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Chapter 1618: Corny and Cliche

“I am afraid of many things in the vast fourth realm, but the last thing Im afraid of is ghosts…” Lu Yuns primary body slowly shimmered into existence. Hadal hellfire blazed around him and blasted the golden wind back before it had a chance to approach him.

The Fog Sovereign was a dead entity, so he could only struggle for survival in a place that was enveloped by the dao of burial, such as the current Eastern Cluster. All of his strength came from being a yin ghost, including his soul force that powered the Aureate Wind. Everything he commanded was the power of death.

Death was countered by hellfire.

An explosion of hadal hellfire swept away the three sovereigns power. It consumed everything and set even the sovereigns ablaze. Coolly confident just a second ago, Di Yin surged to his feet.

“Stop!” he roared with shock. No one had fathomed that Lu Yun would possess hellfire—even Jian Juexian was dazed by the sudden development.

“Hellfire” the Curse King frowned. “So thats what you have. …die!”

He summoned a strange power from his body that immediately forced the fiercely burning hellfire to curl backward. The three sovereigns that were almost burnt to a crisp hastily ran for their lives, fleeing into the Tomb of the Original Emperor.

Hellfire recoiled onto Lu Yun and sent him flying. A mouthful of fresh blood welled up and ugly cracks fractured his body. Invincible throughout all of Lu Yuns travels, hellfire had been extinguished by the Curse Kings blow.

Such was the strength of a sequence expert. No matter what treasure Lu Yun possessed, it was as fragile as paper in front of such an expert—meaningless and useless.

Jian Juexian and Brightheart couldnt move when suppressed with such terrifying aura.

“I have nothing to fear anymore now that I know your trump card,” the Curse King sneered and punted Yun Zhongzis past self away. He emitted a shrill shriek and manifested glyphs in the void, forming an enormous curse.

“We smashed even the five original hells that supported the original Hongmeng, so what do I care about another five hells Fire from just the Hadal Hell What does that matter!”

The terrifying curse morphed into a living creature, one with a yawning maw that descended upon Lu Yun to tear at his flesh.

Yun Zhongzis past self roared with fury and pounced on the curse creature with hands outstretched.

“Hahaha!! Yun Zhongzi!” the Curse King roared with laughter. “You were no match for me when you were alive, and your body will become fertilizer for my curse dao in death!!”

If it wasnt for the Curse King eying Yun Zhongzis body, he wouldve torn it to pieces a long time ago. The corpse of any sequence expert was remarkably precious. One that was dead but maintained its connection to its door of order was even more valuable fertilizer to the Curse King. Devouring Yun Zhongzis past self and the order that hed accessed would take the Curse Kings great dao one step further.

“Yun Zhongzi was indeed no match for you when he was alive, but neither are you here in the flesh,” an ethereal voice suddenly sounded.

A silver moon appeared in the sky and scattered silver radiance over the Broken Primeval Plane. Dressed in silver silk, a young girl sashayed down from the void. Lithe and graceful, she raised faint ripples in the silver moonlight with every step she took. They eroded the curse creature until it faded away into the air.

With its disappearance, Lu Yuns trio could move again and Brightheart quickly opened the coffin, retrieving Yun Zhongzis past self.

“How dare you ruin my affairs, Moon Sovereign King!” the Curse King snarled savagely at the young girl.

“The Moon Sovereign King, one of the three sovereign kings of the Luminaries!” Lu Yun suddenly felt like hed escaped from the lions den only to run across a pack of wolves. In his current state, there was no difference between landing in the Curse Kings grasp or the Luminaries. The outcome would be death either way.

“Of course I wouldnt dare, if your primary body was here,” the Moon Sovereign King smiled. “But since only your replica is here, then of course I dare.”

She reached out a hand and manifested a short silver stick in it—the Lunar Pivot soul weapon.

Though Lunar Pivot was also silver and looked the same as Argent Snow, the latters glyphs were snowflake shaped whereas Lunar Pivots were bright moons.

The radiant wheel in the void was deployed from her Lunar Pivot, and now the Domain of Lunar Pivot was complete.

A bright moon, small bridge, and flowing water provided the backdrop to a talented man meeting a beautiful woman beneath the moonlit sky. Such a charming scene was illustrated by more than just moonlight—it was a bonafide picture scroll.

Inspiration flashed across Lu Yuns mind when he saw it. Though it was only a second, he managed to grasp the true meaning of the three domains of Argent Snow.

The Curse Kings replica howled and raged under the winsome scenery until he finally crumbled with a final, reluctant scream. He didnt have a chance to counterattack when faced with Lunar Pivots strongest move because only his replica was here. The Moon Sovereign King, on the other hand, was here herself.

“Longshan Yin, youve got some nerve to turn the entire Eastern Cluster into a land of zombies just for your Longshan family! This is unforgivable!” The sovereign king smashed her palm down on the tomb after she retracted her soul weapon.

“Damn it, why is this woman here in the flesh” Di Yin paid no heed to anything else and waved the Imperial Seal, fully releasing its strength to defend against the harrowing blow.


Behind him, the Tomb of the Original Emperor shook; it seemed like a giant was awakening. The tomb released a terrifying aura to soften the Moon Sovereign Kings blow.

“Theyre just a side branch and not your true bloodline. Is there a need to defend them like this” She shook her head and vigorously waved Lunar Pivot, summoning the bright moon again.


The indistinct gigantic figure was blown apart, but an unknown strength surged from some part of the fourth realm and pulled the entire tomb away into an undefined corner.

The dao of burial thatd enveloped the Eastern Clusters vanished.

“So the original emperor has gone to the unknown expanses,” the sovereign king murmured as she looked in the direction where the tomb had disappeared to.

“Are you here to capture me” Lu Yun plucked up his nerve to address the close by Moon Sovereign King. This was his primary body, not a replica. He was truly in dire straits and had no effort to spare for even the vanished tomb or overlord of Ice.

“If I captured you, wouldnt master beat me until I cant sit down” the sovereign king winked mischievously. “Martial granddaughter Yueyi greets the little martial forefather.”

Lu Yun: ……-

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