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Chapter 1579: Xing Shenzuo

Xing Langs slap was swift, vicious, and swung with an air of practiced familiarity. It obviously wasnt his first time hitting out like this.


He exploded before he could touch Xing Wuliang.

“Hmph!” A brooding Xing Wuliang sneered. “Im also a grandmaster too now, do you think you can do anything to me with just a replica Lets go! Were going to see master.”

The other pair of eyes in Xing Wuliangs pupils vanished, he was just himself again.

Only Xing Langs replica had blocked them at the sect gates. Thus, he couldnt do anything to a Xing Wuliang whose soul force had reached grandmaster level. However, Xing Wuliang didnt dare linger around either. Not only was Xing Langs primary self a supplemental grandmaster, but he was also a powerful Void World King. If his primary body rushed to the scene, he would beat Xing Wuliang black and blue without breaking a sweat.

“People have the nerve to beat you on sect grounds” Lu Yun found this impossible to believe.

Xing Wuliang had incredible potential and should at least be a core disciple in the Star Sect. The other pair of eyes in his pupils was quite obviously a safety measure that a powerful Nihil World Sovereign had left on him. And yet, someone had dared stop him in front of the factions doors and even wanted to slap him

This was… a little crazy.

“That was Xing Lang, the senior brother of the younger generation. Hes a powerful supplemental grandmaster and a Void World King!” Xing Wuliang pulled Lu Yun behind him as they transported into the World Star. “Once you join the sect, dont provoke him at any cost. He wont kill you, but hell beat you and show no mercy!

“His father is a powerful Nihil World Sovereign and a sect elder. He often hit my master when they were young!”

Lu Yun: ……

“After you join the sect, you will become a true disciple if my master is willing to take you. Your name will also be changed to Xing Feifan,” Xing Wuliang changed the topic.

The disciple divisions of this faction were similar to other sects—outer, inner, true. Xing Wuliang was a true disciple.

“Are there any powerhouses in the sect whove set foot into sequence” Lu Yun asked.

“Yes!” came an affirmative answer.

Lu Yuns heart skipped a beat. Jian Juexian had said that there wasnt anyone who could activate sequence since the dawn of the new epoch. The one closest to succeeding was the overlord of Ice. Anyone else who had was most likely from the last epoch or original Hongmeng.

Meanwhile, Yun Zhongzi had mentioned that the heritage of the original Hongmeng existed in the Star Sect.

“What, you want to learn from someone whos activated sequence” Xing Wuliang joked.

Lu Yun nodded seriously. “Theyre probably the only ones who can teach me.”

Xing Wuliang: ……

“Damn youre full of it. Lets go meet my master first.”

The World Star was a massive star that functioned like Earth in the mundane worlds, but it was so much bigger. On the inside, it appeared similar to any other planet. White clouds scuttled across blue skies as birds chirped and flowers waved in the breeze. It was a picture of peace and tranquility.

A modestly sized mountain rose in front of them; clear rivers ran down luscious mountainside. A large clearing lay in front of it, on which a dozen young men in blue robes were meditating with crossed legs.

They quickly rose to their feet when they sensed Xing Wuliangs arrival.

“Greetings to senior brother Wuliang!”

“Youve finally come back, senior brother. Senior brother Wuchou of Moqiu Mountain bullied us often when you were gone.”

As they chattered to Xing Wuliang, Lu Yun gained a rough understanding of his new faction. The Star Sect wasnt a sect in the traditional sense of the word; numerous parties vied for power in a complicated web of relationships. Mighty Nihil World Sovereigns created abodes in the various mountains of the World Star and left their legacies inside. Xing Wuliangs master Xing Shenzuo was the owner of Shenzuo Mountain.

Given the multitude of groups in the sect, conflicts were a natural course of action. Thus, Xing Lang had dared to slap Xing Wuliang within sect territory earlier on.

Of course, conflicts were also limited to certain behaviors. One could fight, but one could not kill. Any conflict that grew out of hand would be punished by sect rules, and anyone who dared kill a fellow disciple would be doomed for eternity.


“Alright, alright everyone. Junior brother Wuchou is just testing your cultivation. I need to visit master first before I can spend time with you.” Xing Wuliang waved his hand to pacify his junior brothers.

Though these young men were also Star Sect disciples, their identities were very different compared to Xing Wuliangs. His senior brother had found him elsewhere in the Boundless Planes, whereupon Xing Wuliang had made it into the sect through his own strength.

On the other hand, these young men were born and bred in the World Star. Theyd received their status upon birth.

Shenzuo Mountain was named after Xing Shenzuo as its former name had long been lost to time. Xing Shenzuo was a middle-aged man with black hair and a black beard. He favored black daoist robes, and he was a Nihil World Sovereign who was also a powerful supplemental grandmaster.

Lu Yun looked intently at him for a moment, subconsciously comparing him to the overlord of Ice. Xing Shenzuo was weaker than the overlord, but much stronger than Lu Yun.

“This disciple greets the honored master!” Xing Wuliang bowed to Xing Shenzuo.

“I know what you have encountered in the tomb. You may collect your reward from your senior brother.” Xing Shenzuos tones were gentle as he sent Xing Wuliang floating out with a wave of his hand.

“You must be Feng Feifan.” The man looked at Lu Yun.

“Yes.” Lu Yun nodded, looking once more at Xing Shenzuo. His eyes… were not the ones that were present in Xing Wuliangs.

Lu Yun frowned inwardly to himself.

“The eyes in Wuliangs pupils are not mine,” Xing Shenzuo chuckled, seemingly having read Lu Yuns mind. “Your condition is very strange as you are in the true void realm, but you are also a Nihil World Sovereign.”

Lu Yun didnt find it odd that Xing Shenzuo could see through him. This was a supplemental grandmaster and they were in his home. It wasnt surprising that he noticed something that Jian Juexian hadnt.

Not to mention that Lu Yun hadnt planned on concealing his strength. Since he wanted to join the Star Sect, he couldnt hide parts of himself. Ordinary Nihil World Sovereigns may not be able to see through Lu Yun, but a heavyweight of sequence surely could.

“Think of it as a fortuitous occurrence,” Lu Yun smiled. “May I join the Star Sect”

“With your potential, of course,” Xing Shenzuo nodded with a smile. “But I cant teach you, only someone whos entered sequence can. Does that suit your wishes as well”


A massive explosion shook the air before Lu Yun could respond.

“Xing Wuliang, how dare you destroy my replica! The whole sect will think Im a pushover if I, Xing Lang, dont hang you up for a beating of your life!”

etvolare's Thoughts

I literally cursed when writing this chapter. The author takes pains to point out that the World Star is a star, but then says "the star is a planet". Dude. Dude. Even I know that's not right. So I tried here guys, but ugh. -

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