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The bloodcorpse instantly shrank to regular human size, severing the arm itd extended aboveground. It slowly rose into the air, transforming into a smear of crimson light with blood-red eyes that stared fixedly at Lu Yun.

Sugato Sword dragging in his hand, swirls of brilliant sword energy rotated around the governor as he leveled a grave gaze on the bloodcorpse.

“Dead! Youre dead!” the dread zombie within Violetgrave crowed excitedly. “The bloodcorpse is invincible once it completes its transformation. It will rival a peak aether dao immortal that even regular ones wont be able to match.

“Doomed, youre doomed! No one will be able to save you! Once youre dead, Violetgrave will be unclaimed and it will bury me no more!”

Previously, itd attempted to seduce Lu Yun into releasing it due to worries that the human would depart on the Path of Ingress. Now that the bloodcorpse had matured, there was no chance for the human to get away.

Lu Yun ignored its words and continued to stare at the bloodcorpse that was surrounded by Yueshens nine bodies.


Without making a move against Lu Yun, the dao immortal bloodcorpse growled and vanished in a flash of crimson shadow.

“What Whats going on Why didnt it eat you!” The dread zombie panicked. Itd been waiting for the bloodcorpse to devour Lu Yun and thereby release it from Violetgrave to the wonderful world outside. 

However, the bloodcorpse that was supposed to crave blood above all else and rampage through living beings in a frenzied slaughter… well, itd left after a single growl. How could the dread zombie not lose its calm

“I have an agreement with the restriction,” Lu Yun sighed in relief. “As long as I govern Dusk, there will be no evil spirits stirring up trouble within the province. Bloodcorpses are also a kind of evil spirit.”

The bloodcorpse hadnt journeyed to other places in the world of immortals to wreak havoc, but instead entered the ancient tomb at the center of the province to serve the restriction.

“The same applies to you,” Lu Yun remarked faintly. “If you dare start anything in the province, youll be swiftly dealt with.”

The dread zombie quieted down. Having yet to recover its full strength, it was only a peak dao immortal at the moment, which put it at the same level as the celestial emperors.

A few days ago, a strange young man had barged into the Eastern Extinction Tomb and dragged it out of the emperor coffin, burying it in the sword called Violetgrave. The world of immortals might be weaker now than what itd been a hundred thousand years ago, but it was also a much stranger place. There was an ancient tomb above emperor realm in a destitute province!

Not celestial emperor realm, but immortal emperor!

Sovereign over all immortals and once the most powerful beings in this world, Empress Myrtlestar counted amongst their numbers. Buried within the Dusk Tomb, however, was someone even more powerful. That level of cultivation had been unthinkable even back in Myrtlestars time, a hundred thousand years ago.

While the Dusk Tomb housed a great being more powerful than immortal emperors of eld, the restriction reigning over all of Dusk Province was much weaker. Even the celestial emperor had said that he would wipe out the restriction, if it werent for the Dusk Tomb.

It was through utilizing the tomb that the restriction, appearing out of nowhere a thousand years ago, had gained real dominance over the province. However, Lu Yun had an agreement with it, so the restriction would quell any unrest before it started—foreign evil spirits being no exception either.

When Lu Yun had called upon his own sword intent just now to win over the Sugato Sword, pointers from the restriction had illuminated the way. Itd been that mysterious entity whod summoned the bloodcorpse as well.

If the bloodcorpse dared disobey, the restriction would descend upon the area and kill the offender. As for the dread zombie, it, too, was under the same threat. Although it could rival a celestial emperor, the restriction seemed to hold sway over all evil spirits, including its kind.

“Lord Sugato....” Lu Yun lowered his head and looked at the tomb underground. “Forget about him for now. I need to go to the North Sea first and get the Skydragon Pearl for Qing Han!”

The tomb of the ancient lord would undoubtedly be teeming with all sorts of dangers. Buried here was a powerful being whod ascended beyond the dao immortal realm. Lu Yun wasnt actually completely confident that hed be able to raid the tomb. Most importantly, that wasnt his priority. He had to first locate the Skydragon Pearl!


The group outside gasped with shock when Lu Yun emerged on the Path of Ingress. Calm once again reigned below ground, and the governor had exited the tomb safe and sound. Plainly, the zombie must be dead.

“Did… did you kill the monster!” Wu Tulong leapt into the air with shock.

“No.” Lu Yun shook his head. “Its left the ancient lords tomb.”

“What!” Panic percolated through the gathering.

The zombies arm had pulsed with the power of a peerless immortal; that was why the immortals hadnt dare come any closer. Although they were peerless immortals as well, their cultivations being sealed meant they would be marching to their deaths if they faced the zombie.

“Do you know what youve done, Lu Yun!” one of the immortals demanded in rage. “A killing spree is inevitable when a zombie of the peerless immortal realm is out in the wild! You have wronged our entire world!”

“The heritage of the ancient lord is important, but we would rather give it up than have a vicious monster like that on the loose!” Fingers waggled and curses hurtled, as if Lu Yun was the enemy of all humanity.

“What about the Sugato Sword” someone else asked. “Do you have it”

Ardent looks shone a spotlight on Lu Yun. This was a weapon that neither heaven could conceal nor earth bury, and it was no hyperbole to call it the greatest treasure in the world. Even connate grade treasures ended up dusty and forgotten in ancient tombs, waiting to be unearthed by immortals.

The Sugato Sword, in comparison, had shot out of the tomb once bathed in the power of the land. It was a weapon that tempted the most apathetic heart. 

“I have indeed acquired the sword.” Lu Yun nodded slightly beneath the scrutiny of so many immortals.

The keen sword energy atop the pagoda had disappeared, as had the soaring energy from underground. Even if Lu Yun didnt admit to it, people would come to the conclusion themselves. Thus, it was better to tell the truth outright.

“The bloodcorpse hasnt moved to any other place,” Lu Yun said, changing the subject. “I have an agreement with the restriction in Dusk Province. As long as Im the governor, there will be no evil spirits running rampant through the land. Being a kind of evil spirit, the zombie was whisked away by the restriction.”

Incredulous surprise prompted quick inhalations in the crowd. Lu Yun had become all the more mysterious in their eyes.

“My previous words remain valid. The inheritance pagoda will remain here outside Dusk City. The first to ascend all nine hundred and ninety-nine floors and gain Sugato Lords approval will become his inheritor.”

Contrary to earning more goodwill for that announcement, seeds of concern flourished in many hearts. The ancient lord had exceeded dao immortal realm! How gargantuan was the trial ahead of them

On the other hand, even if one failed to gain the full heritage, the attempt would grant the challenger great benefits. This was a fortuitous opportunity thatd been made available to all. More importantly, the restriction here made Dusk Province a unique case. Even dao immortals had to seal their cultivation before entering. Immortals with keen foresight could already see the formation of a sacred land for immortal dao.

“One more thing,” Wu Tulong piped up. “Dongfang Hao, Zi Chen, Mo Qitian, and I will attain immortality in three years. If anyone still remains unconvinced by our title of the Five Youth Sovereigns, they may challenge us three years from now.” He turned to Lu Yun. “What say you, senior brother Lu”

They were only missing Lu Yun for an unanimous accord.

“Alright,” agreed Lu Yun. “In three years, my four senior brothers and I will be here to accept challenges from young talents around the world!“

Cultivators broke out in raucous cheering at that announcement. The tournament thatd ended three days previously had provided untold inspiration and gains. Unfortunately, no factions in modern times dared hold such an event on their own, lest it lead to thorny conflicts and endless trouble.

After today, there would be no more such opportunities in the short term. Thankfully, the Five Youth Sovereigns had just promised them another tournament. No one would object, and the grand occasion three years from now was sure to attract even more participation.

“The youth sovereigns will ascend to immortality in three years, so that means there will be a new generation of youth sovereigns after their meeting.”

“Why dont we name the next tournament the Sovereign Meet We will meet the new youth sovereigns after a tournament to determine the best and brightest of the young!”


“Then there will be a Sovereign Meet every three years in the Dusk Province. Not only for cultivators to validate their cultivation, but also to motivate them to become the best!”

“Lets establish a ranking that includes all of the young geniuses. Anyone with a place on the list will be bestowed treasures and opportunities from the nine majors as a reward and motivator!”

“As it should be!”

“Count the monster spirits of the ten lands in!”

“And the dragons of the four seas.”

“As the Dusk governor put it, the world of immortals is only as powerful as its cultivators!” A spirited din arose from immortals engaged in lively discussions.

“This momentum cannot be deterred.... With the start of the Sovereign Meet, this impoverished province will become the sacred land of immortal dao!” 

Many exclaimed with emotion, expressions shifting unsteadily.

However, they knew that even without the tournament, Lord Sugatos inheritance pagoda alone would be enough to put Dusk Province on the map and attract the attention of all the immortals in the world.

Moreover, the restriction in the province enforced good behavior on even visiting dao immortals. No schemes or plots would find any traction here. Cultivators and low-level immortals with great potential would be free to spread their wings.-

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