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Chapter 1591: Pills That Know Combat Arts

“Medicinal properties, theory, and spirituality… Who taught you all this” The Alchemist Sovereigns expression froze when he heard the young mans response.

“This junior derived it myself,” Lu Yun answered truthfully. He did indeed lack a master when it came to supplemental dao.

His foundations came from his Yama Kings, his strength bolstered by the Tome of Life and Death, and it wasnt until formula dao came into existence that his supplemental dao developed explosively.

Everything had been predicated upon formula dao and was derived as a result of it.

“Very well, I can give you a Principal Seventh Rank Lotus, but I wish to witness you refining the pill.” While the Alchemist Sovereign didnt fully believe that Lu Yun could create a pill recipe containing the lotus, the young mans mention of spirituality was enough to convince the sovereign to allow a try.

Hed also discovered spirituality in spirit roots, and that carefully cultivated spirit roots were somehow vastly different from their wild counterparts. The Alchemist Sovereign had employed a variety of comparison techniques to discover the spirituality within.

When he was certain of his findings, he requested authority over the eighth level of the treasury from Ah Zhi and created a world of spirit herbs, allowing plants to grow freely in this sphere and giving them free range.

The idea of spirituality in plants was a topic that circulated among a few old fellows like the Alchemist Sovereign; it wasnt part of the general curriculum for the younger generation yet. Today, however, this Feng Feifan mentioned it without being prompted and could speak intelligently regarding medicinal properties, medicinal theory, and spirituality.

This wasnt the regular bumbling from a child.

The sovereign didnt suggest reviewing the pill recipe—the young man could refine a pill if he wanted to. Ive ruined eight lotuses myself already, anyhow. He is destined for greatness if he comprehended the existence of spirituality by himself without tutelage from another. Wasting another Principal Seventh Rank Lotus is nothing in comparison.

“Of course!” Lu Yun agreed to the request. He felt another surge of emotion toward the Alchemist Sovereign, it was like he was with his master.

The elder called a lotus sparkling with seven colors to his hand and handed it to Lu Yun.

“Do you need a pill cauldron and fire” he asked.

“No, thank you.” Lu Yun shook his head and manifested a silver flame with a flip of his hand—the connate flame of the Disordered Hell.

Since the Disordered Hell was derived from a Hongmeng pearl, it was also a real Hongmeng world. It was a fragment of the original Hongmeng at the same time, so it gave birth to numerous connate treasures when it formed a world.

The silver flame was one of its connate treasures and had taken on a silver cast due to influence from the disordered hellfire. Lu Yun had tamed it and now used it as his pill fire.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

The silver flame jumped and flickered into a silver pill cauldron.

“I would request that the senior also bestow a few spirit roots and spirit herbs upon this junior.” Lu Yun rattled off a list of thirty-two spirit herbs and roots. With the lotus that he had in hand, that made for thirty-three ingredients in this pill recipe.

“This combination of ingredients…” The Alchemist Sovereign frowned slightly. With his title and being the foremost master of pill dao in the Star Sect, he could quickly draw some conclusions when Lu Yun made his request.

“Some of their properties are almost completely opposite of one another. Theyll very likely detonate the cauldron if they meet in refinement.” Baffled, the sovereign turned over the list in his mind again. Even a first step pill master wouldnt make this kind of mistake.

“Regular methods arent able to refine the Principal Seventh Rank Lotus,” Lu Yun explained. “The properties and theory behind these thirty-three ingredients can be reformed, so they wont necessarily blow up the cauldron.”

The elder inclined his head and waved, calling thirty-two spirit roots and herbs into his hand. He handed them to the young man without further questions.

Possessing a personal pill fire and using it to craft a pill cauldron was proof enough that though this kid only possessed ninth step soul force, his mentality was already grandmaster. In fact, the Alchemist Sovereign felt that Feng Feifan should be eating that lotus instead of refining it.

“If he succeeds, his soul force will take another step forward and reach grandmaster level.” The sovereign stroked his beard with a smile. “If he fails, Ill have him eat a lotus. His soul force is ninth step, but his mind is already at grandmaster. Doesnt the Principal Seventh Rank Lotus exist precisely for someone like him”


Lu Yun put the Alchemist Sovereign out of his mind and focused on refining his pill. He threw all of the ingredients into the cauldron at the same time.

Spirit roots were connate items that formed at the intersection of the fourth realms rules and orders, whereas spirit herbs werent connate plants. They were born in worlds that developed later on and they lacked spirituality, but their medicinal properties were so strong that they could complement spirit roots.

Lu Yuns cauldron contained a world. The thirty-three ingredients immediately disassembled when they entered it, were refined and distilled into the components that he wanted. Pill refinement hand seals and gestures directed the operation of the pill cauldron as the Alchemist Sovereign was gradually entranced by the young mans process.

“Is this kid… actually the reborn soul of a powerful grandmaster” The elder swallowed hard. “No, if he was, then his soul force would easily reach grandmaster level. He wouldnt have to go to the trouble of searching out a Principal Seventh Rank Lotus or refining an almost impossible pill…

“His hand gestures also arent the ones of a grandmaster—they achieve great results with minimal effort. To be able to deploy the effect of grandmaster soul force when he possesses only ninth level… Amazing, incredible!” The sovereigns mouth was going dry.


Lu Yuns silver cauldron jerked with a dull roar as an intangible ripple spread out in all directions.

“Has he failed” The elders face fell. “No matter, any new pill recipe must undergo countless failures before it is—eh”

His eyes widened and jaw dropped as the cauldron that shouldve been blown to smithereens transformed into a ball, over which radiance of seven colors shimmered as a magnificent wheel of light.

A black tribulation cloud appeared over Mount Buzhou.

“Whats that kid gotten up to now to attract such a strong pill tribulation…” Ah Zhi stretched open bleary eyes, yawned, then went back to sleep.

The terrifying pill tribulation filtered through the mountain treasury and blasted Lu Yuns cauldron. Such tribulations appeared whenever heaven defying pills appeared in the fourth realm or Hongmeng and could not be rebuffed; the pills had to endure it themselves. Otherwise, their karmic repercussions would remain and disaster would befall whoever took them.

Thus, Lu Yun didnt absorb the tribulation with Thunder Palmstrike.


The pill cauldron exploded, leaving behind seven pills glowing with seven colors hovering in the void. Explosions reverberated between them and gave rise to formless ripples through the air. Those ripples dispelled the black lightning before it had a chance to land.

“Those ripples… are combat arts! Pills can possess combat arts!” The Alchemist Sovereign suddenly felt that he was a waste of his many years of life.

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