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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 257: Formations Break

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A peal of tiger roar had shattered the swords of the million heavenly soldiers. Unanimous shudders filtered through them like a wave as blood gushed out of their mouths like rain. 

A dozen more tigers created from soundwaves and rushed out with savage roars. The tremendous cacophony shattered the formation disks hidden in the air, breaking the formations in quick succession from the outside in.

From the inside, it would be difficult for even a dao immortal treasure to break the ten thousand formations; in fact, the treasure might be crushed instead. It was much easier to do so from the outside. 

In fact, a treasure like the Arcane Golden Bell was meant for formation-breaking.

“I didnt expect there to be two dao immortals at Lu Yuns side…. Go to the Sword Lake and divert the great formation here!” commanded Feng Wuhui, the Feng immortal in charge.

“But the Dusk Phalanx and the Black Tortoise are still at the lake, sir!” The immortal by his side tensed.

“The Black Tortoise is but a peerless immortal.” Feng Wuhui narrowed his eyes. “His Majesty wouldve killed it a long time ago, if he hadnt wanted to tame the beast! And the Dusk soldiers are all just cultivators. They pose no threat to us.”

He knew Zhao Shenguang didnt actually want the Black Tortoise itself. The celestial emperor just wanted to know why the beast could use the power of a peerless immortal in Dusk Province without being targeted by the Dusk restriction.

“Go!” Feng Wuhui cast out formation disk after formation disk as he spoke, mending the formations thatd been shattered by the Arcane Golden Bell. His subordinate clenched his jaw and ran off to carry out his commanders orders.

“Grrrawll!” As soon as the formation sealing the Sword Lake was lifted, the enormous Black Tortoise surfaced and rushed their way, bellowing with powerful howls.

“Stay down!!” growled Feng Wuhui.


Two mountains abruptly took to the air outside Sword Pavilion, pinning the Black Tortoise to the ground like two giant hands. That was a hidden card that Feng Wujiang had once set up to help the Feng Clan win the heritage of Lord Sugato, but now it was a weapon against Lu Yun.

The Black Tortoise struggled with all of its strength, but it couldnt break free of the two mountains no matter what it did.

When the area had still been known as Cloudwater Township, the Feng Clan had secretly sunk their claws into it and turned it into a powerful killing formation. Even Lu Yun hadnt noticed when he first came, his attention drawn by the coiled mountains of the nobles tomb.

Black Tortoise once again under restraint, the formation sealing the Sword Lake shifted to clamp down on top of the ten thousand formations, suppressing the Arcane Golden Bell and shattering the dozen soundwave tigers.

The Nephrite officials present sucked in sharp breaths of shock. Even the returned Yue Cheng and Zhu Yu were alarmed; they hadnt noticed before what terrifying formations the Feng Clan had set up here!

If Feng Wujiang had activated the formations when Lu Yun had first challenged them, the brat wouldve died a hundred times over. Unfortunately, the Feng immortal hadnt taken the kid seriously and ended up dead before he could activate any of his traps.

Within the great formation, the Tiger and Dragon Princes grew wary as well. Their power was receding; Qing Han couldnt keep this up for too long.

“Open!” The Dragon Prince channeled his remaining energy into Skybearer, which shone with brilliant, jadeite beams and slowly opened up an even bigger portal.

“Rrroar!!” The Tiger Prince used the opening to push the Arcane Golden Bell to its limit, the powerful soundwaves ripping out of a portal that had yet to stabilize.

Having exhausted their cosmic power, the two princes retreated to the Scroll of Shepherding Immortals. A trickle of blood streamed down from Qing Hans mouth while Lu Yun hurriedly fed him some healing pills.

Outside the formations.

A silvery tiger silhouette lunged out of the doorway, three hundred meters tall and bearing two silver wings that pulsed faintly. In that moment, a terrible killing power and the powerful tolling of a bell crushed countless immortals into bloody mist. Even Feng Wuhui threw up a mouthful of blood. 

Zhu Yu and Yue Cheng backed away in shock.

“Thats… the shadow of the divine White Tiger!” yelled Zhu Yu. The White Tiger was one of the four divine beasts, and the most lethal one at that! 

The tiger shadow morphed from the bells ring had taken the form and tempestuous power of the White Tiger, killing half of the immortals supporting the ten thousand formations!

A cascading effect took place: formation disks revealing themselves in midair and breaking after losing the energy sustaining them. In the blink of an eye, the Dragon and Tiger Princes had shattered half of the ten thousand formations with their all-out attack.

“You will break!!” shrieked a woman at this time.


Ten thousand rays of formation light converged into a thick light beam three hundred meters in diameter.


It destroyed the rest of the formation stones and smashed the formations theyd anchored. A wistful and stunning smile tugged at Feinies wan face as she slowly faded out of existence. Shed exhausted her core power with her final stand and the backlash from the Formation Orb destroyed her body!

Her soul returned to the Tome of Life and Death, awaiting her next resurrection. Even if shed survived the attack, she wouldve been killed by the Dusk restriction the moment the formations broke. It hadnt appeared yet only because it was weaker on the fringes of Dusk Province, and was thus barred from appearing by the ten thousand formations.

“Kill!” Lu Yuns fortress ship broke free of its restraint once the pressure was off him. With a yell, he activated all of the built-in ninth-rank treasures on the fortress ship and launched wild attacks in all directions.

This time, Wu Tulong, Zi Chen, and Mo Qitian handed Lu Yun all of their crystals as well. Mo Qitian in particular, was especially wealthy. He had in his possession more than ten million premium immortal crystals!

Going up in flames, the crystals fueled the fortress ship. Blinding light enveloped the entire township and continuously churned their enemies to death.

“Form up into the Great Tempest Formation and stop him!!” Feng Wuhui shouted with an edge of insanity. The million true immortals behind him locked into formation, calling a giant divine beast into existence. 

The Tempest Bird! This image was grander and more vivid than the bird thatd been created by Feng Wujiangs troops, and there was even a hint of the birds true spirit!


An enormous shriek rang through the area and brewed a powerful storm, shattering the iridescent light coming from Lu Yuns ship. The heavenly soldiers had gained the soul of the Tempest Bird and could unleash the real power of the divine beast!

Then a long howl rang out.

The image of the Black Tortoise rose up from the Sword Lake with Yuchi Hanxing on its head, her hair, eyes, and armor a matching silver. With the formation lifted, the Black Tortoise wasnt the only one thatd been released; the Dusk Phalanx could finally re-emerge as well.-

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