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Chapter 1580: Mount Buzhou

Xing Lang was here. Rather than let Xing Wuliang off the hook after he returned to his masters mountain, Xing Lang had decided to bring the fight to him.

Lu Yun took a surreptitious look at Xing Shenzuo—he held his forehead with his hand and a wry smile played at the corner of his lips. Xing Wuliang had said that his master had been beaten up by Xing Langs master when they were young. If Xing Shenzuo also couldnt stand up to Xing Lang, then Xing Wuliang would still suffer a beating despite being a grandmaster.

“Are… you not going to do anything” Lu Yun looked askance at Xing Shenzuo.

Though Xing Wuliang wasnt his most beloved head disciple, it would be a direct slap to his face if one of his disciples was beaten black and blue right in front of his masters residence. Xing Shenzuo couldnt possibly be unmoved.

“And what would I do” Xing Shenzuo flicked a sideways glance at Lu Yun and waggled his head. “Its a sign of his own ineptitude if Xing Lang boxes his ears. He wont die, so he can just get Xing Lang back when he grows stronger.”

Lu Yun half curled his lip. He could sense a trace of panic from Xing Shenzuos emotions—the man was likely traumatized from all the times that Xing Langs master had beaten him.

“Its also not a bad thing to be thrashed a few times. Constantly lording it around like he does will get him killed sooner or later. Its a good thing for him to learn that theres always someone stronger or smarter than him.

“Alright, let me take you to the expert whos set foot into sequence.” Xing Shenzuo rose to his feet.

“Is this powerhouse someone from the original Hongmeng” Lu Yuns breathing sped up from nerves.

Someone whod set foot into sequence was stronger than Nihil World Sovereigns. Though hed obtained the cultivation level and strength of one from the Tome of Life and Death, he didnt understand sequence at all.

While he could utilize the method from the overlord of Ice and open the doors to sequence, that didnt mean he was any closer to grasping the next level or understanding what the mysterious world of sequence was.

“No,” Xing Shenzuo answered with surprise. “How would someone from the last epoch be in the Star Sect”

“Um… true.” Lu Yun scratched his head. “Then its someone from this epoch”

“Yes.” Xing Shenzuo nodded.

“Ah, I mustve remembered things incorrectly.” Lu Yuns expression shifted as the Tome of Life and Death in his nascent spirit trembled slightly, repelling a tiny ripple from his mind.

In the Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor, Yun Zhongzi had told Lu Yun that the number of Nihil World Sovereigns whod set foot into sequence could be counted on two hands. But when Lu Yun reached the Star Sect, his memories spoke of no one from the new epoch accessing sequence, that the strongest of them was the overlord of Ice.

His memories had been quietly modified at some point in time.

This had once happened in the world of immortals as well, in which everything that survived from the war a hundred thousand years ago had their memories altered or erased. Lu Yun had just gone through a similar experience.

If he hadnt asked that question and caused the Tome of Life and Death to reverberate from the wrongness of the answer, his memories would continue to be modified.

Activating sequence was a very important affair, and having someone do it from this era signified a vastly different meaning from someone doing it in the original Hongmeng. If no one from modern times could do it, then it would be a tremendous blow to the confidence of current day life forms.

“Whats wrong” Xing Shenzuo looked at Lu Yun.

“Nothing… I just think it might not be a good idea for senior brother Wuliang to be thrown around like this.” Lu Yun flinched with pity to hear Xing Wuliangs anguished yelps.

“Its better to be beaten now than to be killed in the future.” Xing Shenzuos cheeks spasmed before returning to normal. “You know what the sects rules are. Disciples are on their own when it comes to trouble they cause in the outside world. No one from the sect will rush to their rescue.”

Lu Yun hummed with thought. “And if their rival comes to us to cause trouble”

“Comes to us” Xing Shenzuo started. “Do they have a death wish The Star Sect will overlook a disciples death in the outside world because that is due to their own lack of skill. But if they come to our doorstep…” He suddenly glared ferociously at Lu Yun and grumbled, “Dont insult me via innuendo. We go to pay our respects to the expert!”

If it hadnt been for that expert giving explicit instructions to bring Feng Feifan to her if he came, Xing Shenzuo wouldve already thrown Lu Yun out. Causing trouble elsewhere and having it follow them home… wasnt that what was happening to Xing Wuliang right now

Lu Yun smiled.

Xing Shenzuo waved a hand and changed the surroundings around Lu Yun, bringing into view a towering mountain that soared into the clouds. It was so tall that its peak couldnt be seen and it made Lu Yun feel as minuscule as an ant. An ant wouldnt be able to see the mountain in its entirety, but Lu Yun could for some reason, thanks to certain rules.

“Mount Buzhou!” His heart skipped a beat when he read the name.

There was a Mount Buzhou in the great wilderness as well. Everyone had thought itd fallen when Gonggong rammed it with his head, but that was just a plot to hide the mountain from prying eyes. It was now situated in the center of space over Earth, holding down the fort for the path leading to the chaos.

Hongjun sat at its peak, and here was another Mount Buzhou in front of Lu Yun! It looked exactly the same as the one in the great wilderness, just many times greater. When Lu Yun attempted to use formula dao on it, he realized that he couldnt derive anything about the landmass.

“Come on up since youre here,” came a lazy voice from the mountain. It seemed that the speaker was half asleep.

Lu Yun froze when he heard it—it was very familiar.

“Xing Shenzuo greets the Star Sovereign King.” The man quickly bowed and didnt dare lift his head.

“Sovereign King” was the honorific that beings of the fourth realm hailed those whod accessed sequence. The king soldier and others in the Army Pagoda also called the forefathers of the Ten Valleys of Evil “Sovereign King”.

“You may go. Feng Feifan can come alone.”

A surge of strength welled up from the foot of the mountain and sent Xing Shenzuo elsewhere. Lu Yun chuckled wryly and made his way up by foot.

“What should I call you” he asked as he climbed. “Yu Hengluo Ah Zhi Or Your Sovereign Majesty”

“Yawn!” The person yawned mightily before mumbling, “Im just me, so call me by whatever you want.”

“You created the Star Demon Sect in the world of immortals, didnt you You didnt actually fall into a trap, but used the power of time to escape from one”

“Yaaaaawn.” Ah Zhi couldnt contain herself. “I entered a trap and also escaped from one. I traveled to the great wilderness in a dream, and if Id stayed there any longer, I wouldve died in the Central Hongmeng.”

She appeared in front of Lu Yun, looking the same as she had in the great wilderness. She wore a purple silk dress, blinked wearily through sleepy eyes, and reclined on a spiders web to look weakly at Lu Yun.

“If it wasnt for the mistress traveling through space and time to request my aid, I wouldnt have bothered with those things. Wouldnt you say so, little sister Mo Yi”

etvolare's Thoughts

Ah Zhi was one of the primordial beings on the mountain in the great wilderness, also a Fate Spider Destiny Spider I can't recall what I called her. Yu Hengluo was Wayfarer's disciple and had her skin peeled off her in the Skinning Hell when they explored a tomb. There became two of her when time mysteriously got messed up in that tomb. Lu Yun didn't know how to fix her, so he put both of her away in a special space, which she then later disappeared.

That's what I recall of her, please chime in if you've got more details.-

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