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Countless immortals were gathered outside Mauve Peace Paradise. In fact, half of the capitals residents had come to see the Lu Clan make a fool of themselves in the face of the Qing Clans deliberate provocation.

Apart from the imperial Zhao Clan, there were nine major clans residing in their respective greater paradises in Nephrite Major, among which the Lu Clan ranked last. Due to the disaster thatd hit the clan a hundred years ago, many of their elites, young geniuses and dao immortals alike, had fallen then.

Though theyd slowly recovered some strength, they were still no match for the other major clans. Even a vassal clan like the Jins might be more powerful than the Lu Clan. Yet they remained in Mauve Peace Paradise, a small world that ranked sixth among the top ten paradises.

The ten greater paradises of Xiankan were symbols of status and power. Many believed that the Lus didnt deserve theirs, given their current level of strength. Prior to today, the other major clans hadnt known what the Lu trump card was and thus stayed their hand. However, Lu Daolings earlier appearance had solved the mystery. 

Recovery was possible for the Lus only because of their venerated ancestor, but all of the major factions had their own ancestors as well. None of them were below Lu Daoling in status and power, so the man wasnt much of a secret weapon. Thus, here came a Qing august immortal to blockade the Lu entrance.

According to their original plan, the Qing Clan would be the first to blockade the entrance, followed by the Feng, Zhu, Yue, and other major clans. Humiliated beyond redemption, the Lu Clan would be forced to vacate the sixth major paradise.

However, a single blow had destroyed that plan!

Qing Shan had been smashed into meat paste before he could even flex his muscles. He hadnt even had the chance to fight a single Lu august immortal!

Where did the girl in red come from Since when was there an august immortal like her in the Lu Clan!

Qing Shan might not be the best in Xiankan, but he could at least approach their ranks. Before the bystanders could react, the girl grabbed Qing Shans remains and disappeared in a flash of red.

“Follow her. Lets see what shes going to do!” 

Vague inklings of what was to come crossed the crowds minds, prompting visible excitement to spread across faces. Itd been years since something this big had happened in the capital.


“I am the maid of the Governor of Dusk Province. On his orders, I am to block the entrance to the Qing paradise for a month. Challenge me if you do not accept this!” Halberd in hand, Aoxue threw down the crushed remains of Qing Shan and stood serenely in the air with her eyes closed. Shed amplified her voice with a mysterious technique, so her words had reached half of the capital.

Ranked fourth of the ten greater paradises, Triprime Perfection Paradise was home to the Qing Clan. Bystanders whod flocked to the Lu paradise entrance now gathered here.

That mysterious girl was blocking the doorway to the Qing paradise! More surprisingly, she hadnt been sent by the Lu ancestor, but the Dusk governor, the man of the hour in Nephrite Major and the entire world.

“Die!!” No sooner had Aoxue arrived at the paradise than a growl of rage sounded. An enormous hand shot out and clawed at her. A Qing dao immortal had made his move.


Before the hand could get any closer, a greater force emerged around Aoxue and crushed it.

“I said that this stays between the youngsters,” Lu Daolings voice rippled around Aoxue. “If any of you dare intervene by bullying your juniors, dont blame me for doing the same.”

The dragon princess hadnt even opened her eyes, and her face remained impassive.


Flabbergasted, the Lu clansmen in Mauve Peace Paradise strove to pick up their jaws. They hadnt expected Lu Yun to send one of his followers to return the favor, and for an entire month!

Only ten days remained before the new celestial emperor was due to take his throne. If Aoxue remained there, Qing members would have to leave their residence through the side doors. This was an affront that the Lu Clan had never dared contemplate, even at their strongest!

The Qing Clan was several times more powerful than the Lu Clan had been at their peak. Even after Chen Xiao and Qing Buyi had slaughtered tens of thousands of immortals more than a decade ago, the clan was still stronger than the Lu Clan.

Blockade the Qing door

If they all wanted to die ghastly deaths, maybe. 

“They say that Lu Yun is a reckless, unbridled madman who doesnt play by the rules. It looks like he really is! Doesnt he know how this will affect the clan” The Lu Clan had just recovered some of their strength. Every step they took was carefully considered and weighed up, lest they attract retribution. What Lu Yun had done unnerved many of his clansmen. Consternation crept in about a possible Qing clan retaliation.

Some, however, applauded Lu Yuns actions. The enemy had come to their very doorstep! This wasnt the time to fear revenge. If worst came to worst, they could fight and ensure mutual destruction.

As for Lu Yun, he had his own reasons.

He was truly furious—but not on behalf of the Lu Clan, to which he felt no attachment. He may be grateful to Lu Daoling for safeguarding him during cultivation, but that wasnt enough to compel him to lay down his life for the clan.

No, hed sent Aoxue to kick up a fuss at the Qing Clan because of Qing Han.

When the Qing dao immortal whisked Qing Han away, it was more than apparent that the clan didnt consider Qing Han as one of their own. They didnt even treat him like a person! Instead, the immortal had hauled him up like he was disposable!

It was then that Lu Yun understood why Qing Han acted wholly aloof when it came to his clan, even refusing to return the Arcane Golden Bell.

This was for Qing Han.


“Alright, now back to us.” Lu Yun cracked a warm smile. “Show me what you geniuses have got. All of you come at me and see if you can tear off even a corner of my clothes!”

Chills ran down the spines of those assembled. Lu Yun had just ordered a subordinate to kill a Qing august immortal and harass the clan at large. Now he was back to taunting them Was he planning on turning Xiankan upside down-

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