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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 259: Crossdressing Girl

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Feng Li made the best inscrutable face he could muster after he was done speaking and tried to sit down, but the three seats available were already occupied. Having no other recourse available, he remained standing with both hands behind his back, looking both proud and a little miffed.

The gasps of expected shock didnt come; Lu Yun and Qing Han were entirely unmoved, while Yuchi Hanxing was as dispassionate as ever. The Nephrite celestial emperor seemed to have nothing to do with her at all.

“His Majesty has been swapped out! The emperor right now isnt Zhao Shenguang!” Feng Li paused a moment before placing renewed emphasis on the former. “The emperor is an impostor!”

“And” Qing Han tilted his head in apparent puzzlement. “The Nephrite emperor is an impostor. So what”

Feng Li didnt know what to say in his utter bafflement. The things he talked about were enough to astound the entire world. The recently-crowned Nephrite emperor was a fake! Yet these two… no, these three had barely reacted to the shocking revelation. They seemed to consider it no more interesting than idle mortal gossip!

“This was to be expected,” Lu Yun nodded. “Chen Xiao and Qing Buyi pretty much beat Zhao Shenguang into submission, didnt they After being their sidekick for so many years, he wouldnt possibly dare make any moves against the Chen clan, not to mention so quickly and ruthlessly. He should know how terrifying Chen Xiao truly is.

“Nothing about any of this has been right from the start. If hes an impostor, well, that makes a lot more sense.”

“Exactly so.” Qing Han gave a long exhale. Zhao Shenguang was a friend of his as well; he wouldve been unhappy to see his kin come to blows with him.

Feng Li nearly fell flat on his face.

“As for you You dont have a tenth of the gall needed to betray your own clan.” Lu Yun scrutinized the Feng youth more closely. “Out with it. Who sent you here”

Feng Li was dazed for quite a while before he managed to recover himself. “A… a girl in mens clothes tossed me over here. She said it wasnt a good time for her to show up anywhere, so she wanted me to come invite you to Dusk Province.”

He chuckled helplessly as he said this. He certainly wasnt here of his own volition! He would much rather have sat comfortably on his throne as the Dusk Lord, even if it was only as a puppet. The province was destined to become a sacred land of cultivation, after all.

Alas, Lu Yun had seen right through him.

“A girl in mens clothes” Qing Hans expression looked a little unnatural.

“Mo Yi So shes back, huh” Lu Yun immediately realized who it was—that unbelievably beautiful girl who had a preference for mens clothes. Well, she did cut a handsome figure in them!

Li Youcai had said before that the Dusk Lord had deemed her a traitor, to be arrested on sight within Nephrites borders. Perhaps some sort of rule was preventing her from appearing regardless

Feng Li continued to laugh feebly. Who else could it be Coming back by herself was one thing, but shed brought along the fake Nephrite emperor to boot!

The capital city was pretty much hers, now, the Feng experts here having been single handedly crushed on her way back. They hadnt managed to get the news out, either. In fact, Feng Li was here only as an involuntary messenger. The matter of hiscooperation had been entirely a fabrication to help him save face.

The other three in the room were finally struck speechless by the latest developments. Feng Li was truly thick-skinned, but he was also very good at dealing with people. Someone of his blood and position wouldnt have survived so long in his clan otherwise.  


While the Feng clan remained Dusk capitals rulers on the surface, Mo Yi controlled the citys affairs from the shadows. Leaving the others behind in Sword Pavilion, Lu Yun and Qing Han secretly hauled Feng Li back to the provincial capital.

On the way there, Lu Yun burned all the goodwill upon the Sal Tree of Life and Death to revive Feinie and Huangqing. It was rather expensive to revive a golden and august immortal—fully depleting Lu Yuns stores of goodwill—but strangely enough, Ge Long remained dormant. He could feel the huge seal of life from the old servant, but there was no sign of the old man returning to life.

The anomaly astounded Lu Yun. If three goodwill flowers werent enough, it would take a breakthrough in his cultivation that allowed him to release more power from the Tome of Life and Death. His name was the first one to be written in the book, could he be more important than even the envoys

The young man frankly couldnt understand it. Ge Longs cultivation had always been a rather ho-hum golden core realm. Yet hed beaten the crap out of an august immortal to save Qing Han. A golden core, doing something like that In some ways, his servant was more incredible than he was!

Ah, forget it. Ill figure it out after hes back. Now that Feinie and Huangqing were restored to life, Lu Yun had all five of his envoys once more.

Dusk Provinces waters were still too murky. Although Mo Yi was the shadowy master of the Dusk capital, the other provincial nexus—the seaside citadel—was still in the hands of the imperial court.


Dusk City had undergone significant changes as of late.

The original city had been completely demolished, including every building, formation, and feng shui layout inside. Lu Yun was a formation master who could set up formations without the need for foundations, and him calling upon the citys formations as soon as he returned was a very valid concern.  

Therefore, the old city was no more, and a greater one had been built in its place. The new city was constructed around the inheritance tower, its towers and walls spanning a fifty kilometer radius.

The ancient lords tomb beneath the tower was sealed with a freshly created great formation.

This wasnt an uncommon or taboo practice. Ancient tombs were everywhere in the world of immortals, and many of them could be found beneath modern cities. Even Xiankan, Nephrites capital, had an ancient tomb beneath it.

Mo Yi looked the same as she always had: long, black tresses, a slender figure, and a gorgeous complexion untouched by makeup. Though she wore only a casual blue tunic, her beauty wasnt the least bit lessened by it.  

She sat in the great hall of theDusk Lords residence, reading from a jade slip. In the center of the floor lay an imperial youth, sealed and immobile.

“A thousand years ago, Chen Xiao sent that old zombie into the ancient Dusk tomb to activate the restriction. Qing Buyi captured the fake Exalted celestial emperor and tossed him alongside soon after. Thats why they can ignore… well, the restriction,” the girl said coolly, having noticed Lu Yuns arrival.

The young overlord of hell shivered at her words. Chen Xiao and Qing Buyi were responsible for the restriction in Dusk Province The Exalted emperor in the Sword Barrow had been a fake

“The real Zhao Shenguang is with those two right now. ThisNephrite emperor here—who just refined theheavenly mandate, by the way—mustve been intentionally left for me,” Mo Yi continued.

Lu Yun swallowed apprehensively, while Qing Hans eyes widened.

“But the fake emperor has been swapped again. Its not the guy they originally left for me, I dont think.” The girls expression grew puzzled. “If I throw him in the ancient tomb and feed his heavenly mandate to that old zombie, Ill be allowed to exercise my actual strength in Dusk Province as well. But… where did this version of the celestial emperor come from”

“Wait! I-I know where hes from!” Qing Hans eyes suddenly fixated upon theZhao Shenguang on the ground in recognition, speaking in slightly horrified tones.-

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