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Chapter 1565: Immortals End

Jian Juexian and Lu Yun looked at each other. The Brightheart World King suddenly seemed much more than she appeared. Shed remained completely unmoved when Lu Yun and Xing Wuliang worked to remove the tumors—likely because shed already determined the inner workings of everything.

Lu Yun looked at Xing Wuliang again; he was already fighting a shadow—his own.

His shadow was also a major World Manifest and a supplemental grandmaster. However, it wielded only a sharp dagger. Xing Wuliang successfully kept his shadow at bay because he could haul out endless treasures.

The corner of Jian Juexians eyes twitched and his shadow appeared again before he could say anything, coming down at him with an upraised dagger. He yelped and barely managed to fend off the attack with a backhanded blow. Quickly preoccupied with fighting for his life, he wasnt concerned with how to sever his shadow, but how to stay alive. Jian Juexian really had no way to defeat his shadow.

The worlds of water virtue and swords blossomed from Lu Yuns side at the same time.

Energy of water virtue wove around boundless golden swords and rained down on the shadows in a combined offensive.

There was no answering movement from the mammoth shadow in the air. It seemed to want to just quietly observe the weaknesses of the four in its stomach. In its eyes, Jian Juexian was undoubtedly the worst off. He barely managed to escape multiple times, but he wasnt that far behind Xing Wuliang.

Though Xing Wuliang had suppressed his shadow, it was so strong that it could command other shadows from the surroundings; its plethora of available methods seemed never ending.

The one most at ease wasnt Lu Yun, but the Brightheart World King. Shed vanquished her shadow with a single move the moment it appeared; not even Lu Yun witnessed how shed killed it.

“Are you still observing things, you idiot!” Brightheart suddenly paused and roared at the shadow overhead. “Cant you tell that the shadows have been corrupted, or is it that youve betrayed the Shadow Sovereign too!”

“Of course I am completely loyal to the Shadow Sovereign!” the muffled voice rang out. “I just want to use you to clean out this rot!”

Lu Yun: ……

“Then turn the shadows back to what they were before and Ill use the power of a world against them,” he forced out through grit teeth.

“Didnt you just try it” declined the shadow. “The shadows will just resurrect from another void. Only through making them return to this world will they be completely eliminated.

“See, the girls shadow didnt come back to life after it died. You need to work harder, good luck and do well!”

Lu Yun: ……

He rolled his eyes and manifested a sword into his hand, banishing a shadow with a single strike.

“An ultimate treasure of the Hongmeng, and one from the original Hongmeng!” Xing Wuliang sent his shadow flying with a kick and whipped his head around, staring intently at the sword glowing with a violet hue in Lu Yuns hand.

The Purple Sunrise Sword.

This sword was an ultimate treasure of the original Hongmeng, making it more powerful than connate treasures of the fourth realm. Itd been born earlier than the legendary “Quiet” and was a sword dao unto its own.

Lu Yun hadnt thought much of the Purple Sunrise Sword when he was in the Hongmeng, but after arriving in the fourth realm, he discovered with great surprise that it was stronger than the two virtue orbs. It was even stronger than Xing Wuliangs Horizons Edge!

“No wonder the guy with the sword kept wanting you to join Ingress Sword Island, you carry an ultimate treasure of sword dao from the last epoch!” Xing Wuliang finally understood why Jian Juexian hadnt left Lu Yun alone.

The last epoch!

To fourth realm denizens, the time in which the original Hongmeng ruled the fourth realm was ancient history of the last epoch. When the original Hongmeng perished and the fourth realm rebuilt its orders, that was the dawn of the new and current epoch.

“The Purple Sunrise Sword…” Jian Juexian gazed intently at the sword in Lu Yuns hand. He recognized it too. “So the Purple Sunrise Sword is on him, which means…”

Jian Juexian put the rest of the thought out of his mind.

“Lend me the sword!” he suddenly shouted at Lu Yun. “Ill give it back to you after I kill my shadow!”

His shadow jerked, then quietly slipped away. It was also corrupted by Xing Wuliangs shadow and had become part of the poisonous tumor.

Whether it was Jian Juexian or Lu Yun, neither of them could tell what was behind the tumor this time. That Jian Juexians shadow had been polluted meant he was caught in the trap too. Killing it would set him free.

“No can do.” Lu Yun flicked a sidelong glance at Jian Juexian.

The young man nearly flew into a rage on the spot. He wielded an ordinary sword since he wanted to hone his sword dao. Such a commonplace weapon didnt give him any advantage against his shadow. It wasnt even a match for the dagger in his shadows hand!

The Ingress Sword Island disciple had been fiercely proud of himself and very self assured that it didnt matter whether he wielded a mundane or divine weapon. He finally realized how wrong he was when he faced himself. How dearly he wished to be brandishing a stunning sword in this moment!

That brats not lending it to me! Jian Juexian almost shattered his teeth with anger. I gave him the Metal Virtue Orb, but he wont even lend me a sword!

“I have a better one, do you want it” Lu Yun suddenly winked at him.

“Give it here!” Jian Juexian yelled when he saw his shadow charge out again.

Lu Yun waved a hand and shot out a streak of purple light that landed in Jian Juexians hand. He trembled violently when he firmly grasped it, staring at it with incredulity.

A faint purple sword was in his hand.

“This is…” He felt a vast sword intent from an unknown space as soon as he touched it. This sword didnt seem to be just a sword, but a key that opened the sequence of swords.

Immortals End.-

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