Xing Wuliang felt a dull ache in his shoulder, but didnt see anything when he glanced at it. “Uhh, uhhh….” His mouth went dry when he saw the treasures present.

“You dont remember” Lu Yun asked.

Xing Wuliang shook his head, his eyes fixed on the mountains of treasure. However, the previous madness thatd glinted in his look was nowhere to be found.

“Dont do anything.” Brightheart had also come to and she swung her head back and forth, then slapped the back of Xing Wuliangs head. The man shuddered with horror. His mentality was not yet worthy of grandmaster-level soul force.

While some could control their desires, others charged forward with abandon once more.

“Are we really not going to take any” Xing Wuliang swallowed hard.

“We wont be able to leave if we do.” Lu Yun shook his head slightly.

The chaos from earlier didnt repeat itself as many left with palpitating hearts. Anyone who could make it here was no fool; theyd realized something was amiss in the tomb after exploring it for so long.

This world was obviously a trap and whoever jumped in would drown in misfortune. Theyd been affected by the face earlier and succumbed to their greed only because itd been magnified infinite times beyond compare.-

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