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Chapter 1616: Advancing With a Coffin On His Back

This coffin had once been a poisonous tumor in the Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor—the biggest tumor, rather. Instead of placing it there to lure others into his schemes, however, Yun Zhongzi had set it up to counter the tomb.

The Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor was meant to manifest that of the emperor of the original Hongmeng and entice the Imperial Seal to reveal itself in the Broken Primeval Plane. Yun Zhongzi himself knew that once the tomb began to shift into the one for the original emperor, everything within would break free of his control.

He didnt know if that would be good or bad. Thus, hed left the coffin at the most important site of the tomb—its entrance—for the purpose of keeping the tomb in check.

If the coffin had remained in place, it wouldve been a thorn in Di Yins side despite his control over the tomb. It wouldve nailed the tombs orders and laws in place so they couldnt spread to the outside world.

However, Yun Zhongzi never fathomed that Lu Yun would subdue and remove the coffin. It was due to this coffin that the young man had fallen into Yun Zhongzis trap, and he now brought it out once more.


The coffin that Lu Yun had repaired echoed with dull roars of thunder. The zombies that were rushing the trio shuddered and halted in unison. Fear shone out of their ghastly white eyes—not the fear of the zombies, but fear from the great dao of the Corpse Sovereign.

“You brought out that thing!” Jian Juexian shrieked with horror despite the boundless sword light surrounding him. That coffin was evil beyond compare!

It shattered the corpse dao around them as soon as it arrived; Brighthearts cracking skin slowly healed as well.

A coffin forty-five thousand kilometers tall didnt mean much in the vast fourth realm. But for some reason, it towered like an enormous mountain at the moment.

“Whos buried in the coffin” The Corpse Sovereigns voice echoed from all directions—he didnt recognize it. Lu Yun had already taken the coffin away when he regained consciousness. In spite of that, he could clearly sense the terrifying aura coming from it.




Explosions rang out from the coffin, each boom knocking the dao of corpses and burial in the surroundings back a little bit more.


Gray fog surged forth as the coffins lid lifted.


An enormous mushroom cloud rushed into the upper reaches of Ice.

“What a pity… I wont be able to use this coffin against the Luminaries anymore after Ive brought it out,” Lu Yun sighed with reluctance.

That the Eastern Cluster had transformed into a giant tomb was good news for the Luminaries. The development completely destroyed the clusters roots, making it nigh impossible for the Central Hongmeng to rise again.

But the ambitious Luminaries would still keep this place under watch, despite controlling the known expanses and even the heart of the known expanses. Everything that happened here was under their purview.

They would be on their guard after Lu Yun brought out the coffin and develop ways to counter it.

But the Eastern Cluster was his homeland! If it really turned into a giant tomb, the Central Hongmeng would be completely done for. All talk of formula dao and immortal dao would become naught but an empty breeze.

He would never let Di Yin do as he would.

The coffin was open and a gray hand probed out from it.


A scent of corruption, decay, and decline wafted out with the hand. It was the despair of a world on the eve of its destruction, the last moments of light during a sunset, and an intoxicating yet rotten beauty.

A bizarre world slowly manifested on top of the hand.

A door to order. A rotten order, a broken order, an order on the brink of destruction.

At the same time, it was a true world of order—infinitely stronger than the shortcut that the overlord of Ice had taught Lu Yun.

No, it would be more accurate to say that the two couldnt be compared at all.


The door shook before the Corpse Sovereign could say anything. An overwhelming presence of deterioration filled the entire plane.

The teeming masses of zombies crumbled as soon as it washed over them, disintegrating into dust. They were already dead and had become zombies upon their death, a weapon of the Corpse Sovereign.

For them, such destruction was a release.

“So there was a world of order buried in that coffin. A world of order on the edge of ending.” Jian Juexian gazed appreciatively at the mighty Lu Yun whod defused the Corpse Sovereigns zombie tide as soon as it appeared.

“Come with me.” Lu Yun expanded to fifty-thousand kilometers tall and grabbed the coffin next to him, putting it on his back. He strode forward and headed toward the Broken Primeval Plane.

That was the heart of the Eastern Cluster now.

The Corpse Sovereigns primary body was on the scene, but he didnt dare meet Lu Yun in combat. Though hed once been a sequence expert, that was in the past. For now, he was just a Nihil World Sovereign, an ant when facing order.

He continuously retreated until he reconvened with the Shadow and Fog Sovereigns. The Fog Sovereign was the strongest of them, but he was also regarding the coffin with a grim look.

“Its Yun Zhongzis order,” he gnashed his teeth. “Our previous world of order dissolved when we practiced the orders of the new epoch. Somehow, Yun Zhongzi managed to bury his in the coffin!”

A golden stick appeared in his hand, swirling a golden wind that carried gray fog toward Lu Yun.

The Aureate Wind soul weapon was the Fog Sovereigns weapon of choice. Not only did his wind refrain from dispersing the fog, but the latter became even more tangible and ensconced thirty-seven planes, blocking Lu Yuns way forward.

The Fog Sovereign slowly dissipated, reappearing inside the fog.

“Fog Sovereign, I am no match for you at my current level of strength, so I wont throw myself against you.” With his senses obscured, Lu Yun couldnt see, touch, or even hear the words hed spoken. He wouldve loved to bring Lunar Pivot out and measure himself against the sovereign if itd been any other time.

But he was hardly in the mood for that now; he didnt have time to spare.

The longer this dragged on, the more deeply embedded the way of burial would be in the Eastern Cluster and the more corrupted the Central Hongmeng would be. It would also be increasingly difficult to determine the overlords condition.

Another arm probed out from the coffin on his back and swiped at the void.


The golden wind billowed backward and the gray fog retreated. The Fog Sovereign spat out a mouthful of blood and flew backward for an indeterminable distance.

Lu Yun finally reached the Broken Primeval Plane. The tombstone thatd belonged to the Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor was erected in front of it, and the plane had wholly transformed into a tomb.-

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