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Chapter 1557: The Seed of Nothing

Xing Wuliang and Brightheart fled the world with Lu Yun in tow. There were too many treasures in this tomb realm and they were afraid that they wouldnt be able to control themselves if they stayed.

At the same time, they were well aware that anyone who took anything would become enslaved to the tomb and never find salvation. Therefore, the only thing they could do was run.

Naturally, they werent the only ones fleeing.

Since Lu Yun had exiled the poisonous tumor to time, the original order in that world had recovered. Anyone who touched a treasure would truly be trapped for eternity this time.

“I think we can leave,” Brightheart suddenly said. “Wuliangs become a supplemental grandmaster, but his mind cannot harness his soul force yet. Theres no point in staying here any longer.”

It was futile to explore further since they couldnt claim any of the treasures, unless a being stronger than the Cloud Sovereign razed the tomb to the ground.

Lu Yun did not rival the Cloud Sovereign. The latter was a formidable supplemental grandmaster whereas Lu Yuns soul force was only at ninth step. In addition, the sovereign was a Nihil World Sovereign of illustrious repute. He was much stronger than Lu Yun.

Lu Yun had come to help Longshan Yin obtain the tombs legacy, but after taking a closer look at the layouts, he was comfortable that these poisonous tumors wouldnt affect the bigger picture. Though Longshan Yin would endure some trials, he would still obtain everything he should as long as he wasnt an idiot.

Given the state of affairs, Lu Yun wanted to leave too.

“We cant!” Xing Wuliang denied resolutely. “My master didnt send me here to have me break through to grandmaster.”

“Hmm” Brightheart looked at him with surprise.

“The creation seed!” came the astounding response.

Lu Yuns heart skipped a beat. The creation seed

Eleven nodes in the Hongmeng had formed eleven seeds that slipped into the chaos and gave rise to the nine sacred lands.

“Hang on!” Something occurred to Lu Yun. The story that the creation seeds were spatial nodes of the Hongmeng was something that hed heard in the chaos. But he was no longer that ant gazing upon the mighty third realm with awe; the Hongmeng was something he could crush underfoot.

There were no spatial nodes in the third realm. Plainly, the creation seeds came from somewhere else.

Hed forgotten to consider the matter when Violetgrave took the eleven seeds. To hear Xing Wuliang say the name now made Lu Yun realize that this matter was more complicated than he thought.

“You mean… this place has something to do with creation seeds” Brightheart gasped.

“Yes!” Xing Wuliang nodded. “Creation seeds are derived from seeds of nothing and this tomb was crafted from one of the shards of the original Hongmeng.”

Lu Yun listened quietly without saying anything in return.

“According to my master, this Hongmeng shard must contain a creation seed since its close to the original Hongmeng!” Xing Wuliangs voice rose with emotion. “If my guess is right, the young man with the sword is also here for the seed!”

“Whats a seed of nothing” Lu Yun asked. “Does it have something to do with Nihil World Sovereigns”

Xing Wuliang glanced at Lu Yun and shook his head. “Nihil is the highest level of existence in the Boundless Planes, it is the equivalent of nothing. Nihil World Sovereigns have comprehended nihil, which is why it appears in their title.”

Lu Yun nodded, he knew all that. He was coming to understand that the peak of the fourth realm was nothing, and that one had to enter sequence if they wanted to progress further.

“The seed of nothing is the origin seed of the Boundless Planes. We were born from nothing and the process of becoming something was facilitated by the seed.

“Creation seeds are derived from the seed of nothing and are another process of evolving from nothing to something. In other words, every creation seed is another way for the Boundless Planes to exist. Controlling one of them means controlling part of the Boundless Planes!”

Since he viewed Lu Yun as his junior brother, Xing Wuliang held nothing back in his explanation. Of course, none of this was a secret as anyone with a bit of status in the fourth realm would know what he was talking about. What they didnt know, however, was that there was a creation seed inside the Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor.

Lu Yun paused, taken aback at how important creation seeds were.

“How many creation seeds are there” He thought back to the eleven that possessed the power of earth, air, fire, and water, as well as metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, and finally the ones of yin and yang. The power that exuded from them was likely just a surface phenomenon.

“No idea.” Xing Wuliang shook his head. “The original Hongmeng stood firm at the beginning of the Boundless Planes. No one knows how many creation seeds came from it. Some say that the seeds are keys to opening sequence, but who knows”

Lu Yun nodded wordlessly. “So youre here to locate it”

“I wouldnt dare dream of that, Id be fighting Nihil World Sovereigns for it. I just need to find out where it is and report back to my master.” Xing Wuliang thought for a moment. “My master is very strong and can use certain methods after he sees the seed through my eyes. Hell be able to take it that way.”

Lu Yun was reminded of the other pair of eyes in Xing Wuliangs pupils. So that wasnt an innate talent, but his masters eyes!

I wonder if they can see me. Lu Yun subconsciously glanced at Xing Wuliang, who happened to meet his eyes at the same time.

“What is it” Xing Wuliang asked when he saw his junior brothers expression.

“Nothing.” Lu Yun shook his head. “Are you confident in finding it” He was suddenly very interested in creation seeds again.

He hadnt had time to study the creation seeds from the chaos, and while hed obtained a seed in the mythological realm, the stories then had been that the seeds were harbingers of misfortune. Therefore, Lu Yun had sealed it away with his own dao fruit.

Indeed, these seeds were unlucky for weaker beings as they were a bonafide world!

“Nope.” Xing Wuliang shook his head. “My master gave me a treasure to help locate it, but I cant activate the treasure even though Im a grandmaster now.”

He brought out something with a flip of his hand, something that made Lu Yuns heart clench painfully.

A luopan!

A luopan of heaven and earth!

Lu Yun had once possessed one as well, refined from the Ten Orientations Stone of Yin and Yang. It later melded into his replica for the two to become the night sky of the world of immortals and make the immortal dao whole.

He was seeing it again, it looked exactly the same as Lu Yuns and even bore a trace of the Dragonquake Scripture!-

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