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Chapter 1614: Domain of Glorious Snowdrift

Jian Juexian couldnt refrain from springing into action when he saw the Shadow Sovereign. He drew his sword in a ringing motion and slashed at the enemy.

Though hed been imprisoned right after his return to Ingress Sword Island and Immortals End taken from him, Daoist Ingress had given him more than just a sword. Hed gifted a complete legacy of immortal end to Jian Juexian.

Thus, though hed been imprisoned, his strength had grown by the day and increased with every second. Given enough time, he would certainly surpass Jian Zhuxian and become the greatest of Ingress Sword Island.

With his level of skill, any regular sword became another Immortals End in Jian Juexians hands. One stroke was sufficient to slice the Shadow Sovereign in two.

The Shadow Sovereign howled and roared with indignity. A blazing sun suddenly popped into existence and illuminated the void, while a shadow wielding a dagger abruptly jumped out from Jian Juexians feet and charged him.

Their shadows were alive again.

As Jian Juexians strength increased, so did his shadows. The shadowy dagger waved with a trace of Jian Juexians sword dao.

“The greatest enemy of those who are too pompous is themselves! You will never defeat yourself!” The Shadow Sovereigns voice faded in and out of the area; hed melded into the shadows projected by the nearby worlds.

He was correct—someone who was too self centered or arrogant would never behold anyone else in their line of sight apart from themselves. Jian Juexian was one such person, so his greatest enemy wasnt anyone else but himself.

His shadow was suppressed the moment it moved. Jian Juexian sparred grimly with it; hed noticed that with his increase in sword dao, so was his shadow also much stronger.

“Theyre shadows!” Lu Yun shouted. “Just make it impossible for them to appear.”

Sent flying with a blow, Jian Juexian brightened and reversed his sword with a quick backhand, piercing toward the blazing sun that the Shadow Sovereign had summoned.

His shadow jerked with surprise and leapt upward, blocking the blade before it reached the sun. While that spared the sun, it resulted in heavy injuries to the shadow.

“You talk too much!” snorted the Shadow Sovereign. Lu Yuns shadow cautiously poked his head out beneath Lu Yuns feet.

“Be a good boy and stay still.” Lu Yun stomped his shadow back down. Shivering with fright, it docilely stayed put. As Lu Yuns true cultivation level was peak true nihil realm, that was his shadows strength as well.

Meanwhile, Brighthearts shadow jumped out beneath her feet wielding a dagger of black light. She stabbed it at Brighthearts head.

“Master was right, my opportunity is here. There is nothing that tempers the heart better than overcoming oneself.” Brightheart had already experienced this once in the Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor, so she faced this instance with equanimity. She wasnt as narcissistic as Jian Juexian, so there was no pressure in fighting herself.

While Brightheart and Jian Juexian were preoccupied with their shadows, Lu Yun strode forward and walked into the depths of the Eastern Cluster, toward Ice.

“You court death!” The Shadow Sovereign manifested a tangible form when he noticed Lu Yuns movement and charged the young man.

As one of the four sovereign kings under the original emperors banner, the Shadow Sovereign had long since accessed sequence. After the new epoch dawned, he hadnt had a chance to activate sequence again before the withered wood cursed him to death.

He still hadnt fully recovered and could only manifest through the laws of burial in the Eastern Cluster. His strength was less than a ten thousandth of his prime, but he was no weakling. In fact, he was part of the elite among Nihil World Sovereigns.

Most importantly was that hed walked his great dao to its apex. Hed perfectly combined supplemental dao, cultivation, and combat arts in his shadow dao. Just that alone was sufficient to propel him to the apex of powerhouses in the Boundless Planes.


Silver ripples oscillated from Lu Yuns body and silver snowflakes drifted around him. Terrifying ripples undulated over each snowflake as well. One thousand and eighty snowflakes interlaced together in a horrific blizzard.

Peak Domain of First Snowfall!

The Shadow Sovereigns true form was revealed the moment he entered the domain. He was a middle-aged man with a wan pallor who seemed to live in the shadows.

“So its Argent Snow.” A keen light flashed through his eyes. “Just Argent Snow alone will not confine me.”

He turned into another ball of shadow and shot toward Lu Yun, but rematerialized before hed advanced half an inch forward.

“How is this possible!” he shouted.

“Nothing is impossible while you remain a ghost. Any Nihil World Sovereign can harm me in the fourth realm, but you guys No.” Snowflakes danced around Lu Yun as they grew in number. With the young man as the center, an area fifteen hundred kilometers around them turned into a snowy landscape—Domain of Glorious Snowdrift.

The snowflakes were silver, but close perusal would resolve them as silver flames in the shape of snowflakes.

Peak domain.

Such was a peak domain of a soul weapon. Not only would it deploy the weapons own strength, but the wielders dao and combat arts would become part of it and part of the attack.

The snowflakes in this Domain of Glorious Snowdrift were projected by disordered hellfire.

Though Lu Yun had been traveling with urgency, hed constantly operated formula dao ever since receiving Jian Zhuxians complete Argent Snow legacy. Hed combined it with his own and reached peak mastery over the Domain of Glorious Snowdrift.

Wide-eyed with dismay, the Shadow Sovereign discovered that he was trapped in the domain. He couldnt move a single muscle.

The silver flame of disorder was also hellfire. Though the six hellfires served different functions, they possessed a characteristic in common when they gathered on Lu Yun—suppressing the dead and ghosts.

Last time in the tomb, Lu Yun hadnt dared deploy anything because his foundations were weak. But this time, formula dao had taken shape in the Star Sect and his wings were full. He wasnt afraid of anything anymore and needed to make a strong statement instead of continuing to hide away.

“Your primary body would be able to break this domain, but since youre just a replica, youre better off dead. Otherwise, that Di Yin will think Im an easy target.” Lu Yun slowly walked up and smashed the stick in his hand onto the sovereigns head.

The replica crumbled to dust and the blazing sun vanished. Jian Juexian and Brighthearts shadows returned to their feet; everything returned to normal.

Di Yan looked at Lu Yun with a complicated expression.

“Lead the way. You were the one who brought me to Dragonmountain Clime last time, so it shall be you again this time,” Lu Yun said expressionlessly to the man.

Di Yin had done nothing to him, but they were meeting as enemies this time.

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