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Chapter 1582: Walking Misfortune

While manys end goals might be the same, their methods to reach said goals could be completely different. Such was a difference in ideals, analysis, and judgment.

Yun Zhongzis ideals differed from Fuxis, so he withheld many things from Fuxi—such as the Hallowed Emperors sacrifice and how he would gain the Imperial Seal. In the same vein, Fuxi kept many things to himself—such as the Star Sect and Ah Zhi.


“Since youre walking bad luck, I cant give you the Star Sect. Hmm… how about this, youll be a regular inner disciple unfavored by all. No one wants you as a true disciple.” Ah Zhi winked at Lu Yun. “Ill take care of things with Xing Shenzuo, hell know to keep his mouth shut.”

Lu Yun nodded with a wry grin.

“I actually do want him to take you for his disciple, but if he does, hell die in a grisly fashion.” Ah Zhi swept a glance at the wood in Lu Yuns hand. “Thanks to you.

“And, you cant stay in the sect for too long. Get out as soon as youre done learning, or youll make me part of your burial goods too! And how dare you put little sister Mo Yi in your inner world Arent you afraid of cursing her to death too” Ah Zhi started muttering inaudibly.

“Thats not my inner world, its the Disordered Hell,” Lu Yun chuckled ruefully. So he was now walking misfortune to Ah Zhi.

“The Disordered Hell” Ah Zhi blinked. “Disorder and order oppose each other—the Disordered Hell is the hell to suppress disturbances in order. You succeeded But its a little early for that, you havent gotten the Imperial Seal yet!”

“Who knows what fate has in store sometimes,” Lu Yun chuckled. “The Imperial Seal isnt necessarily a desirable treasure either. Maybe its more frightening than the withered wood.”

Ah Zhis pale purple brows furrowed together and she tapped two slender fingers twice in the air. Two strands of unknown substance began vibrating.

“Youre right… the Imperial Seal isnt necessarily desirable… If you get it… You might…” Her voice trailed off.

Fate… the thirty-three reincarnations that Lu Yun had seen were fate. Everything was predestined and they were in the thirty-fourth loop. Hed strayed from the previous trajectories, changing his destiny and potentially the outcome of this cycle.

While Ah Zhi could see certain things, she didnt have the power to change anything.

“Alright, you are dismissed. Keep that withered wood safe, perhaps its not the source of misfortune after all.” Ah Zhi vanished the mountain from Lu Yuns sight with a wave of her hand.

He returned to Xing Shenzuo in an instant.

“How was it Did Her Sovereign Majesty take you for her disciple” he quickly asked, expecting that Lu Yun would suddenly appear in front of him at some point.

“Feng Feifan is an ordinary inner disciple of the Star Sect from this moment on. No one is allowed to take him as a true disciple. You better forget everything you know about him,” Ah Zhis voice reverberated in Xing Shenzuos ears.

The mans expression shifted slightly before returning to normal. He was no fool—this kind of proclamation by the only sequence expert in the sect meant that Feng Feifan was far from ordinary. But naturally, he wouldnt pursue the matter further.

“Since you are only an inner disciple, you have no right to remain at Shenzuo Mountain. You may go.” His expression immediately turned aloof and he flicked his sleeves.

“Understood.” Lu Yun reacted as an inner disciple would, offering a cupped fist salute before backing away.

A smile crept across Xing Shenzuos face when Lu Yun left. The Sovereign King hadnt erased his memories, so he still remembered the young mans origins and strength. That meant Xing Shenzuos status within the sect had greatly increased.

“Xing Shenzuo, I bestow upon you the divine weapon of sequence, Starweaver. You can use the net to temporarily access sequence,” Ah Zhis voice sounded once more in his ears.

“Thank you, Your Sovereign Majesty!” Xing Shenzuo was overjoyed.

“But you should stay away from Xing Chen even with the weapon. She can still beat two of you with one hand behind her back.” Ah Zhi said no more after another huge yawn.

Xing Shenzuos expression fell and he hastily expressed his understanding.

Xing Chen was Xing Langs master and the first Nihil World Sovereign in the sect, also the strongest supplemental grandmaster. She was very famous in the known expanses of the Boundless Planes. Apart from Ah Zhi, she was responsible for half of the sects enormous reputation.


Xing Wuliang had been stripped down to a pair of underwear and was hanging by the entrance to Shenzuo Mountain. Xing Lang held a leather whip and lashed his victims naked body whenever the urge struck him.

Xing Wuliangs eyes had rolled up into the back of his head and hed fainted dead away. The various disciples of Shenzuo Mountain were frightened out of their wits, unable to leave despite wanting to. They could only huddle off to the side and watch their mighty and brilliant senior brother be hung up like a trussed chicken.

“Youve finally come out, kid. Eh Xing Shenzuo didnt take you for his true disciple” Xing Lang paused with surprise when he saw Lu Yun walk out of the mountain residence. He could naturally tell that Lu Yuns soul force was ninth level, a mark of his great potential given his young age. If itd been his master Xing Chen on the premises, he wouldve immediately taken the young man.

Lu Yun had changed his clothes and wore the uniform of an inner disciple. Inner disciples had the right to remain on the World Star, but they were leagues apart from true disciples.

“Senior Shenzuo has his own considerations for not accepting me.” Lu Yun smiled faintly. “Senior brother Xing Lang, it might be nice to show some restraint. Senior brother Wuliang has become a grandmaster, so isnt it over the line to treat him like this”

“Grandmaster” Xing Lang swept a glance over Xing Wuliang and shook his head. “He has the soul force of a grandmaster without the requisite mentality. Hes just a fake grandmaster. Maybe I can beat some enlightenment into him and hell become a real one then!

“In contrast to him, I think junior brother Feifan seems more like a real grandmaster. How about it, want to join my faction and become my masters true disciple”


Xing Lang swung the whip in his hand and crashed it across Xing Wuliangs back.

He came awake with a shrill yelp.

Lu Yun rubbed his forehead and chuckled ruefully, “Senior brother, eh, um, senior sister… Senior Xing Chen only takes female disciples, no”

Xing Lang was plainly a girl in mens clothing. Lu Yun had only needed to briefly employ formula dao to determine that her factions disciples were also all girls.

“Xing Lang is a girl” Xing Wuliangs jaw dropped.


Came another lash of the whip.

“Youre right, master has no male disciples. But theres always an exception and if you are willing, Ill go ask master to take you in,” Xing Lang responded.

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Someone.... correct me if I'm wrong... but wasn't Lu Yun's first replica... Xing Chen!-

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