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Chapter 1601: Explosion

“You… didnt use your full strength earlier because you wanted to hit me with the stick” The Argent Snow spirit looked mournfully at Lu Yun.

“Well, you cant really say that. I did indeed use the full strength of the condition I was in.” Lu Yun brandished his weapon.

One thousand and eighty snowflakes oscillating with the same ripples circled around him. They were silver instead of their usual snowy white, more resembling streaks of silver light.

“Why are you so fixated on smacking me to death” The spirit felt rather aggrieved. Hed faced countless challengers over these endless years, but never had he met such an unusual one.

Though he was a spirit of the rules, hed long developed his own thoughts. He still followed the rules after forming his own mind, but would sometimes pay special attention to challengers with high potential like Lu Yun.

The eight soul weapons had become the mainstay of supplemental cultivation. Any strong supplemental cultivator trained with one and the stronger they were, the more it benefited the spirits that materialized from the rules.

At a certain point, it was even possible that they could evolve into true living beings.

“Have I not been good enough to you” The spirits plaintive voice raised a layer of goosebumps on Lu Yuns arms, despite soul force replicas not possessing goosebumps.

“You killed me two hundred and thirty-four times.” Lu Yun held up a few fingers. “While Ive joined the Star Sect, no ones gotten the better of me in the sect yet. My temperament is insufficiently tempered and theres no way I dont want revenge after you offed me so many damn times. A shadow would remain over my heart otherwise.

“Clubbing you to death twenty-six times is satisfying, but not enough! Since my old tactics wont work this time, Ill use them again after I break through to the supreme realm and enter the twenty-eighth level.”

Lu Yun grinned broadly. “Since youre not a real life form, theres actually something in it for you when I smash you to death. Its useful for cultivating your emotions and making it easier for you to feel something so you can form soul parts.”

“So I should be thanking you instead” The spirits face darkened.

Lu Yun nodded with all seriousness, then suddenly darted forward and crashed the stick onto the spirits face. This blow was different from the previous ones—it was accompanied by silver snowflakes and ripples.

This was a soul force attack from Argent Snow, one thatd reached great perfection.


The one thousand and eighty snowflakes drifting through the air suddenly gusted forth like a blizzard and smashed down on the spirit of Argent Snow.

He remained stoic and his weapon also moved forward, aiming for Lu Yuns head.


Two Argent Snows collided together in a tangle of snowflakes and ripples. Even the blizzard was cut into two and crashed violently with itself.

Lu Yun stalked forward, his stick targeting only the spirits head. The latter slowly backed up, a wry smile appearing on his face.

“What happened to not hitting my head” he complained.

“This is different. I didnt use soul force when I hit you before, but this time, Im hitting your head with Argent Snows soul force attack. Its totally different.” Lu Yun shook his head, finally in touching distance.

However, the intertwined snarl of snowflakes and ripples churned him to death before Lu Yun could land his blow.

“Eh, I didnt actually hit you, so that didnt count.” He put his weapon away with a smile.

“The meaning behind your last attack did indeed reach perfection for Domain of First Snowfall and hinted at the Domain of Glorious Snowdrift.” The spirit reappeared, but was shaking his head. “However, you defeated me with the Domain of Glorious Snowdrift, so you havent comprehended the ultimate realm of the first domain.”

“Ive never cultivated Argent Snows heritage, how am I supposed to understand it” Lu Yun quirked his lips. “Cut the crap and give me the legacy for the Domain of First Snowfall.”

“The legacy for the Domain of First Snowfall is within the Three Thousand Soul Daos.” Cunning flashed through the spirits eyes and he continued with a smile, “The great soul weapons are based off of and derived from it. If you wish to rival or surpass the creators of the eight great soul weapons, you will find your path in the Three Thousand Soul Daos.

“If you only wish to retrace their footsteps, then I can give you the legacy for the Domain of First Snowfall.”

“Are you **ting me” Lu Yun narrowed his eyes. “I want the legacy for the first domain of Argent Snow.”

“Oh You wish to forsake your future then” A mysterious smile appeared on the spirits face.

“You want me to forge a new path when I dont know what its supposed to look like” Lu Yun regarded the spirit as he would an idiot. “The forebears laid the path for the convenience of those to come. No matter what decision we make, we do so with consultation of their experience and knowledge. Why mine ore for crafting when the bell is right in front of you

“If I dont try out their path to see what its like, how am I supposed to pave my own With pure imagination

“It looks like I need to hit you a few more times to beat some sense into your brain. Youre already a blockhead as a spirit, so youre not going to make that smart of a living being either.”

The spirit of Argent Snow shook his head; hed once delivered a similar ultimatum to other geniuses, but it was the first time one of them refuted him like Lu Yun.

“Hang on!” Lu Yun blurted out when he saw a strange expression cross the spirits face. “You havent… delayed someones dao, have you”

“Huh” the spirit floundered for a response.

“Have there been others like me that you told to search through the Three Thousand Soul Daos instead of giving them the legacy”

The spirit nodded subconsciously. “But that person went on to accomplish striking achievements and founded a sect called the Snowsword Sect. He is renowned and venerated throughout the Boundless Planes.

“I havent seen him in the last couple of hundred years though. He must have set foot into sequence.”

Those who entered sequence could no longer train in Soul Dominion.

“The Snowsword Sect” Lu Yun gaped. “Xing Chen from my sect razed it to the ground by herself. Its founder hadnt set foot into sequence—Xing Chen scattered his soul into the void and he will never be reborn.”

“W-what His potential is far greater than Xing Chens, how could she possibly kill him!” Of course the spirit knew who they spoke of, but in his eyes, Xing Chen was far from being a match for that genius—despite both of them being Nihil World Sovereigns and supplemental grandmasters.

“Because she possesses the complete heritage of Serene Annex and views the world from the shoulders of a giant, while the one who founded the Snowsword Sect was still crawling on the ground trying to understand how he should walk, heh!”


The spirit exploded upon hearing these words.

“Err, that old guy hasnt gone into a cultivation deviation, has he Can spirit manifested from rules even do that” Lu Yun blinked.

etvolare's Thoughts

Lu Yun completely trolled the guy into self detonating.-

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