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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 175: Courting Death

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If it werent for the Sal Tree of Life and Death absorbing goodwill and hence indirectly helping Lu Yun judge someones sincerity, he wouldve fallen to the ambush. It was impossible to avoid such a quick attack. What was worse, hed almost dragged Qing Han down with him as well.

The offensive from the nine august immortals was far too relentless. If Qing Han hadnt bought the governor some time, he wouldnt have the energy to spare for summoning the bloodcorpse.

Fury blazed in Lu Yuns heart. Hed spared Feng Yins life back in the Coretrial Arena, yet the man repaid mercy with enmity and sent assassins after him!

The nine immortals had become Lu Yuns Infernum after dying at his hands, so their new status forbade lying to their master. They were geniuses that the Feng Clan had raised in secret and would eventually have become a vital weapon for the clan. It hadnt been any of the senior council who ordered them to assassinate Lu Yun, but Feng Yin alone.

Feng Yin was the foremost cultivator in the Feng clan. Though he wasnt yet an immortal, his exceedingly high status within the clan had given him the authority to order around the nine august immortals. And he was now somewhere in Cloudwater!


“The Feng Clan” Lu Yun nodded to himself and beckoned with his hand.


The provincial seal flew out, ensconcing the town with splendid aureate radiance. It sealed off the transportation formation, preventing exit and allowing only entrance. Although the governor was unable to control the formation, he could use the power of the land to seal it away.

“What are you doing, Lu Yun!” the previous voice demanded wrathfully. 

“Nothing much, just taking lives.” Lu Yuns expression turned steely. “It seems that I havent established my authority well enough, or you small fries wouldnt be fighting each other to take a ** on my head.”

“I will not permit you to kill him! Do you really think that zombie of yours is enough to win every fight in this world”


Loud rumbling rang out as the entire town trembled, scattering the mystical haze of clouds and ripples of water about the area. Tremendous killing intent emanated from all of the mountain peaks around the town. The heavenly soldiers guarding Cloudwater roused immediately, looking at Lu Yun with solemn, righteous glares.

They served the Nephrite Court directly rather than falling under Lu Yuns jurisdiction. Even if it was the governor who started trouble here, they wouldnt hesitate to kill him.

“I dont think Im unrivaled in the world.” Lu Yun walked deeper into Cloudwater with sword in hand. Cultivators parted to allow him passage, casting glances of admiration or schadenfreude.

“But Dusk Province is my territory and I will not be defeated here. Ill kill you if you dare stop me.” His steps grew increasingly heavier, thudding ponderously as his feet hit the ground.


“Hes going to kill me. Hes going to kill me for real!” Within a towering manor in Cloudwater, blood drained from Feng Yins face. It felt like the governor was treading on his heart, locking on to him and even forming a strange connection with his heartbeats.

The strange resonance was his belief in certain death. The youth governor was determined to kill Feng Yin, the way hed killed Lü Guhong. Not even a king like Lü Biao had been able to stop Lu Yun!

“Dont worry. I wont let him.” A middle-aged man with a strong build and features that demanded respect lightly patted Feng Yins shoulder, driving away the footsteps stamping on the young mans heart.

Thus reassured, the young scions expression returned to normal. “Ive been reckless, uncle,” Feng Yin looked guilty at the man. “Im afraid Ive brought trouble down upon you.”

“Theres no need to apologize. Even if you hadnt done anything, I wouldve tried taking Lu Yun out as well.” Feng Yins uncle sniffed. “Lu Yun shamelessly laid claim to Dusk Province and ignores the authority of the heavenly court. He will betray Nephrite Major sooner or later. Its better to nip things in the bud.

“Being appointed a youth sovereign has made him forget himself. He truly thinks himself sovereign over all. Guards, take him down!”

“Yes, sir!” responded the countless heavenly soldiers stationed on top of the mountains. Deafening war drums sounded from afar, instantly changing the mood in the area. Soldiers took to the air and surrounded Cloudwater.

Lu Yun halted and looked up at the dense rim of soldiers, a mocking smile tugging at his lips.

“Oh I have an army to summon as well.” He manifested a golden token, piercing the sky with a tremendous beam of light. “Report for duty, Dusk Phalanx!”


An absolutely enormous golden portal opened up in the air, almost blotting out the entire horizon. Yuchi Hanxing marched out of the portal with a million Dusk soldiers—the hundred thousand and some casualties suffered in the Skandha Range skirmish had already been replaced. The mighty army loomed over the entire town, casting shadows on the land below.

“Stay your hands, you two!” cried another voice. “What are you doing Starting a civil war”

A man in flaming-red armor hurried onto the scene. “Dao brother Wujiang, Your Excellency the Governor, you both are officials of the Nephrite Court. Lets sit down for a conversation. Theres no need to resort to violence!”

The man seemed to have just rushed back from another locale and had received a nasty shock upon seeing the two armies face off above Cloudwater. If a real fight broke out, hed be doomed.

He, Feng Wujiang, and the other warden each commanded a troop of soldiers. They were each others checks and balances, and each controlled a third of the transportation formation. He and the other warden had been away for business, and being met with such a scene upon his early return was certainly the last thing hed expected.

“This is none of your business, Yue Cheng. Stay out of it.” Feng Wujiang appeared before Lu Yun, glaring murderously at the governor.

“There are three wardens in Cloudwater: Feng Wujiang, Yue Cheng, and Zhu Yu,” Qing Han said quietly. “Feng Wujiang is the chief warden, and the other two are his deputies. All three of them are peerless immortals. You must be careful.”

It had been wariness of the other two wardens thatd prevented Feng Yin from sending even more powerful immortals, but Feng Wujiang had anticipated his nephews plan and sent the two wardens away for clear, unobstructed maneuvering.

“What is the punishment for attempted assassination of the governor, General Yue Cheng” Lu Yun called out.

“Death,” Yue Cheng blinked, his expression darkening as he realized whatd happened.

“Hahaha!” Feng Wujiang burst into hearty laughter. “You are the one who should die for your sins, Governor! The Dusk Phalanx should be defending Nephrites northern territory against the North Sea monster spirits, yet you summoned them all. If the seaside stronghold is lost, you wont be able to pay for your crimes even if you die ten thousand times over!”

“That is none of your concern,” Yuchi Hanxing coolly interjected before Lu Yun could. “Lady Diexi is defending the stronghold. There will be no invasion. Hand over the perpetrators who attempted to assassinate His Excellency, or the Dusk Phalanx will erase Cloudwater from the map!”-

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