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Chapter 1615: Hidden Ace

Di Yin didnt possess major ambition—all of his attention was focused on revitalizing the Di Clan and bringing back this once glorious faction, the one whod ruled the original Hongmeng, to the Boundless Planes.

But his goal obstructed too many people and at the same time, too many blocked his path, including Lu Yun.

Lu Yun had guessed this might be the outcome before they entered the Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor, but he hadnt been able to do anything different then. And now, he couldnt express any weakness whatsoever.

Hed also guessed that Di Yin would first set his sights on his previous benefactor once he came into his own. Lu Yuns easy control of the Imperial Seal had undoubtedly ignited Di Yins desire to kill him. However, his karmic relationship still existed with Lu Yun at that time. To kill him would be the height of ingratitude—even the nebulous emperor of the original Hongmeng wouldnt forgive him if hed done so.


Di Yan didnt reject Lu Yuns demand. He gestured invitingly and led the trio into the vast Eastern Cluster.

Though the cluster was enveloped by the tombs orders, it hadnt fully transformed into the Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor yet. It was still a plane cluster, but it wasnt far from becoming a real tomb.

“Where is your primary body” Lu Yun suddenly asked as they traveled.

“Buried in the tomb to raise my strength,” Di Yan answered frankly. He was still grateful to Lu Yun as, if it hadnt been for the latter, the Dragonmountain family would've perished a long time ago. “Honorable world sovereign, my clans strength is far greater than what it was before and my father views you with enmity…”

“Thats enough, you dont need to speak on.” Lu Yun waved him off. “When your father let us go last time, that was the last of our karmic relationship. Whether we meet as friends or enemies this time is up to him.”

Di Yan fell silent.

The Broken Primeval Plane was now a bonafide tomb. The Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor stood at its center and was the source of burial laws floating through the land. They slowly assimilated the Eastern Cluster and transformed its denizens into inhabitants of the tomb.

Although Lu Yun was headed to far off Ice instead of the Broken Primeval Plane, his heart hardened the further in they traveled. Killing intent wafted from him and the other two glowered as well. They hadnt thought that Di Yin would dare turn an entire plane cluster into a tomb!

Di Yan could sense their killing intent, but there was nothing for it. His father had suffered endless humiliation for countless eons, even to the point of almost sacrificing his life just so the family could live on. Revitalizing the once royal clan of the realm had been his dearest wish.

Now that hed obtained the ancestors power, his bottled up feelings were released in full. However, his mindset had been warped to the point of viewing everything in the fourth realm as his enemy.

Thus, he would turn everyone in the Eastern Cluster who was not of the Di Clan into dead spirits.

The Fog, Corpse, and Shadow Sovereigns had yet to fully resurrect. They couldnt leave the tomb, which was why Di Yin thought of irradiating the entire cluster with the tombs rules so that it would become his territory.

He didnt care about the orders of the fourth realm or the Central Hongmeng. He had eyes only for his clan. If he could sacrifice even his own life for the Di Clan, what were other lives worth to him

“Where is the overlord of Ice”

When they reached Ice, the overlord was nowhere to be seen. Everything thatd once inhabited Ice and its neighbor Fire was gone. Only a lonely Hongmeng hung by itself in the plane of Fire.

Di Yan remained silent.


Lu Yun reached out and popped Di Yans replica with a squeeze. This was an indication of his sentiments and an official declaration of hostilities with all of the Di Clan in the Hongmeng.

“Should we go to the Broken Primeval Plane” asked Jian Juexian as he scanned the cluster blanketed by the tombs rules.

“Yes,” Lu Yun nodded. “If Di Yin doesnt give me an explanation, Ill raze the Di Clan out of existence!”

He still had a hidden ace up his sleeve that hed wanted to save for the Luminaries. Who wouldve thought that Di Yin would get up to trouble before Lu Yun ran into them

“Theres no need for you to travel further. Let us settle all grudges and hatred here.”

An endless horde of corpses suddenly appeared in the void. They were the original inhabitants of the Eastern Cluster thatd been affected by the tombs rules—they were all zombies now. There were World Manifests and Void World Kings among them, and even two Nihil World Sovereign from other clusters.

They were all under the Corpse Sovereigns control.

The Corpse Sovereign cultivated the great dao of zombies. Hed even changed his life form into a zombie and forever remained a zombie. Though he was now dead, it didnt matter to him. What was the difference between a living and dead corpse

The plane of Ice was immediately filled with endless zombies. They were corpses that the sovereign had refined with his great dao, making them more terrifying than regular zombies. All of them screamed at the same time, making it impossible for Lu Yun and Jian Juexian to determine who was the real Corpse Sovereign.

“Di Yin, it looks like theres nothing to talk about between you and I.” Lu Yun remained calm and coolly addressed the vast tide of zombies.

“There could have been, but you became my clans enemy the second you touched the Imperial Seal—my ancestors only inheritance,” Di Yins voice traveled from another direction. He didnt seem inclined to show himself. He knew that Lu Yun intended to kill him, and that hed be the first target if he dared materialize.

“Kill him and dont bother leaving his corpse behind. Destroy everything about him,” his voice came again.

“Roar!!” the zombies howled in unison and shuffled out of their random positions into a strange formation. The great dao of zombies surged forward as they charged the trio like the floodwaters.

Though the three were Nihil World Sovereigns, they still felt pressure from the bizarre formation. As the weakest among them, Brighthearts skin fractured from the pressure.


Lu Yun reached out and smashed a mammoth item into the void next to him. It clanged into the air with a muffled thud as a cloud of eerie black fog wafted from it.

It was an enormous coffin that was gray all over and roughly forty-five thousand kilometers tall, the first poisonous tumor that hed removed from the tomb. Hed kept it in his inner world and fixed the ugly fracture on it, bringing it out for the corpse formation. This was the hidden ace that hed wanted to save for the Luminaries!-

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