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Chapter 1608: Capturing Alive

“What, whats he doing out there with Quiet!” Yun Zhongzi paled with dismay to see Lu Yun charge the enemy with the sword.

According to his plans, Lu Yun and Qing Yu would travel to the Sword Clan to create the misconception that the Quiet Sovereign King was still alive. That would induce wariness in the Luminaries and persuade them to leave the clan alone. At the same time, it would also delay the organizations other plans.

But Lu Yun charging out with the sword knocked all of Yun Zhongzis plans awry. When the Luminaries confirmed that the sovereign king had died and his true form was controlled by another, they would hasten their speed and march on the Sword Clan.

“Hes not a fool, he must have his reasons for doing this.” Ah Zhi yawned and relaxed, lazily perusing Lu Yuns battle with the Great Brahma. “Dont you do anything either.” She waved off Yun Zhongzi when she saw his hands move.

“The Great Brahma is on our doorstep—hes obviously here to attack us. No matter what the result is, their final goal is to destroy the Star Sect. It makes perfect sense for Lu Yun to respond,” she murmured as she looked at Lu Yun. “The only thing that surprises me is that hes grown to such heights over a hundred years, to the point where he can match the Great Brahma!”


Lu Yun didnt really have the strength to take the Great Brahma in a head-on fight. The latter was one of the strongest Nihil World Sovereigns in the fourth realm; he was stronger than Xing Chen.

That Lu Yun could briefly stand toe-to-toe with his opponent was due to the sword in his hand and the method of nothing that the overlord of Ice had taught him. When the two were deployed in conjunction, they blossomed with incredible strength. It flooded his body and temporarily granted him enough strength to fight the Great Brahma.

At the same time, a hundred years of teaching dao and simulating formula dao had enhanced Lu Yuns true cultivation once more. Hed reached peak nihil realm and was a half step away from World Manifest.

Hellfire formed from the amalgamation of the six hellfires circulated within his body, buttressing his strength. One stroke cut off one of the Great Brahmas arms, another slash cut off the other.

Despite the inconsequential injury, the Great Brahmas expression froze. Shockingly, he wasnt able to simply regenerate his arms! It was as if hed never possessed two arms!

Thus was the result of severing rules and crushing order. He would never again possess those arms unless Lu Yun agreed to it.

“Since the Luminaries have imprisoned Jian Juexian on Ingress Sword Island, Ill capture you and see if the Luminaries will trade him for you!” shouted Lu Yun.

He dashed forward once more—Dragonrise!

A piercing dragon croon shook the world. Still reeling from the loss of his arms, the Great Brahma didnt have time to react before a silver dragon devoured him.

“Break!!” he roared furiously, shattering the dragon from inside out.

“So it is you, you little mongrel! Just as we thought, youre at the Star Sect!” screamed the Great Brahma. There was only one reason why the Luminaries had the sect in their sights—Lu Yun.

Lu Yun also knew that they were looking for him and targeting those around him to root him out. It was why Jian Juexian was suffering and why the Star Sect was being attacked. Since that was the case, it was better to meet them face-to-face!

He wasnt afraid of trouble, especially when others would be dragged in if he kept hiding. Though the Tome of Life and Death had erased the curse on the withered wood, a trace of it still remained in Lu Yuns body.

Itd affected both Jian Juexian and the Star Sect.

If it wasnt for the Tome of Life and Death, then the one attacking now would be a Luminaries sequence expert, not the Great Brahma. That would spell the doom of the sect since Lu Yun could also tell that it was only Ah Zhis replica present in the faction.

Plainly, the Great Brahma knew that as well, which was why he was here alone. Merely he alone was sufficient to raze the sect, just as Xing Chen had once destroyed the Snowsword Sect.

If Lu Yun wanted to resolve the crises facing the Star Sect, Jian Juexian, and the Sword Clan, he needed to step forward and shoulder his burden. The karmic relationship between him and the Sword Clan was naturally Quiet.

After the Great Brahma shattered the sword dragon, he came at Lu Yun with a mighty kick. It was wreathed by blazing flames as if the eternal sun in the heavens, emanating terrifying heat and light.

Lu Yun felt like he would burn up before his opponent even touched him.

“Is this the power of an elite Nihil World Sovereign in the fourth realm” Lu Yun took a deep breath and summoned rays of sword light from Quiet, bringing it down on the Great Brahma.

This time, his enemy was prepared. His foot kicked the sword light apart and thudded into Lu Yuns chest.

Lu Yun spat out a mouthful of blood.

“DIE!” the Great Brahma snarled and ignited the flames around his leg, shoving them into Lu Yuns body.

Lu Yun now resembled a giant furnace—he was red all over and cracks fissured through his body.

“Still alive One more time!” The Great Brahma laughed heartily and kicked again, stomping on the same place on Lu Yuns chest.

He wanted to kill Lu Yun, not capture him. No Nihil World Sovereigns were allowed to appear in the Central Hongmeng. Not even supplemental cultivators who knew soul force were permitted. Any budding hints of one would be instantly suppressed!

That was why sequence experts from the Luminaries had sealed away the overlord of Ice. Hed tried to share the method of soul force cultivation with the Eastern Planes.

Snowflakes suddenly drifted through the sky. One hundred and eight in total, each of them oscillated with ripples.

Argent Snow.

The soul weapon immediately forced the Great Brahma back.

“The Argent Snow soul weapon… The Star Sect deserves death for giving a soul weapon to sinful blood!” A crimson flame rose from the Great Brahmas body. Though he lacked arms, that didnt affect his terrifying aura in the slightest.


His strength fluctuated as he punched through the Domain of First Snowfall. He dashed forward and connected with Lu Yuns chest once more.


Lu Yun exploded into a pile of dust.

“What is this!” The Great Brahma remained on his guard after killing Lu Yun. There was something strange about the Nihil World Sovereign in front of him.


A note resonated in the void as the hovering Quiet exploded with pure sword radiance, crashing into the Great Brahma.

He screamed with anguish as he was sliced into two.

A second Lu Yun, a third, a fourth, a fifth… thirty-six Lu Yuns walked out of the void and formed a marvelous formation, trapping the split Great Brahma between them.

“I will be capturing you today instead of killing you. Youll be traded for Jian Juexian.” Holding a handful of soybeans, a thirty-seventh Lu Yun walked out from another direction.-

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