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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 197: Challenges

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Great Cloudwater Lake was hardly recognizable, now that the mist had dispersed and the glitter of the water was gone. It was forever transformed.

Sword intent raged within and sharp sword qi bubbled on the surface. It was now a forbidden dominion that employed boundless sword intent to shred anything that encroached upon its territory. Not only that, but countless sword zombies emerged, swimming back and forth like schools of fish.

The Sword Barrows explosion had removed the restrictions on these creatures, thereby freeing them. Being named zombies, they possessed foggy, mostly vacant minds, but also instincts of their own. While the lake might now be a land of death for living creatures and other kinds of zombies, it was positively heaven on earth for the sword zombies.

“Its not impossible for those sword zombies to be resurrected!” Lu Yun breathed deeply while scanning the vast lake. “This area is now off limits for ordinary people, but for some prodigies in the way of the sword like Mo Chenfeng or Dongfang Hao, its a sacred land of cultivation! Sadly, its not very useful for me,” he sighed softly.

No clear winner had emerged from the clash of the two swords, as neither could overpower the other. In the end, negation of the two magnificent sword intents was the only result. The defeated wills had merged with the lake and crafted an atmosphere that could help awaken a cultivators sword intent. It was perfect for those who hadnt yet grasped theirs, or could temper it further if they had. Alas, it wasnt of much help to Lu Yun. He could temper his own sword intent anytime he wished, thanks to the Sugato Sword.

“From now on, this lake shall be named... the Sword Lake. It will be Dusk Provinces second sacred land of cultivation!” he slowly proclaimed after a deep breath.

Beside him, Yuchi Hanxing shook violently. She finally realized how important her position had become. The Sword Lake!

Dusk Provinces second sacred land of cultivation, a locale a hundred times more significant than the transportation formation! A formation could be reestablished somewhere else, but the Sword Lake was one of a kind.

As for Yuchi Hanxings real identity, Lu Yun chose to keep it a secret. The truth was too cruel,  although he wouldnt hide it from her either if she was determined to find out.

“As for whether or not Dusk Province will truly develop into a transcendental sacred land of dao, that depends on our journey to Xiankan!” Lu Yun looked in the direction of the imperial capital, his eyes brimming with resolve.

In order to establish a tomb-raiding sect in the immortal world and raise it to new heights, he had to possess his own territory. A sacred land of the immortal dao Well now, that didnt sound half bad.

Since the lake was now the Sword Lake, Cloudwater Township, flooded by sword intent as it was, was renamed toSword Pavillion. [1]

The sword intent cavorting in town wasnt as overpowering as the rays in the lake. Even so, many cultivators and immortals beamed with happiness and sat down cross-legged when they noticed the change, meditating to comprehend the sword intent in the air.

By now, Yue Cheng and Zhu Yu had fully given up. It would be sheer suicide for them to remain in their position; Lu Yun would never allow outsiders to share in the benefits. The same applied to those who coveted Dusk Province. The governor would not allow those small fries to stay.

The celestial emperor whod emerged from the lake on the previous night had quelled the Sword Lake with a few words. That terrifying sight had imprinted itself deeply in Yue Cheng and Zhu Yues minds. On that very day, the two of them handed in their letters of resignation to the Nephrite court, asking to be transferred somewhere else.

However, the imperial court was currently undergoing a changing of the guard, so the two had to at least wait for the coronation of the new celestial emperor before they could leave. Meanwhile, it went without saying that Yuchi Hanxing was the head official of Sword Pavillon.

Heavily wounded, the Black Tortoise returned to the Scroll of Shepherding Immortals to rest and recover, while the Spiriteater Demon Frog accepted Yuchi Hanxing as its new mistress.

The frog and dozen tadpoles were blessed with thick skin and durable flesh that made them impermeable to the lakes sword intent. In fact, the big fellows had been feasting on sword zombies ever since their recovery. Change, no change, it mattered little to them. In the end, the Spiriteater Demon Frog even solemnly became the lakes guardian beast.


The center of Nephrite Major, near Life Provinces border.

A giant transportation formation noisily activated with a release of dazzling, multicolored rays of light.

“There he is!” the immortals standing watch over the formation gasped.


The formation shook gently as a giant fortress ship appeared in the air. Without pause, the gorgeous, grandiose ship took to the sky and sailed toward Xiankan.

“Look, thats Lu Yun. Hes finally here!”

“The number one youth sovereign of the immortal world!”

“Governor of Dusk Province!” Numerous exclamations instantly arose in the surroundings.

“Lu Yun! Stop at once, Im challenging you here and now!!” A spirited yell rose from the ground, quickly followed by others.

“I was too busy cultivating when the battles occurred in Dusk Province. Otherwise, my name would be listed as one of the youth sovereigns!”

“Hey kid! I might be an immortal, but I still dont acknowledge your title! Stop and fight me if you have what it takes! Show us your reputation isnt only hot air!”

“Lu Yun, do you dare accept my challenge!”

“Governor of Dusk, come down here and fight!”

Lu Yun frowned faintly at the din of challenges rising from below.

“No need to pay them any attention.” Qing Hans eyes flashed with contempt at the cultivators and immortals hooting and hollering after the ship. “Nothing but gutless, opportunistic flies looking to make a name for themselves.”

Lu Yun blinked and hesitated. “If I refuse all challengers today, wont people say that I shied away from fighting in Life Province and ran away with my tail between my legs”

“Hm” Qing Han stared into space, menace flashing across his expression shortly thereafter.

That Dusk Province would become a future sacred land of immortal dao was set in stone. The newly formed Sword Lake was enough to drive all sword cultivators crazy by itself, not to mention the Sword Tower in Dusk City.

In the world of immortals, countless people now coveted the city. It was still an embryo for now, without the formidable foundations of a full-fledged sacred land. Anyone could still hope to become the master of this future pearl. Shying away from challenges would be a tremendous blow to Lu Yuns reputation.

“Stop the ship!”

“Aye aye!” Holder of the spirit key, Ge Long was currently steering the vessel in Lu Yuns stead. At the imperial envoys order, he hastily halted the ship and Qing Han immediately dropped down from the bow, sword in hand.

“Qing Han, Lu Yuns the one were challenging. What are you showing your face for” 

Qing Han possessed remarkable fame in Life Province. Very few were those whod never heard of him. The Qing Clans walking disaster, harbinger of ill luck… and at the same time, the little darling of the Twin Devils Qing Buyi and Chen Xiao. Hence, quite a few heads ached when they saw him jump down from the ship.

“Arent you all challenging Lu Yun” Sword in hand, floating in the air, Qing Han sniffed coolly, “Hes the number one youth sovereign. Is he someone that any misfit is entitled to fight”

“Hmph!” Some couldnt help but harrumph with disdain, but they were too intimidated by Qing Han to do much else.

“Spin it all you like. Dont tell me your youth sovereign or whatever is afraid of us Hes hiding behind you!” The immortal whod publicly challenged Lu Yun earlier sneered.

“Think of it how you will. To challenge him, youll need to overcome me first.” Qing Hans lips gently curved up. “As you all know, Im only a good-for-nothing who has to rely on others. If you cant even defeat someone like me, how are you worthy of fighting a youth sovereign”

1. Ask not how a town becomes a pavilion… I know not. I fear LYs naming capabilities are on the same level as JC of SOTR lol!

1. Ask not how a town becomes a pavilion… I know not. I fear LYs naming capabilities are on the same level as JC of SOTR lol!-

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