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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 164: Another Tomb Again

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Empress Myrtlestar suppressed the poison rampaging through Qing Hans body and alleviated his suffering while Lu Yun stood watch at her side, digesting what hed learned from the battles over the past month. It wasnt that he didnt trust her; he simply cared too much about Qing Han, but didnt even understand why that was so.

“It is done.” After an indiscernible period of time, a slightly fainter image of Empress Myrtlestar straightened her back as color gradually returned to Qing Hans cheeks.

“The Fusang Purewood is a rare natural spirit root,” the empress wearily explained. “I have planted it in the Scroll of Shepherding Immortals to slowly replenish Qing Hans life force. You must find the other two treasures as soon as possible, so that I can fully cleanse him of the poison.”

“My deepest thanks, Your Majesty!” Lu Yun clasped his hands and bowed deeply.

“No need for that.” Empress Myrtlestar waved a dismissive hand. “If I cannot return to life, Qing Han will inherit my legacy. I have long since viewed him as my disciple.”

“I thought youd pick a female disciple,” Lu Yun scratched his head.

Empress Myrtlestar smiled. Since Qing Han hadnt told Lu Yun the truth, she wasnt going to exceed the limits of propriety and inform him herself.

“Remember to acquire the Philosophers Jewel for me,” she reminded gravely. “Its my last chance to rebuild a physical body and come back to life.”

“What about your corpse” Lu Yun recalled the dread zombie within Violetgrave.

“Destroy it, if you can, or itll wreak havoc in the world sooner or later.” She returned to a violet shadow and entered the Scroll of Shepherding Immortals with the now-Fusang sapling.

Although Qing Hans poison had been suppressed, he remained soundly asleep. Qing Buyi and Chen Xiao sighed in relief when they saw the disguised girls condition settling down.


Two days flew by.

On this day, Lu Yun honored his promise and unearthed the heritage of Lord Sugato with the Dusk Seal. An ocean of people thronged in all of the available space, both inside and outside of Dusk Province.

The governor had proclaimed that the heritage was fair game, and all were welcome to the province to vie for it. The blanket announcement even included those whod previously been prohibited from entering, such as the Lu Clan from Nephrite Major and House Dongling from Aureate Major.

With their patriarch slain on Dusk soil, House Dongling wasnt going to invite humiliation by entering the province. On the other hand, the Lu Clan considered Lu Yun having openly used Skybearer to battle the Qing dao immortal as a chance for reconciliation. 

Thus, they set aside their hard feelings and sent a delegation as well. Lu Yun was one of the youth sovereigns appointed by the celestial emperor, so if he was willing to forgive them and return to the embrace of the clan, it would greatly benefit the entire clan.


Fifteen kilometers outside the southern gate of Dusk City.

The ancient lords heritage site having finally been revealed, it was shortly to be unearthed from the site of the reselection tournament. The Nephrite celestial emperor had purposefully chosen this spot to lay down the Coretrial Arena.

Lu Yun hovered in the air, having donned black officials robes but looking a bit worn-down. Hed been keeping an eye on Qing Han over the past two days, even neglecting to bother with the captured treasure thatd taken form as an old man.

If he hadnt promised to unearth the ancient lords heritage today, he wouldve already dived into the North Sea with Aoxue and the others to raid the ancient dragon tombs.

The crowd looked at Lu Yun with a hint of awe. Even Wu Tulong, Dongfang Hao, Zi Chen, and Mo Qitian had nothing but respect for him. Three days ago, their exhaustion from month-long battles and Dongfang Haos words had discouraged them from challenging Lu Yun. Lacking an actual assessment through fighting, theyd remained reluctant to approve of Lu Yun. Now, however, they wholeheartedly believed that the governor deserved to be the top youth sovereign. 

Hed fought a dao immortal, and hed fought well!

Although hed been defeated and almost died at Qing Quans hand, even needing rescue in the end, he'd still taken the Arcane Golden Bell from the dao immortal. Thatd caused quite a stir in the world of immortals, propelling him to worldwide fame in merely three days. His name was on everyones lips; even the other four youth sovereigns paled in comparison. And he was still a nascent spirit cultivator!

Once he ascended to the transformed spirit realm and reached peak strength for cultivators, not even the dao immortal would be his match in the province. He was the unequivocal champion of Dusk. Many cultivators viewed him with admiration, considering him their role model and lifetime goal.



The Dusk Seal burst into golden light before Lu Yun, drawing upon the power of the entire province and demanding its convergence. The very earth trembled.


The land beneath Lu Yuns feet cracked and yawned open, sending an enormous fracture splintering in all directions. Something big seemed to be emerging from the earth.

“Oh” Frowning, Lu Yun stopped his hand gestures. “Whats this”

With a wave of his hand, the seal returned to him and the power of the land around them quieted down.

“Whats going on Why did you stop” The onlookers were befuddled by the sudden change in behavior.

“Theres something else down there!” Lu Yun inhaled deeply with confusion.

“Something else What thing” A handful of heavyweights—officials from the Nephrite Court—flew out to inspect the fissure, but came back empty-handed. No one wanted to be left out of unearthing the ancient heritage, so not only had Nephrite Major sent representatives, but so had all of the top factions of the other majors as well.

“Its an ancient tomb!” Lu Yun identified breathlessly. “Theres a tomb beneath us!” He looked up at the figureheads around him. “Isnt it said that no one buried the ancient lord after his death Why would there be a tomb here”

“What!” His words got a reaction out of everyone.

An ancient tomb

According to records acquired by the Nephrite Major, the ancient lord had indeed passed on from the world in the Dusk Province. Both his body and his treasured heritage had been covered by dirt. There was no mention of a proper burial, yet here the tomb was.

“You arent pulling our leg, are you, Governor Our cultivation may be sealed to the august immortal realm, but were still peerless immortals at our core. None of us sense a tomb.” The representative of the Mo Clan from Lazuli Major frowned. There was a trace of doubt in his voice, but he wasnt going to disrespect Lu Yun, at least not in this province.

“Give me some room.”

The immortals near him backed away as Lu Yun waved a hand to activate the provincial seal again, drawing upon the power of heaven and earth.


Cracks on the ground continued expanding in all directions, opening up a giant hole spanning three hundred meters in radius. Eerie, ancient, thick with the energy of decay.

“It really is the presence of an ancient tomb!” exclaimed one of the officials from the Nephrite court. “How is this possible According to the records, the ancient lord wasnt buried after his death at the beginning of the great war! Why is there a tomb here”

“Whats going on!” Disbelief colored the officials faces. They didnt know if the records were wrong, or if someone—or something—had set up a tomb for the ancient lord afterward. Immortals from the other majors looked on uncertainly. They didnt know what the real truth was here. 

“Where did the ancient tombs of the world even come from” The question suddenly occurred to Lu Yun. “Almost no immortals survived the great war a hundred thousand years ago, and even the path of immortal dao was severed as a result. Who buried those who fell in the war”

Befuddled looks rippled through the crowd. No one had any answers, as the ancient tombs had always been a mystery.-

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