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The Divine Seaward Iron!

Ancient immortal emperors had once used this peerless treasure to pacify the four seas and subdue the dragon clans. Never in her wildest dreams had Empress Myrtlestar imagined it would be in the hands of the North Sea emperor!


A dragon roar of anguish traveled forth. Hidden in the void, a black dragon carpeted in silver cosmic radiance suddenly fell out of the air and was sent flying. One of its foreclaws and a smaller half of his body were ground into meat paste by the black iron rod.

It was the black dragonguard from the abyss beneath Myriad Formation Summit!

Hed been a peak peerless immortal to begin with, and after being strengthened by one of Qing Hans starstones, he was as strong as an aether dao immortal. But when facing the monster spirit emperor and the Divine Seaward Iron, even an aether dao immortal had collapsed from a single blow.

However, a sphere of blue light erupted violently from the emperor after this attack, and his figure turned somewhat transparent.

“This replica of his is still flawed. Its not perfect, so it cant fight for long. Lets beat the ** out of him!” Qing Han realized the truth of their opponent when he took stock of the situation.


In the next moment, dazzling silver starlight burst around him and his black topknot scattered into a mess of long hair across his shoulders, slowly turning silver.

Two silver stars appeared at his side.


Silver starlight once again ensconced the black dragonguard, restoring its broken body and claws at a speed visible to the naked eye. Soon thereafter, its giant frame pounced fearlessly at the monster emperor.

Coming to his senses, Xue Daozi brandished the Arcane Golden Bell, threw all reservations to the wind, and deployed the dao-grade weapon in a ferocious strike at the emperors replica.

Caught between the forces, the entire treasury began to shake.

The entire North Sea Palace was now lit up by the activation of countless formations and prohibitions, and various halls had been sealed off. Innumerable soldiers had gathered outside the treasurys doors, preparing to mount a frenzied charge at the outer vault.

Su Xiaoxiao had crippled one of the great dao immortals and held up the other two, preventing the palaces greatest firepower from rushing to the treasury. 

However, the palace was the heart of the monster court. Its many concealed spaces held close to ten million soldiers, as well as quite a few peerless immortal monster kings who hadnt left for the skydragon tomb.

Upon receiving their emperors commands, the monster kings exited their hidden locales, leading their men in a frantic rush to the treasury to tear apart the presumptuous intruders.

But there was a scourge standing in their way at the entrance: Zombie King Diexi!

Shed shed the body of a zombie king, but had become even more terrifying in the process. A single glance of hers could summon endless mountains of corpses and oceans of blood to trap the monster spirit troops and compel them to kill each other.

Although the illusion didnt affect the peerless immortal monster kings, they couldnt simply force their way inside, either.

Celestial Mistfield Banners!

The eighteen zombified banners had been conquered by Diexi and were now deployed into a defensive formation, sealing off the area with a scarlet mist. There were eighteen monster kings present at the scene, but even they couldnt dent the banners defenses.

Hong Xiu and the other five peerless immortals had also arrived near the treasurys gates and reinforced the banners with their strength so that Diexi could operate the scarlet formation at full strength.

Lu Yun hadnt deployed the Great Formation of Heavenly Fiends, or called upon the Formation Orb. Since he was here in disguise, he couldnt let anyone discover that the ruler of Dusk Province was at the heart of all this turmoil.

The current Dusk Province was far too weak to bear the North Sea Monsters crazed reprisals after the dust settled on their actions here.

As the soldiers outside attempted to batter their way in, the monster emperors replica grew increasingly frantic outside the inner vault. Indeed, his replica wasnt flawless; because of certain defects, he couldnt battle for long.

As time went on, his aura waned, in stark contrast to the increasingly formidable power radiating from the Divine Seaward Iron. By now, his figure had become half transparent, so much so that Lu Yuns current visual sensitivity could discern a bluish-black arcane dao fruit inside the emperors figure.

“Out of the way!!” the youth suddenly shouted.

Xue Daozi shuddered and vanished immediately, returning inside the Gates of the Abyss, while the black dragonguard turned into a streak starlight and shot inside the Scroll of Shepherding Immortals.


A white pillar of light exploded in front of Lu Yun and shot straight at the emperors replica.

“An immortal weapon of war!! How is this possible!!” Gaping in shock, the emperor shrieked painfully.

An immortal weapon of war!

Other than the nine celestial emperors, or enormous treasures like the skeletal ship, even the ancestors of the greatest noble houses and peak arcane dao immortal powerhouses would suffer heavy damage from the blast.

Feinie and Huang Qing had jointly created Divine Glorys main cannon by combining their expertise with weapons and formations to emulate the immortal weapons of old. Normally, such weapons were merged with the local earth veins and drew upon the power of the land to attack. However, Divine Glorys main cannon burned immortal crystals instead.

The more crystals the cannon consumed, the greater its might. The previous shot had combusted a full billion premium crystals that Lu Yun had borrowed from the six troublemakers.

The resulting might could only be described as world-destroying. In fact, it was almost beyond the limit of what the cannon could support and the mouth of the weapon was already showing faint signs of melting.

So much energy had simply vaporized the monster emperors figure. Even the restriction on the bronze gates behind the emperor had been destroyed in that one, powerful blast. The monster spirits had done away with the original restriction controlling the inner values gates and installed a new one, but its power was a far cry from the one left by the ancient dragons.

When the air cleared, they could see that the explosion had even cracked the gates themselves.

“H-how powerful….” The six profligates paused in the middle of plundering the outer vault and stared in the direction of the inner vault, overwhelmed with shock.

“Its stronger than our crystal mountains…. Mine, at least, certainly cant crush an arcane dao immortal!” Beicang Qing murmured, his eyes wide as he watched the vanishing pillar of light.

“Stop daydreaming.” Jing Dichens foot landed on his butt. “Hurry up and empty this place out. Dont leave a single hair behind!”

“Right, not even a single hair!”

Since the group had changed their appearances early on, there was no need to worry about possible reprisal from their enemies. Without delay, the power of the World Chests in their hands erupted in full force and swept across the treasury.


A bluish-black arcane dao fruit floated in the air above Lu Yun, shimmering with a misty light. It was the ninth arcane dao fruit of Beigong Xuan, Emperor of the North Sea! His mouth turned dry. Compared to the other baubles, this dao fruit was a real treasure, one that could produce an arcane dao immortal!


The Divine Seaward Iron thatd fallen to the ground turned into a streak of black radiance that gathered the dao fruit and tried to shoot out of the treasury.

“Where do you think youre going!” an angry challenge reverberated in the air as an azure dragon claw suddenly stretched out from the void. It grabbed the Divine Seaward Iron, along with the arcane dao fruit, then slowly disappeared back to where itd come from.

The Azure Dragon King had finally acted at this crucial juncture.



In the middle of unraveling an ancient prohibition inside the dim skydragon tomb, the North Sea emperor suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Bastard!!” he roared in indignation. “Bing Xuan,” he spat out a name, “hurry back to the palace at once and kill those devious rats!”

“Your will be done.” With a jerk, a single-horned man standing at the emperors side slowly vanished from view.

The North Sea emperor could sense the events inside the palace through his replica, but everyone else was still in the dark. At the same time, he was reluctant to leave the skydragon tomb in person at this juncture.-

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