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“Lu Yun Top youth sovereign of the world of immortals” Eyebrows arched, Beicang Qiong gave Lu Yun a once-over. “A pretty, frail little boy like you is the top youth sovereign”

Beicang Qiong was a peak spirit realm cultivator and a rare genius of his clan. He hadnt participated in the Dusk tournament two years ago, so he wasnt inclined to acknowledge Lu Yuns supposed superiority.

Now that he had the chance, he immediately took the opportunity to challenge Lu Yun. Unlike the Deaf Prince, who was mediocre at best before his xiangliu bloodline awakened, Beicang Qiong was a real genius. Even if he destroyed heaven itself, his clan would clean up after him. Hed opted to stick by the Deaf Prince this time, rather than going kill pirates in the North Sea, because he wanted to know if Lu Yun was truly better than him.

“Lets fight, top youth sovereign,” Beicang Qiong shouted, rolling up his sleeves and shaking his bowl-sized fists. “If you defeat me, Ill admit youre the best!”

Oblivious to the topic at hand, the Deaf Prince kept telling them to drink up.

“Alright!” Lu Yun rose to his feet and accepted the challenge. Hed met more than his fair share of rich second generations and proud heirs. Only with a show of real strength would he earn their respect, or theyd keep causing trouble for him at random times.

Their alliance had caused great damage to Levitating Island in order to avenge the little sister of the Unsullied Seas third princess. What Lu Yun had done in all of his past history amounted to nothing by comparison. 

This was someone worth getting to know.

“Thats the spirit!” Beicang Qiong laughed and transmitted the developments to the Deaf Prince.

The Deaf Prince paused and broke into laughter as well. “I know senior brother Lu only by reputation, and have never seen him fight in person. I look forward to the demonstration!”

Rubbing his hands together in excitement, he ordered his men to prepare a sparring ground.


An enormous rumble sounded from the sky, shaking the entire world. The snowy-white Dao Flower bloomed again, manifesting an indistinct white path over it. 

A woman dressed in mens clothes stood atop the path, her clothes fluttering in the breeze and inky black locks framing her stunning face. She wore a confident smile, and slowly sharpened into focus as Mo Yi.

“The first void realm cultivator has appeared!” Countless cultivators tilted their heads up to the figure on the white path. With the cultivation path restored, the first cultivator to ascend to the void realm would have their name recorded on the Dao Flower.

“The methodology Mo Yi used for her ascension has been recorded by the flower and distributed to the world. Now everyone can use her method as their map, which will greatly decrease the difficulty level of ascending to the void realm!” Qing Han looked up at Mo Yi with a hint of cheer. “I was worried that others would make the ascension first, but Mo Yis one of us. Since shes the one who invented the way to the void realm, the strength of the Dao Flower will be gifted to her. This benefit will remain within our own!”

Since Mo Yis approach would enable others to follow in her footsteps, she, too, would become a dao sovereign, which earned her the protection of the Dao Flower.

“Thats only the way to the perceived void realm, though,” murmured Qing Han. “I wonder if the unraveled void realm and then the returned void realm....”


With a single step that shook the sky, Mo Yi ascended from perceived void realm to unraveled void realm!

Another cultivation approach was established, and another tremble shook the void. The returned void realm!

With three steps, she trod through the perceived, unraveled, and returned void realms!

All three courses of action were recorded by the Dao Flower and incorporated into the path of cultivation, which was then distributed to all cultivators in every world, similar to when the path had been restored.

Some cultivators throughout the worlds cheered, while others sighed. All of their reactions were recorded by the flower as well. 

There had previously been no relevant path of cultivation in the world. The path emerged only because enough people had tread upon it. The mortal dao, immortal dao, heavenly dao, and great dao all had one thing in common: they were all created by living beings.


Heavy tribulation clouds gathered in the sky as lightning crackled and thunder rumbled. A heavenly tribulation was at hand. However, Mo Yi destroyed the thunderbolts with a simple flourish of her sleeve.

A ray of white luminance scattered down upon her, upon which she ascended to immortality and disappeared from her place beside the Dao Flower.

“What… insanely mind blowing talent!” Lu Yun didnt know how to feel about the vanished figure. New knowledge entered his mind at the same time—the methodology of void perceiving, void unravelling, and void returning!

Thered been no cultivation methodology for the void realm, yet Mo Yi had single-handedly created three schools of thought and forged a complete path through the void realm. As long as cultivators followed her way, they would be able to make up for their otherwise lack of knowledge about various void realm arts and methods. And itd only been a few months since the lost realm had been restored!

In less than a year, Mo Yi had severed her own cultivation, invented the void realm approaches, and regained her immortality!

“You know Mo Yi best, little fox,” Qing Han said to the fox standing on his shoulder. “Do you know who she is”

“Shes a perverse genius!” the little fox responded with great certainty. “Shes the greatest genius the world of immortals has ever seen! Lu Yun is known as the top youth sovereign, but hes just a particle of trash compared to Mo Yi!”

Lu Yun rolled his eyes.

“Ill be damned, so this is how one perceives the void....” On the other side of the courtyard, Beicang Qiongs face settled into a smile after going through several other expressions.

“Lu Yun! I hear you created two sword techniques during the Dusk tournament and another one later on. Show me what youve got, top youth sovereign!” Beicang Qiong shouted at the top of his lungs. After acquiring the methodology of the void realm, he couldnt wait to validate his own comprehension by fighting Lu Yun.

“Lets fight.” Violetgrave glowed in Lu Yuns hand as a vast, boundless ocean surged around him. Acquiring Cangyin as an envoy had granted him a water qilins talent in water manipulation, further improving his understanding of waters intent. His ocean of sword intent had reached new heights as a result and become a true ocean.

Lu Yun struck before Beicang Qiong could make a move.


An enormous cerulean dragon shot out from the ocean and lunged at his opponent.-

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