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The Great Formation of Heavenly Fiends was the greatest killing formation Feinie could unleash at the moment. In order for her to deploy even stronger formations from the Formation Orb, she would have to improve her cultivation level.


The crimson figure summoned by the formation surged in power and pierced into the ten thousand formations overhead. However, it only broke through the first formation before being crushed by the second.

The power of the combined formations was simply too great, far different from the ten thousand released by the Formation Orb. It created formations from light that could be retracted and shifted at will. Imbued with the strength of formations, but none of their weight, it was a method similar to the peak formation dao technique that set up formations without foundations.

On the other hand, the formations trapping Lu Yun and the others were anchored in the air with formation stones and disks, and their overlapping strength made each formation unbearably heavy. It wasnt so much a sign of the Feng Clans power, as it was the foundation that the Nephrite Court had built up.

The combined formations were weaker than the Qing Clans Arcane Goldenlight Formation and the Exalted Immortal Sects Diabolic Formation of Soul Refinement, but only slightly. If the ten thousand formations had been used in the ambush last time, Lu Yun wouldnt have been able to break them all, even with his stored pill tribulation.


“Again!” Feinies body flickered with gold as she tapped into the core power of a golden immortal. One instance of the Great Formation of Heavenly Fiends broke, then another, and another…. 

Enormous shadowy fiends were continuously summoned and leapt into the air to tear at the weighty formations. More than a thousand were broken in roughly a dozen breaths, but that was still only a drop of water in the vast ocean.

The remaining nine thousand slammed down and instantaneously flattened Feinies defensive formations. Everyone on the fortress ship felt a great weight crushing their chests.

“Open!” she screamed. Shed given up on breaking the formations and was instead channeling all of her power into the Formation Orb, unleashing five thousand defensive formations that barely shielded them from the great pressure.


The killing formations activated and surged, combining the terrifying power of nine thousand as one in that instant. Feinies five thousand could withstand a blow from a weapon of war, but they broke under the nine thousands combined power.

Blood seeped out the corner of her mouth.

“What should we do!” Mo Qitian blanched. “Theres at least a million heavenly soldiers at the ready. The Nephrite courts sparing no effort to kill you!”

Lu Yuns face shifted unsteadily. Hed known there would be traps, but this ambush had still exceeded his expectations. Ten thousand formations! The set up was enough to kill an arcane dao immortal! The court wasnt leaving him a sliver of hope and wanted to make his death a foregone conclusion, like a lion pouncing on a rabbit.

“Shit, Im just a cultivator. Is all this really necessary” Lu Yun gnashed his teeth. He hadnt heard from Yuchi Hanxing and the Black Tortoise in all this time, so the Sword Lake was obviously under siege as well. The Dusk Phalanx and divine beast must be fighting to keep themselves alive.

The power of a heavenly court was too great, and a foundation accumulated over eighty thousand years wasnt something a mere faction could rival. Even the Black Tortoise would have to bow down in submission in front of such a great entity.

Suddenly, a dragons howl and a tigers roar pierced through the sky, followed by the emergence of the two beasts.

“Protect us with formations, golden immortal girl!” said the dragon.

“Understood!” Feinie perked up and hurriedly channeled the Formation Orb to give them cover.

Here came the Dragon Prince and the Tiger Prince!

Back in the Skandha Extinction Tomb, the two had absorbed energy from Qing Hans starstone and deterred the akasha ghost with the strength of dao immortals. That fight had left them severely injured, and theyd been resting deep within the Scroll of Shepherding Immortals ever since. Now that theyd finally made a full recovery, Qing Han had summoned them to help.

Neither the Dragon Prince nor the Tiger Prince were living beings. They were feng shui layouts thatd come to life replete with their own thoughts and autonomy, but they werent truly alive. Bolstered by Qing Hans starstone, they shot out with the power of dao immortals, unaffected by Dusks restriction on golden immortals due to the nature of their existence.

Though the ten thousand formations were powerful enough to kill arcane dao immortals, Feinie pushed the Formation Orb to its limits in an effort to protect the groups two defenders.

“Take these!” exclaimed Lu Yun. The Arcane Golden Bell and Skybearer Gates streaked into the two princes hands.

Hed returned Skybearer to the Lu Clan, but the Lu ancestor had turned him down and given it back to the boy. Perhaps hed had foreseen the clans future then.

“Fantastic!” The Dragon Prince caught the gates with a piercing howl. Skybearer burst into blinding light and morphed into an enormous doorway in the air, its tremendous might expanding explosively to illuminate the heavens.

This was a dao immortal treasure that Lu Daoling had refined with his own power. Upon tapping into its power, the Dragon Prince opened up a portal leading elsewhere in the world. This was the real use of the treasure!


Deafening tolls rang out with great violence, the tremendous sound waves filtering into Skybearers portal and barreling into the real world.


The formation masters of the heavenly court, along with the innumerable heavenly soldiers maintaining the formations, were obliterated upon impact.

“Whats going on!” The Feng immortal in charge gaped at the chaos. “Thats the power of the Lu Clans Skybearer! How is Lu Yun able to tap into its real power without being in the dao immortal realm”

Every dao immortal treasure possessed by the top clans had its own unique abilities, but only dao immortals could deploy them. Immortals beneath dao immortal realm might be able to wield the treasure, but only to bludgeon enemies with its raw power.

“Destroy that door!!” screamed the Feng immortal.

There were a million heavenly soldiers here, in addition to the ten thousand formations. Although the soldiers were only true immortals, their numbers granted them an incredible combined strength. A million swords took to the skies in unison, whistling through the air as they targeted the portal created by Skybearer.


The Arcane Golden Bell tolled again, once again directing the sound out of the portal hovering in midair. This time, a golden tiger shadow emerged as well and reduced the million sword slashes into broken shards with a brisk shake of its body.

“Impossible!” cried the Feng immortal. The golden shadow rippled with clanging bell tolls and tiger roars, patently formed by the treasures sounds!

So there were two dao immortals on Lu Yuns ship! What was worse was that they wielded the dao treasures of two top factions, personally refined by the ancestors of both clans!-

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