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Chapter 1567: Herding Zombies

“Your master sent you here for the creation seed and mine sent me for whats buried in this tomb,” Brightheart suddenly sighed. “I didnt want to come, but I was somehow at the right place at the wrong time and ended up in here.”

“Could you tell early on that the one behind the tumors is here for that item as well” Xing Wuliang asked when he got over his shock.

“Yes.” Brightheart nodded. “The plotter is stronger than my master, so my master has given up on this place.”

“Has he really” Jian Juexian asked suspiciously.

“Only someone who has opened the doors to sequence can lure you, the master of the immortal end dao of Ingress Sword Island, into a layout. My master cannot afford to provoke someone like that,” Brightheart admitted candidly.

“So you saw through my identity a long time ago” Jian Juexians eyes narrowed warningly.

“If that wasnt the case, why would my master have given up” Brightheart nodded at Xing Wuliang. “His masters also given up.”

Jian Juexians expression flickered darkly and he subconsciously glanced at Lu Yun. The two kids in front of them didnt seem to know their companions true identity. He was also a Nihil World Sovereign, one that could release his full power in the tomb!

Though the Brightheart World King—or her master, rather—had seen through Jian Juexians true self, they hadnt seen through Lu Yuns.

Unbidden, the hairs on the back of his neck rose with horror. He couldnt see through Lu Yun either. In Jian Juexians eyes, Lu Yun was just a true void cultivator. If it wasnt for the young man displaying the strength of a Nihil World Sovereign and utilizing a pair of hammers to activate sequence, Jian Juexian wouldve never guessed the truth about him.

“Why are you looking at me like that” Lu Yun didnt know what Jian Juexian was thinking, but he could sense a gaze so terrified that it almost physically pierced him.

“Where did you two meet this Feng Feifan” Jian Juexian transmitted a hasty question to Xing Wuliang. He now suspected Lu Yun, that he was a transformed yin spirit from the tomb.

“Outside the Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor, what of it” Xing Wuliang answered out loud, then quickly explained when he realized the motive behind the question, “When I met junior brother Feng, he was knowledgeable in supplemental dao, but not skilled in it. He didnt even have methods to cultivate in supplemental dao. He possesses his current soul force only after I passed on the Three Thousand Soul Daos and gave him a Profound Nineroot.”

Now that Xing Wuliang knew Jian Juexians identity, he treated the latter with nothing but respect. Jian Juexian breathed out with relief upon hearing how the two met Lu Yun.

“Then hes not a yin spirit from the tomb.”

“Definitely not.”

“What You suspect junior brother Feng to be a disguised yin spirit”

“Yes! Hes so uncanny…”

“Thats impossible!”


“Whats going on with you three” Lu Yun asked oddly when he read the expressions on the other threes faces. He couldnt be bothered to eavesdrop on their conversation.

“Nothing.” Jian Juexian caressed his new sword. With Immortals End in hand, he wasnt afraid of anything. Plus, Feng Feifan was most likely not a yin spirit in the tomb and certainly not the horrifying hand directing everything behind the scenes.

“If you guys arent going to go, then Ill go take a look.” Those three were becoming increasingly weirder to Lu Yun. He retracted the world from Horizons Edge, returned the treasure to the form of a cube, and threw it to Xing Wuliang.

The man had broken out of the trap thanks to Jian Juexians keen sword edge, but Lu Yun was still caught in it.

“You be careful.” Jian Juexian nodded, dismissing the notion of further exploring this strange tomb.

Xing Wuliang and Brightheart also had no intention of proceeding further. They werent the first batch of people here, perhaps there were others ahead of them who were caught in the same trap.

The headless corpses on the ground were still present and remained unmoving. Lu Yun swept his gaze over them and took out a bell.


The bell rang crisply and commanded the bodies to rise and amble forward.

“You…” Jian Juexians eyes widened and he stared incredulously at Lu Yun. Manipulating corpses What kind of method was that

“The dao of herding corpses!” Xing Wuliang identified with shock. “Legend has it that there is a terrible sect called the Corpse Refiners in an unknown part of the Boundless Planes. They can turn corpses into battle zombies and wield a great dao of herding corpses. They can compel zombies to do their bidding…

“Are you a Corpse Refiner, junior brother”

The Boundless Planes were so vast that no one could fully explore it. Thus, they divided the realm into the known and unknown. When Jian Juexian made a circle with his fingers, thatd included countless unknown spots. They were unknown, undeveloped, and unexplored. Everything about them was unknown and all was a mystery—such as the Corpse Refiners Xing Wuliang had just mentioned.

“Corpse Refiners…” Lu Yun raised a brow. There were Corpse Refiners in the world of immortals as well! Those were now a legitimate path under the immortal dao and the sect was in charge of Truespirit Major, one of the nine majors of the world of immortals.

The technique he was using came from them, and hed never imagined that there would also be a Corpse Refiners in the fourth realm! So theyre based in an unknown spot

Lu Yun didnt know where the Corpse Refiners of the world of immortals originated from and he didnt know their secrets. Hed never conquered the entire world to hold in the palm of his hand; he didnt even completely eliminate those whod once opposed him.

Hed only set everything back to its proper path, a normal path, and let the struggles between good and evil, different perspectives, and different motives continue as they would. He was removed and independent from it all.

That was how things were in the world of immortals, chaos, and Hongmeng.

Now that he heard the Corpse Refiners name again, his hackles rose. Hed thought that this sect didnt have the right to be his enemy any longer.

“You know, I never once saw them in the thirty-three cycles. Fucking hell, I was too small to see them!” he grumbled and vigorously rang the bell, sending the corpses forward.

“Im not a Corpse Refiner, I got this technique from a rival. He was probably one of them,” Lu Yun offered after some thought. He wasnt lying, the Corpse Refiners in the world of immortals was indeed his rival.

“Do you know Ye Guangxiong” Jian Juexian suddenly asked.

“Ye—what” Lu Yun blinked.

“Ye Guangxiong,” Jian Juexian repeated.

“Never heard of him… is he a Nihil World Sovereign too” Lu Yun transmitted back.

Jian Juexian didnt answer him.




Explosions rang from the front as the moving corpses mysteriously detonated one after another.-

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