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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 334: A Tongue

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North Sea monster spirits were mostly aquatic, so their rule was concentrated on the world under the sea.

However, there was an abundance of resources on the islands of the North Sea as well. Although they werent as fertile as the nine majors, ten lands, and four immortal seas of the world, these spots of land were quite precious to the North Sea court.

Sunset Island was only four hundred kilometers away from the North Sea Palace. It was a mere hundred kilometers wide, but the amount of resources to be found on the island ranked top ten in the North Sea.

And it was now occupied by the group of degenerates.


Bing Xuan almost fell headfirst into the ocean when he arrived at Sunset Island.

A blackwater snake running three hundred meters long lay on the beach in its original form. Its head had been crushed by something, and its body skinned and cleaned. It was now roasting on a spit over a blazing fire.

The delicacy on the menu was the ninety-third prince of the North Sea, the best of the North Sea cultivators!

Hearing the news, cultivators rushed in to see for themselves and gazed upon the roasted snake with equal parts shock and schadenfreude.

Beigong Chonglou, first prince of the North Sea, had once killed and eaten the young princess of the Unsullied Sea, and now the ninety-third prince of the North Sea was being roasted as a meal.

Despite the occasion, the degenerates occupying the island were currently paralyzed and in a permanent state of high alert.

Gorb Demon.

The South Sea Gourmet, who looked like a ball of meat, had shown up again. As soon as he did, hed crushed the head of the cocky ninety-third prince of the North Sea, then skinned and readied him for roasting. 

Lu Yun hadnt expected the South Sea Gourmet to come again so soon and disrupt his plans. Fortunately, the arcane dao immortal rimesnake, his final target, had arrived as well.

“South Sea Gourmet!!” an angry howl escaped Bing Xuans mouth when he got a clear look at the prince, and the shadow of an enormous snake manifested behind him.

“An arcane dao immortal rimesnake” The South Sea Gourmet whirled around and looked in surprise at Bing Xuan. “Rimesnakes are a type of blackwater snake, but they possess venom that blackwater snakes dont have.

“Hehehe, today must be my lucky day! I just wanted to nab the four pureblood divine cubs and keep them on a farm so they could grow up safely. I didnt expect to run into two rimesnakes as well! The pairing of a blackwater snake and a rimesnake will make a great meal!”


The Gorb Demon unleashed a terrifying aura, his body bouncing up and ramming into Bing Xuan like a cannonball.

“Die!!” Bing Xuan snarled and threw both fists at the Gorb Demon, meeting his attack head-on.


“Dammit, lets go!” Spectating immortals scattered when they saw the two arcane dao immortals wade into a brawl. However, the resulting shockwaves still managed to rip apart many low-level immortals and cultivators before they could escape.

Sunset Island began trembling as cracks spread throughout the terrain in all directions. The island couldnt withstand a battle between arcane dao immortals, and half of it sank underwater in the blink of an eye.

Beicang Qiong and the others watched the fierce battle play out with unusual calm.

“What a shame!” Beicang Qiong mourned. “I shouldve been the spotlight. I shouldve risen to stardom today, and all parts of the world of immortals would hear my name!”

“Youre just sorry for the treasures you couldnt nab.” Jing Dichen saw through Beicang Qiong with a single glance.

“Hmph.” Beicang Qiong fell silent after a few snorts.

“Hehehe, those small fish are nothing compared to these two arcane dao immortals.” Lin Yan smirked when he saw Beicang Qiongs expression. “Much greater treasures can be found on the two of them!”

He was practically drooling over himself.

“Do you really need money that badly” Jing Dichen directed exasperation at Beicang Qiong and Lin Yan. Their group had just raided the North Sea vault. Although the immortal crystals had all been given to Lu Yun, the treasures theyd gained were much more valuable.

“One can never have too many treasures,” Beicang Qiong snickered with satisfaction at the two battling arcane dao immortals once realization set in.

“Senior brother Lu promised to give me everything but the immortal crystals from this undertaking!” Beicang Qiong looked warily at everyone else.

They didnt deem that an answer. Everything would be his It would be everyone for themselves when the spoils actually came out.

“Senior brother Lu seems to need a lot of crystals.” Jing Dichen stroked her tapered chin. “Why dont we go back there again and find senior brother Lu a crystal mountain”

“Again” Lin Yan shuddered, his expression fearful.

“Yeah, lets! Why not!” Beicang Qiong tightened his jaw. “Im not going to the skydragon tomb after this. Im gonna find senior brother Lu a World Chest and a crystal mountain!”

“Me too,” Lin Yan said weakly, his shoulders hunched over.

“Then well all go together,” Jing Dichen said, looking around at the others. “The more of us go, the better the chances that we can acquire a crystal mountain.”

Bai Qi, Feng Ruyu, and the Deaf Prince voiced their agreement as well.

“We have connate-grade treasures to protect ourselves with this time.” Feng Ruyu smiled broadly. “It should be a piece of cake to get another crystal mountain.”


“What South Sea Gourmet and so-called Gorb Demon. Hes nothing but a fool.” Su Xiaoxiao excitedly skipped over to the half-roasted blackwater snake and inhaled. Disapproval wrinkled her face. “Snakes and the like are best served as stew. What a waste for him to roast a blackwater snake!”

The degenerates shuddered when they heard Su Xiaoxiao. So she... was a gourmet herself.

Lu Yun stood on the fringe of the island, releasing invisible rays of formation light from his hands to protect his companions and himself from the terrible shockwaves.

“What is this South Sea Gorb Demon” Both of Lu Yuns eyes turned pitch black. The goodwill of the Sal Tree of Life and Death burned fiercely and flowed into his eyes to strengthen his Spectral Eye.

After reaching peak spirit realm and acquiring nine death arts, hed realized that the power of his arts could be amplified by goodwill. In his eyes, what was fighting Bing Xuan wasnt the meatball-like man, but a... giant tongue. The revelation sent an eerie chill down his spine.

“You may begin.” Lu Yun stared at the tongue fixedly; it reminded him of someone.

“Alright.” Qing Han nodded slightly. His hair instantly turned a shining silver, with dots of starlight bathing his body as well.

Su Xiaoxiao rushed to him and poured all kinds of medicinal potions and gases at Qing Han, keeping his body condition at its peak. The Scroll of Shepherding Immortals unfolded, and a powerful dragon howl rang throughout heaven and earth.

All of creation fell silent.-

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