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The dao immortal hadnt even tapped into his own power yet; he was merely channeling the power of heaven and earth with his cultivation. That simple point contained the presence of the entire world, which barrelled toward Lu Yun with terrifying momentum. Such was the power of a dao immortal.

“Do you think just that will kill me” Unfazed, Lu Yun maintained a steady grip on his sword and kept it pointed at the dao immortal. Violet sword aura rose from his body and morphed into a blinding crescent. It wasnt Violetgraves sword aura.

“Thats my Skyrending Sword!” Dongfang Hao exclaimed. “Impossible! Hes grasped the intent behind my technique!”

Wu Tulong and the other two exchanged shocked looks. Dongfang Hao had been able to restrain Lu Yun because his sword aura could cut through the governors. Now that Lu Yun had acquired the same comprehension, Dongfang Hao would no longer be able to keep him down! 

Rend the sky with a single slash!

Immortals will fall if they dare stop me, the heavens will fall if they dare obstruct me! 

Following the movement of his hand, violet sword energy shot through the sky like a giant dragon soaring toward heaven. 


The unspeakably keen force of the sword cut through the harrowing might of heaven and earth.

“Take this, you lofty dao immortal!” Lu Yun growled as violet brilliance pierced through the sky, arcing straight at his opponent.

“Even the weakest technique shines.” The Qing immortal sneered derisively at Lu Yun. The young governor mightve slashed through the might of his point, but hed used only one finger!

The immortal extended another finger and lightly clasped the sword light between them.


The terrifying sword aura instantly shattered beneath the pressure. Lu Yun grunted and took three steps back.

“You deserve to be a youth sovereign for taking one finger point from me, but thats it.” The dao immortal smiled and then pressed down toward Lu Yuns chest with his palm.

It wasnt a combat art, nor was it an immortal technique, but a simple palm-strike. However, it was as weighty as an entire world. The energy of the world gave way to the palm-strike, creating a vacuum of nothing but force.

It wasnt a quick attack. Everyone could see the palm slowly brush past them and inch toward Lu Yun. The governor was paralyzed in midair like an insect trapped in amber, helpless to do anything but stare at the coming attack.

“A palm, is it” Black flame burst out of his eyes and burned away the power that restrained him. Violetgrave disappeared from his grip. He too reached out with a hand and met the giant shadow with a palm-strike of his own.

“Has he lost his mind!” everyone screamed when they saw Lu Yun facing the horrifying attack head-on without any weapons. Wu Tulong, Dongfang Hao, Zi Chen, and Mo Qitian had opened their eyes so wide their eyes could fall out of the eye sockets.

A strike from a dao immortal possessed an absolute power that couldnt be countered. Although it wasnt a combat art, the attack wasnt something a cultivator could take. In their eyes, the only way for Lu Yun to survive the attack would be to tap into the ninth-rank Violetgraves full power. Meeting it with his physical body alone was pure suicide.

No sooner had Lu Yun extended his palm than the sky abruptly darkened. Heavy clouds gathered and clamped down over Dusk City, silver snakes of lightning crackling and snaking within while thunder howled and roiled.

“Whats going on Where did the thunderclouds come from” Before anyone could react, a pillar of silver light crashed out of the clouds and blasted into Lu Yun. The lightning wreathing about him made him appear to be a god of thunder.

“Open!” he roared. His right palm absorbed all of the heavenly lightning in the void and compressed it to a single point.

Crackle crackle crackle.

Terrifying lightning geysered as he struck. Thunder Palmstrike! The divine lighting of the nine heavens, controlled by the might of a hand!

Bolts of lightning crackled through the sky and thunder roared, knocking into the palm shadow. Blinding light forced everyone to look away, their consciousnesses blanking momentarily.

“Thats... real heavenly lightning, not a thunder art! How is this possible!” The dao immortal shrieked disbelievingly. The lightning had broken through his palm shadow and continued streaking toward him.

He attempted to dodge out of the way, but wasnt quick enough to evade the lightning. All of his clothes were burned to a crisp and a great part of his body was charred.

True heavenly lightning was the greatest power in the world and represented heavenly judgement. Even dao immortals feared it. Of course, if hed recovered his full cultivation, heavenly lightning at this level wouldnt even touch his hair. Nullifying it would be as easy as lifting a finger. However, with his cultivation suppressed to the august immortal realm, he had insufficient power to block the attack.

Terrible lightning morphed into a crackling ocean that rampantly surged around him.

“Bastard!!” growled the dao immortal. The shadow of a golden bell emerged from his body to shield the immortals around him, blocking the attack. The heavenly lightning might be powerful, but it didnt shake the dao immortal treasure. The Qing immortals furious snarl could be heard all over Dusk Province.

Lu Yun had disintegrated all of his clothes, leaving him as naked as the day he was born, and cornered him to the point that he had to use a dao immortal treasure to defend himself. His dignity was likewise in complete ashes!

Even if he killed Lu Yun now, he would still be a joke in the world of immortals!

Meanwhile, Lu Yuns reputation would reach an all-time high. Even after death, the youth sovereign would be remembered and fondly talked about for generations to come.

“Diediedieeeeee!!” Hair and beard fluttering in the wind, the dao immortal roared incessantly. Blinding golden light burst forth from the top of the bell and crushed the lightning around it. Then the bell itself viciously slammed into Lu Yun, releasing all its power. This was the most powerful attack the Qing immortal could deliver in his current state, which was sufficient enough to darken the skies and shift the clouds. 

Countless immortals fled, terrified out of their minds. A full strength strike from a sealed dao immortal could level all of Dusk City!

Lu Yuns frail figure in the air didnt move an inch. Even his expression remained as calm as ever. “A dao immortal treasure I have one as well!” He sucked in a deep breath.


Jade illumination floated out of his body as an enormous jade-colored door appeared out of nowhere to block the golden bell. The impact sent tremendous ripples through the air in all directions.

“The Skybearer Gates! Thats the great treasure of the Lu Clan!! Why is it on you!” shrieked the dao immortal when he saw the gates.-

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