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Chapter 1568: The Plotter

Lu Yun whirled around to look forward. The headless corpses under his control were exploding one after another, returning to bodies on the ground. They laid down quietly, as if nothing had ever taken place.

A slight frown creased Lu Yuns forehead.

“Are these bodies also tomb keepers” Xing Wuliang gasped at the sight.

“Yes,” Lu Yun answered, keeping his eyes fixed on a spot. Thered been a corpse there under his command, but it was now gone. “Now they are,” he added.

“Huh” Xing Wuliang didnt quite understand.

“Stay here and dont move.” Lu Yun waved the bell in his hand once more and raised the corpses again, sending them in a shaky advance.

They didnt blow apart this time, instead creating a road that Lu Yun followed in. He slowly vanished from the groups sight.

“Whats going on” Xing Wuliangs head ached. He didnt understand what was happening. Jian Juexian looked at Brightheart, who was still trembling with fear.

“When we first arrived, we faced both the shadows and formation of corpses. But thankfully, the formation was corrupted. Otherwise, we wouldve died in the double assault of the two.” Fear marked her expression. Thank goodness the formation had also been caught in the secondary schemes of this world, or the entire group would also be headless corpses on the ground.


Lu Yun seemed to have entered another world. It was the same as the previous one with an identical layout and terrain. The only difference was a vivid blue sky overhead and bright, dappled sunlight.

He saw no sign of Xing Wuliang and the others when he looked back; the headless corpses next to him were also gone. He paused and began deriving the truth about this place.

“You dont need to look any further, this is the true appearance of this world,” rang a slightly frosty voice.

Lu Yun lifted his eyes to see that the body thatd disappeared was standing in front of him, whole and complete like itd never died. Plainly, something was using it to appear here.

The Roastwave World King.

The vanished body had belonged to Roastwave, and if Lu Yun had read its information clearly before its disappearance, the world king had also fallen into the trap due to removing some of the poisonous tumors.

Not only was he dead, but his corpse was being used by another. He was a pawn that someone was possessing to manifest in the Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor.

“What are you” Lu Yun asked.

“I am the Roastwave World King, of course. I have taken his body and soul to replace him in the world of the living,” the world king responded matter-of-factly.

“So youre just a wild ghost,” Lu Yun sneered at the answer. He was certain that the ultimate plotter in the tomb had appeared—the Roastwave World King in front of him.

Or rather, the ghost thatd possessed his body.

Lu Yun gave up the act once he saw that the plotter had slipped into a Void World Kings body. He exerted the strength of a Nihil World Sovereign and slammed his hand down on Roastwave.

“Youre the Nihil World Sovereign!”


Tremendous delight!

The plotter beamed with joy and opened his arms wide, meeting Lu Yun with a bear hug.

“So its you! Fantastic, this is so wonderful! Ill be a Nihil World Sovereign with your body and Ill be able to claim the Imperial Seal. Ill be the new emperor in this part of existence!”

“What Imperial Seal” Lu Yun started when he heard the words.

Hed calculated that the hand behind the scenes, the creator of the tumors, must be within the tomb and fighting with the tombs legitimate arrangements. Hed be able to lure the plotter to him if he entered the layout.

But the Roastwave World King had done so before Lu Yun could reach this step. He was also a powerful world king who was concealing his true strength. His cultivation was on par with the Divine Fire World King—though he paced outside the door to Nihil World Sovereign, he wasnt too far from the cultivation level.

He was the perfect target for the plotter to possess and come back to life in. But the latter had never imagined that Lu Yun would appear in front of him, that the Nihil World Sovereign would also fall into the trap.

He hadnt been able to see through Lu Yun, just like Jian Juexian couldnt. To anyone who looked at him, Lu Yun was just a true void cultivator. But the plotter spent every moment fighting the Cloud Sovereign and Hallowed Emperor, so he could naturally feel that there was a Nihil World Sovereign walking through his layout.

Unfortunately, it was incredibly difficult to compel a personage of that level to reveal themself. It wouldnt be easy to lay eyes on a Nihil World Sovereign thatd come to the tomb in person, much less one who was aware hed fallen into a trap.

But against all expectations, his most desired target had appeared right in front of him!


A black shadow jumped out of Roastwaves body and barreled into Lu Yuns body through his palm.

“You have fallen into my trap and absorbed the power of the tomb. You are now the most optimal cauldron for me to truly come back to life in!” Voices echoed in Lu Yuns ears and gradually overlaid with each other to become one voice.

He paused and stood still.

“The body of a true void cultivator and the cultivation level of a Nihil World Sovereign. This is the perfect cauldron to play the pig for eating the tiger! My rivals will definitely be surprised to see me come back to life in this body!” A gleefully surprised voice rang out from Lu Yuns body.

“Who are your rivals” Lu Yun suddenly asked. “People whove activated sequence”

“It is incredibly difficult to access sequence,” answered the plotter. “Those who have done so since the new epoch can be counted on two hands.

“You havent obtained the overlord of Ices legacy, have you He hasnt accessed sequence either. Though hes created a few tricks, thats not truly setting foot into sequence,” the voice dismissed disdainfully upon discovering certain things in Lu Yuns body. “If it wasnt for the overlord wanting to use those tricks, he wouldve entered sequence long ago and wouldnt need to be sealed in ice.”

“The overlord of Ice is even older than the Hallowed Emperor” Lu Yun blinked. The Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor was so old that it couldnt be dated. In order to create these tumors and assimilate the tomb, the plotter wouldve had to make his move shortly after the tombs construction. It had to have been done before the tombs arrangements and layouts fully melded together.

The plotter knew of the overlord, which meant that the overlord had already reached his fame and been sealed away not long after the tombs creation.

“Of course the overlord is older than the Cloud Sovereign and Hallowed Emperor—wait!!” Fear crept into the voices words. “You, this, theres something in your body! This!! This is that piece of wood! Youve returned it to its origin!!

“Let me out, let me out!!”

Seeming to have glimpsed something horrifying, the plotter wanted to rush out of Lu Yuns body. However, Lu Yun had already sealed himself off with the Tome of Life and Death.

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