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Chapter 1607.1: The Luminaries Arrive

The Sword Clan cultivated both supplemental dao and combat arts. If the assembly could invite experts from the clan to join the process of deriving formula dao, it would surely help formula dao take another giant leap forward.

Plainly, Yun Zhongzi had paid them a visit after leaving the tomb and understood their current situation. The impending danger of the clans demise wasnt something that could be resolved by one or two Nihil World Sovereigns. Not even sequence experts could avert the disaster. The only thing that would make a difference was Quiet.


“What about Ingress Sword Island” A sudden thought struck Lu Yun; the sage hadnt mentioned the island at all. “Should I pay them a visit as well”

“Ingress Sword Island” Yun Zhongzi shook his head. “Jian Juexians been confined and his sword, Immortals End, stripped from him. Ingress Sword Island is now a Luminary faction. You will not return if you go and will most likely lose your life. The Luminaries are also present in the Central Hongmeng.”

It was Lu Yuns second time hearing the name, the first time had been from Xing Chen. Xing Mochous head disciple, Xing Heng, had been part of this faction.

Their ambitions were exceedingly great as they wanted to conquer the known expanses and become an existence like the original Hongmeng. Not only had the original Hongmeng been the core of the fourth realm, itd ruled the Boundless Planes and maintained the realms orders.

The Luminaries plainly didnt have that level of strength.

“Dont rush off to save Jian Juexian either. Hell be just fine if you dont go, but hell die by your side if you do.” Yun Zhongzi waved a hand and returned to conversing with the Nihil World Sovereigns.

“They seem to be… a little too obsessed.” Qing Yu frowned slightly at the group. Shed heard what Yun Zhongzi had said to her beloved, but she trusted that he would make the right decision.

“They… are indeed losing sight of the big picture just a bit.” Lu Yun shook his head slightly. “Honorable seniors.”

The couple returned to the scene and interrupted all of the conversations taking place.

“What is it” The Formation Sovereign looked at Lu Yun with puzzlement.

“There is a tiny world of mortals in the Boundless Planes that lacks combat methods, cultivation methods, and supplemental dao. However, theres something very interesting there called mathematics. Its formulas calculate the illogical, producing chemistry, astronomy, architecture, and smelting.

“These formulas are used in practical manners to create miracle upon miracle.” Lu Yun waved his hand and illustrated the development of science in an enormous scroll, unfurling it in front of the Nihil World Sovereigns.

“We see… we were a little too focused on a tangent and almost proceeded down the wrong path.” Yun Zhongzi immediately grasped Lu Yuns meaning when he saw the scroll. They were moving away from the proper perspective with their discussion of basic formulas, deriving advanced formulas, soul force, cultivation, and combat arts.

Dao was not the final destination, its purpose was to be used.

Dao was pattern, rule, and order. Living beings walked the path of dao to borrow it for their own use. Using it was the final destination.

Earths science wasnt very complicated to existences on a Nihil World Sovereign level. They could quickly discern the truths within via a simple glance.

Lu Yun hadnt shown them scientific knowledge, but rather research processes and how humans used science. They bore stunning similarities to formula dao. The system of formula dao that hed proposed was based on mathematical theorem.

“In addition, theory is just theory at the end of the day. It must be practiced before it can be verified and further developed. Perhaps the formulas that evade the seniors diligent efforts will come to be after a bit of experimentation.

“Then, this junior takes his leave.” Holding Qing Yus hand, Lu Yun left Divine Alchemist Mountain.

“Sovereign Yun, what is his background” the Formation Sovereign asked curiously after Lu Yun left. “The world he showed us does not seem to be an imaginary one. It has developed toward another extreme in the absence of combat arts and cultivation methods.”

“Youll have to ask your Star Sovereign King for that,” chuckled Yun Zhongzi as he glanced at Ah Zhi.

Hed recognized the sleepy leader of the Star Sect; he just hadnt known that Ah Zhi of Mount Buzhou was the Star Sovereign King. With that, his last bit of distaste toward the sect vanished.

Fuxi and the others had succeeded in some ways and failed in others. Hongjun, the Grand Pure One, and Ingress had likewise succeeded and failed. Now that Lu Yun had shown them formula dao, it would compensate for all previous failures. It was only a matter of time before they found a way to bring order under control and maintain it.

“That kid” Ah Zhi wasnt participating in the discussions. She looked to be asleep, but had been holding open the door to sequence. It wouldnt be that easy for the Nihil World Sovereigns and supplemental grandmasters to derive formula dao otherwise. “Hes the future leader of the Star Sect, thats all you need to know.”

“…understood,” the assembly smiled wryly; they didnt dare press further for answers. …perhaps he was the sovereign kings secret son


Although the sects heavyweights and various geniuses were gathered on Divine Alchemist Mountain, life continued normally on the World Star. The heavyweights and geniuses were mysterious characters in ordinary times, so their absence wasnt important for the time being.

All the same, the Star Sect did not grow idle. Or rather, if they dared laze around, beatings would be in order once the head disciples returned.

When Xing Wuliang visited Divine Alchemist Mountain, hed accomplished passing the first twenty-seven levels of the first domain in Lunar Pivot. Hed rescued his senior brother from Xing Lingkongs cultivation realm, and Xing Lingkong had fulfilled their agreement to apologize to Xing Shenzuo. Only then did they all continue to the mountain.

Numerous powerhouses derived formula dao on Divine Alchemist Mountain and they passed on their findings to the head disciples and geniuses, so that the latter could further disseminate it within the sect.

Many disciples within the Star Sect cultivated formula dao these days, using Yun Zhongzis Totality Method as the entry point and subsequently utilizing formula dao to analyze other supplemental daos.

Though formula dao would eventually encompass all of supplemental dao according to the Formation Sovereigns words, it couldnt do so yet in its current iteration. The myriad of supplemental daos out there remained separate from formula dao.

When Lu Yun and Qing Yu returned to his nameless residence, he set up a hundred thousand restrictions after setting foot through the door and wrapped Qing Yu in a tight embrace. After slaking their yearning for each other through a night of passion, Lu Yun refocused on raising his beloveds strength.

Out of the thirty-six million ways hed derived to help Qing Yu over the past hundred years, three of them were the safest and wouldnt give rise to unwanted side effects.-

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