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Chapter 1559: The Future Would Never Come

“On your first visit to the fourth realm, you saw a neverending void. There was no life or vitality unless those terrifyingly big life forms came right up to you. At that time, you were still an immortal beneath the immortal dao.” Mo Yi continued as Lu Yun remained silent, “Do you think that kind of realm is a normal realm

“The realms are subjective existences beneath order. They supply life with a place to rest! What happens if an ant goes to the fourth realm”

“…it would die,” Lu Yun replied automatically.

“Thats right, it would die,” nodded Mo Yi. “Ordinary life forms die immediately after they enter the fourth realm because theres nothing here. There is no qi or any other sort of strength that life needs to sustain itself.

“Therefore, is such a realm a regular realm”

Lu Yun sank into deep contemplation, turning over some new lines of thought in his mind.

“When the original Hongmeng was whole, it oversaw all of the orders that existed or not in the fourth realm. Any place that subjective thought could reach was a paradise for life,” Mo Yi explained. “When the original Hongmeng fell, the orders of the fourth realm began to decay and the realm itself receded from one that supported life to a huge space devoid of order. True nothing, in other words, which then invaded other worlds and assimilated them into nothing.

“Thus, Fuxi wished to revitalize the Dragonquake Scripture and use it to return the original Hongmeng into being, so that it can continue suppressing the fourth realms boundless orders.

“Do you understand now” She looked at Lu Yun. “Did you not see any of this in the thirty-three eras that you traveled through”

“…no.” Lu Yun shook his head. “I only saw the degree of past and future that my future self could see. Anything that was too big was empty to my future self.”

An ant at the bottom of a mountain couldnt see the mountain in its entirety. It could only go off the pebbles and determine that the pebbles were the whole of the mountain. What they were discussing now wouldve been the ants mountain to his future self. He wouldnt have been able to see it.

Mo Yi: ……

“If Id known this would happen, I wouldve taught you the cultivation method of the three lives later,” she remarked glumly. That had been a miscalculation on her part.

Shed passed the method onto Lu Yun through the little fox. Miao had received Mo Yis complete command of the immortal dao, resulting in tremendous benefits.

This was also what Hongjun had once meant by the cause being in the future and effect in the past.

After traveling to the present day world of immortals from the great wilderness, the little fox had received Mo Yis entire legacy. Due to this string of events, Hongjun enlightened the muddleheaded little fox of Qingqiu Mountain back in the great wilderness.

“No, it was perfect timing.” Lu Yun shook his head. “The original Hongmeng never reappeared in the thirty-three eras that I traveled through. No one ever told me to use the Dragonquake Scripture to revitalize it.

“The Dao King always died on your behalf and you emerged gravely injured. I could never see where you went after that,” Lu Yun said thoughtfully. “Our present cycle is different from the thirty-three previous cycles.”

“Maybe you succeed this time” Mo Yi proposed.

“I dont know. The future is no more, so each of our steps now is the future.”

The future would never come, and the past could never be. Now was eternity.

“Youre right. Mo Yi nodded. “The Dragonquake Scripture doesnt exist in the fourth realm, so the luopan you just saw should be something left over from the original Hongmeng. The Star Sect is likely a feng shui sect from then.”

Naturally, she knew what Lu Yun wanted to know.

“You can go take a look at the Star Sect, there should be some more legacies and traditions there remaining from the original Hongmeng. But dont activate that luopan,” she warned.

“Are you worried the sect is corrupt”

“The Star Sect received only part of the inheritance from a sect of the original Hongmeng. They might not be the original people of the sect.” Mo Yi shook her head. “Coming here to search for the creation seed is a false flag, locating the Dragonquake Scripture is the true task.

“Youve cultivated the Dragonquake Scripture, so you think everything youve experienced is just a coincidence. It might actually be a scheme against you.”

Lu Yun nodded. Xing Wuliang had gifted him the Profound Nineroot, then the methods of his sect, then even the Water Virtue Orb so he would join the Star Sect. And now hed brought out a luopan of heaven and earth

Things had taken a suspicious turn a long time ago.

“You can go to Ingress Sword Island as well.” Mo Yi knew everything from her position in the Disordered Hell, just as Ge Long had once seen through Lu Yuns eyes when he sat in hell. If Lu Yun wanted her to see what was happening, she would see it.

“Is he really Ge Long—Daoist Ingress” Lu Yun smiled wryly.

“Its him.” Mo Yi nodded. “If you let him go back, he will revert to being that great personage who can slice through a world with one stroke—the first sword sovereign of the original Hongmeng.”

Lu Yun: ……

“It would seem that people in the world of immortals and great wilderness all have amazing backgrounds.” He gnashed his teeth with how everything was developing.

“Thats right,” Mo Yi nodded again. “Some of them were ultimate sovereigns of the original Hongmeng, some of them are powerhouses of the fourth realm who know the truth. …how did they fare in the past thirty-three cycles” she asked with sudden curiosity.

“I cursed them all to death. Every last one of them.”

Mo Yi: ……


After his conversation with Mo Yi, Lu Yun knew what he should do and how to do it.

He would visit the Star Sect since he was very interested in the original Hongmeng. Itd been suddenly destroyed, not eliminated by the times. Perhaps there might be fragments of the Dragonquake Scripture there. His version was a compilation of the three methods; he possessed nothing more than the scripture itself.

After being passed around in the original Hongmeng for so long, the Dragonquake Scripture wouldve certainly given rise to other methods and techniques. Lu Yun was also very curious about those.

He didnt ask who the enemy had been or whod utilized the Dragonquake Scripture that ended up destroying the realm. If they were still alive, that might attract their attention. Lu Yun currently had no desire to provoke them—theyd certainly all set foot into sequence, at least.

“Well” Xing Wuliang asked as soon as Lu Yun opened his eyes.

Lu Yun read nothing amiss from the mans emotions. Plainly, he didnt know that all of this was a scheme against the Dragonquake Scripture.

But those eyes in his eyes…

“I cant,” Lu Yun sighed softly. “A special method seems to be needed to use this thing and I dont have it.”

etvolare's Thoughts

Oh my gourd it really is baby Ge Long. Too bad this version can't throw his head around.

And wtf, Lu Yun cursed them all to death. Was it because his future self is a demon But the Dao King's right, something's still really weird there. How did Lu Yun cultivate demonic dao when everything had been destroyed-

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