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Chapter 1599: Foul

“Star Sect, huh” The chubby young man paused when he heard Lu Yuns self introduction, then raised his thumb in admiration. “No wonder…”

The Star Sect was a renowned major sect and the sacred land of supplemental dao in the Boundless Planes. Incidentally, its disciples were known for their eccentric tempers. They quietly suffered through beatings or humiliation, but later responded from the shadows with an unexpected and fatal blow.

They also particularly liked to spread rumors—half of the gossip in the known expanses originated from Star Sect disciples. Although everyone knew it was just hearsay, people still liked to believe what they heard.

That there was Argent Snow heritage in the ruins of the Snowsword Sect, for instance, was one that even Star Sect disciples believed without a doubt.

Their eccentricity was most on display in Soul Dominion.

Star Sect disciples paid no heed to their lives when they trained. Everyone else went back home when they failed, attempting another try only after they reflected on their flaws and bad habits. Instead of following that course of action, the sects disciples immediately tried again and again when they failed. There was once a madman who cultivated for three thousand years in Soul Dominion, finally forcing his way through after failing countless times.

Any other factions disciples wouldve lost their temper, patience, and confidence halfway through. In other words, Star Sect disciples were afraid of anything but a beating.

The chubby young man understood everything when he heard where Lu Yun was from.

“Its said that the Star Sects old folks are super lazy, that its the senior brothers and sisters who beat their juniors into shape…” He couldnt help mumbling when he saw the Star Sect disciple in front of him head back in. He remained where he was instead of leaving for his own business.

Somehow, the chubby youngster felt that this Star Sect disciple was different from the others. Other sect disciples threw themselves into the trials with a streak of lunacy in their eyes, but this one always quietly took a dozen breaths before he tried again.


“Are you going to make a move this time” The spirit of Argent Snow flickered with a hint of emotion when he saw Lu Yun return.

“I still havent seen it clearly.” The young man raised the weapon like a bat once more and rushed the spirit.

The spirit waved a hand and sent one hundred and eight snowflakes flurrying through the air, churning toward Lu Yun in a whirlwind of death. This time, the young man didnt allow the snowflakes to cut him down as they would. He shifted one step to the side, perfectly evading the snowflakes and standing in a blind spot from the attack.

He subconsciously bent down to observe a snowflake drifting past his nose. It was crystalline and translucent, watery ripples oscillating over its surface to create a magnificent snow scene. A hint of killing intent wrapped around it.

Lu Yun suddenly reached out and grasped the snowflake.

The spirits expression changed noticeably and he waved his hand again, dismissing the snowflake in the young mans hand and turning it into a massive ripple that pierced through the void.

Lu Yuns body shattered.

“Did that count as violating the rules” The spirit paused as he looked at the dead challenger. “That blow was from the fourth domain of Argent Snow.”


“Foul! You fouled!” Lu Yun shouted outside at the top of his lungs. “Youre supposed to be using only the Domain of First Snowfall, and its first level at that! But you just used power beyond Domain of Eventide Snow!”

He almost danced in his anger. Hed evaded the snowflakes, grabbed one of them, operated formula dao, and was about to derive the profound mysteries of that ripple when the spirit interrupted him.

The chubby young man jumped with surprise to hear Lu Yuns yell. The other challengers around them also froze when they heard his words.

“Bro… brother, what did you just say Who fouled” the chubby youngster couldnt help his curiosity.

“…eh, nothing. Ive suffered one too many blows to the head and Im not thinking right.” Lu Yun came back to his senses with an awkward smile.

“Is that even possible for Star Sect disciples” asked the mystified youngster before a furious Lu Yun charged back in.


“Foul! That was a foul!” Lu Yun roared at the spirit. “I was so close to understanding the ripple!”

The spirit looked innocently at him.

“So tell me, how are you going to compensate me!” Lu Yun seemed very angry, but a bit of amusement sparkled in his eyes.

“How do you want me to compensate you” The spirit continued to be very innocent. He had indeed broken the rules with his last blow and used strength beyond this level to kill the challenger.

While it didnt follow the rules of trial, there was no one who could punish him for his transgression.

“Heh heh heh…” Lu Yun broke out in a broad grin. “You have the heritage of Argent Snow, dont you Teach me the part for Domain of First Snowfall and well call it even.”

Seemingly in thought, the spirit stroked his chin before responding, “That will do, but you must pass the twenty-seventh level first.”

“Youll give me the true heritage if I pass the twenty-seventh level” Lu Yuns eyes brightened.

“Dont play word games with me, I said Ill give you Domain of First Snowfall,” rebuffed the spirit. “Since I made you waste some time by breaking the rules, Ill tell you a bit more. The first three domains and eighty-one levels of the Argent Snow trials correspond to the Domains of First Snowfall, of Glorious Snowdrift, and of Eventide Snow.

“If you can pass them all, that means youve reached perfection in all three. But just on the surface.”

“Theres more” Lu Yun blinked.

“Yes, theres more.” The spirit nodded. He patiently explained the rest to Lu Yun, not minding the use of time. He had tens of millions of replicas and could oversee several million trials at the same time.

“The Domain of First Snowfall, for instance, reaches perfection in the twenty-seventh level. That is still not its peak. If you can reach the twenty-eighth level, that will land you among true budding mastery of Argent Snow.

“But if you wish to reach the twenty-eighth level, just your Three Thousand Soul Daos is insufficient. If you can make your way through twenty-seven levels on your current attempt, Ill give you the true cultivation method—Argent Snows heritage.”


A silver stick appeared in the spirits hand—Argent Snow.

Lu Yun imitated his motion; snowflakes drifted thickly in front of him.-

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