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Chapter 1617: The Corpse King Appears

The last traces that the Hallowed Emperor had left behind were gone. The Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor was no more, it was replaced by the Tomb of the Original Emperor.

“Hand over the overlord of Ice and get the hell out of the Eastern Cluster with your tomb,” Lu Yun said calmly as he looked at the tombstone.

Di Yin sat cross-legged on top of it, looking the same as when Lu Yun had first met him. The only difference was the enormous seal floating over his head—the Imperial Seal of the emperor of the original Hongmeng.

“And if I dont” Di Yin stood up with a vaguely concerned look. The three sovereigns took protective positions next to him; their master was still a Void World King as he hadnt forcefully enhanced his strength.

“No” Lu Yun frowned slightly. “You, or rather, your Di Clan arent native to the Eastern Cluster. This Tomb of the Original Emperor is a mobile construct. There are countless places suitable for you in the vast fourth realm, why stay here

“Is it only because the Imperial Seal was lost here …or are you afraid of meeting the emperor, who happens to still be alive”

“It is whatever you say. But regardless, I will not rest easy as long as you are alive.” Di Yin shook his head. “We battle today, resulting in either your death or mine.”

“Of course it will not be yours. I finally have you, Immortal King. This is your doomsday!” A very out-of-place voice suddenly rang in the air as a man dressed in black walked out of the void. His hair was black, but his skin was so pale that he was almost translucent.

“Youve allied with the Curse King.” Lu Yun gazed expressionlessly at Di Yin. “The Curse King has something to do with the demise of the original emperor.”

“But you just said so yourself, the emperor of the original Hongmeng is not dead,” the Curse King chuckled softly. “Since he is not dead, then there are no grudges between me and the Di Clan.”

The Curse King was a figure from mysterious origins that Yun Zhongzi had personally labeled as the enemy. He and his mysterious power were intricately tied to the fall of the original emperor and original Hongmeng.

Lu Yun said no more. Di Yin wasnt someone who could be hoodwinked into an alliance with the Curse King. He was sure to know the full story of everything thatd occurred.

“Forget it, I cant convince you otherwise since youve already decided.” Lu Yun put down the coffin on his back to allow a gray corpse to walk out. It was Yun Zhongzis body from his past life, the sequence expert thatd opened the doors to sequence during the original Hongmeng.

The past self punched the Curse King with no hesitation whatsoever when it emerged. In Lu Yuns eyes, the Curse King was a far bigger threat than Di Yin. He was an enemy of the original Hongmeng!

“Hahahaha!!” The Curse King threw his head back with a long peal of laughter before he jumped into the air, manifesting a strange combat art in the void. Hed plainly reached the peak of his great dao and he was also a sequence expert. Sequence wreathed his every move and gesture.

He managed to shake Yun Zhongzis past self—after all, it was dead while the Curse King was alive!

“Its our turn next,” sneered the Fog Sovereign. He stepped forward with a wave of Aureate Wind and released gusts of golden gales, aiming them at Lu Yun, Jian Juexian, and Brightheart.

“Hang onto the coffin.” Lu Yun threw the coffin to Brightheart so shed have the ability to protect herself. He then called upon the method of nothing and charged the Cloud Sovereign with Argent Snow raised high.

The Corpse and Shadow Sovereigns also came for Lu Yun, but Jian Juexian and a coffin-wielding Brightheart stepped into their way. However, it was plain to see that without support from Yun Zhongzis past self, the three were no match for the three sovereigns serving Di Yin.

“Catch!” Lu Yun suddenly summoned Quiet into his hand and tossed it to Jian Juexian.

“Quiet…” Jian Juexian trembled violently when he caught the sword and high emotion flushed his cheeks. The translucent Quiet abruptly turned into a brilliant crimson and melded with Jian Juexians sword dao.

Lu Yuns jaw dropped.

“Jian Juexian practices the path of immortal end whereas Quiet… is a connate divine sword. Can it be that Jian Juexians the reincarnated form of Quiet!” Lu Yun was rather taken aback at what had just happened, but there was no time to consider it further. He faced the Fog Sovereign, the strongest of the three.

Lu Yun refocused his mind to fully deploying the Domain of Glorious Snowdrift. A most wonderful snowy landscape crashed with the sovereigns golden gales.

Buttressed by the sword, Jian Juexians strength grew prodigiously and he slashed his shadow into two. He gripped Quiet with one hand and rushed at the Shadow Sovereign. Shrieking piercingly, the sovereign manifested the same dagger that his shadows wielded—but one that was infinite times stronger.

They finally met in battle.

Brightheart managed to temporarily hold the Corpse Sovereigns zombie dao at bay and delay his formation with the coffin, but she was so much weaker than him that defeat was only a matter of time. And while Jian Juexian blazed mightily since hed obtained Quiet, he wouldnt be able to maintain the condition for long.

“It looks like you are indeed the one to die this time.” Di Yin plucked the seal hovering over his head and caressed it gently. “My heart will not be at peace for as long as you are alive.”

Lu Yuns Domain of Glorious Snowdrift lay in tatters around him. His chest was dyed with blood and he looked expressionlessly at the Fog Sovereign in front of him.

“I lost,” Lu Yun coughed gently. “What a pity…”

“It is indeed a pity, so you can die with your regrets. But dont worry, this place is about to become a real tomb and has the dao of burial enveloping it. Your soul will become a vicious ghost in the tomb after death and your body belong to the Corpse Sovereign.” Though the Fog Sovereign was talking, his hands never stopped moving. He brought a palm down on Lu Yuns head, a blow that would leave no room for survival if it connected.

“It is a pity that I finally meet a true elite of the fourth realm and cant truly battle you.”


His body shattered into a cloud of dust—a golden warrior.

“A replica” the sovereign scoffed. “So what At my level, I can kill the primary body through the replica. Die!!”

He flung out another palm strike, one that rippled with golden waves—the power of Aureate Wind.


A black flame suddenly rose in the air and traveled up the waves, recoiling onto the sovereign instead.

“Hadal hellfire!” he gasped with dismay.-

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