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Human demon.

Scarlet Ape, an entity from the Primeval Era, elicited considerable bafflement when it suddenly spoke that term. Its other declaration of theresting place of the human emperor caused further confusion in the crowd.

Was Dusk Province a place where an immortal emperor of old had fallen But then, why had the ape spoken specifically of a human emperor

However, this question was but a mere fleeting thought.

Countless North Sea soldiers had ridden the waves and made landfall in Dusk Province. The seaside fortress supposed to stop them was now fully in enemy hands, its weapon of war now the enemys spear that fired a constant barrage that helped Scarlet Ape contend with the giant clad in crimson armor.

The armored giant wasnt the same Dusk Province restriction that Lu Yun had once met in the Sword Barrow. At the very least, this ones strength was greater. But against a Scarlet Ape gone berserk, he seemed as vulnerable as before, inexorably falling back step after step beneath the giant iron staffs blows.

While the human demon, or the province restriction in other words, was kept busy by the giant ape, the monster spirit invaders were free to unleash all of their strength and blitz through the land.

Even then, Lu Yun didnt rashly show his hand. He remained atop a section of city wall that yet remained intact, the Yin and Yang Formation Orbs hovering over his head as he guarded the capital city thatd lost its fortifications.

One hundred and eight dazzling stars abruptly appeared and positioned themselves in a marvelous formation that stopped the rampaging armys advance. These were the hundred and eight peerless immortals Lu Yun had instructed in the Great Formation of Heavenly Spirits and Earthly Fiends. Though some of them hailed from factions hostile to him, theyd nevertheless come when Dusk Province found itself in peril.

The Star Demon Sects disciples also came. Shouldering a large, black cannon, Situ Zong immediately charged into the massive horde of monster immortals and laid waste around him. They were followed closely by a contingent from the Panorama Pavilion. Immortal sword in hand, a young woman sporting a pregnant belly hacked her way through the monster spirits—the Pavilion Lords disciple Qing Ruyan was leading her men in person.

But even with these reinforcements, the enemys numbers seemed endless. It was simply impossible to kill them all.

Shortly thereafter, the immortals rescued by Lu Yun in the North Sea also made their entrance, adding their numbers to Dusks defense. Xiangliu Ting, Canghai Xi—yet to return to the Dark North Sword Sect—and the rest also came.

However, even more chose to watch the show from the sidelines.

Nephrite Major amassed troops in Outré Province, but made no move to enter the fray. Powerhouses from various factions also gathered around the borders of the province, adopting a wait and see attitude. Some entered Dusk to protect the disciples of their organizations, but refrained from taking part in the battle.


“If thats how its going to be, I wont feel the slightest bit guilty when I destroy your foundations in the future.” Lu Yuns lips curved into a cold smirk.

He hadnt made a move yet because he wanted to see what the vultures waiting on the sidelines, or those salivating over his formation, would choose to do. They didnt join the attack, but werent willing to help either. They merely looked on in cold-hearted indifference. 

“Are you sure you dont need me to fight” Qing Han looked at Lu Yun a little tensely. With the help of Su Xiaoxiao and Xing Zi, hed gradually begun to rein in the poison curse in his body.

“Its fine. Thats nothing but a monkey, it wont be able to stir up too many waves.” Lu Yun smiled and subconsciously reached out to stroke the disguised girls hair. “I just wanted to see how the world would react to this. Theyve shown me everything I wanted to see, so Im going to show them something they dont want to see.”

Qing Han gently ducked his head and tried to avoid Lu Yuns hand.

“Awooo—” An earthshaking roar sounded from the southern direction of the province. Walking on air, two giant divine Black Tortoises appeared on the horizon.

One was a genuine Black Tortoise, turtle and snake bodies intertwined as it rode the waves. The other was an image condensed from the Formation of the Black Tortoise. Valiant and heroic, a silver-haired girl stood on the incarnations head and surveyed the crowd of immortals from high above: Yuchi Hanxing and the Dusk Phalanx under her command!

As divine beasts of the cardinal north, the tortoises presence immediately disrupted the momentum of the North Sea monster immortals, distracting their minds with pressure and confusion.

Shortly after, the giant image of a water god also emerged. A human face paired with a snakes body and framed by scarlet hair, it was no other than Gonggongs avatar.

Even the Scaled-Dragon King emerged with his Scaled-Dragon army, followed shortly by Beigong Yu and his newly reorganized Kunpeng army. Covering the sky with its immense wingspan, the kunpengs image was even more formidable than Gonggongs own! 

After all, Kunpeng King Beigong Yu was the true number one monster spirit king of the North Sea.

Then the elite monster soldiers Lu Yun had looted from the North Sea, as well as the various monster kings, dao immortal monster spirits, and the like all showed themselves.

However, the appearance of Bing Xuan and Bing Ling was what truly rocked the invaders to the core and sent countless monster spirits plunging into the depths of despair. Bing Xuan had once been an arcane dao immortal of the North Sea, the monster emperors right hand man! He, too, had surrendered to Lu Yun and was helping the human kill his own kind!

“Just what did Lu Yun do in the North Sea I thought he only took away the palace How did he bring back these monster spirit soldiers and immortals as well” Hidden in the void and constantly looking out for Beigong Xuans arrival, the Pavilion Lord gaped with incredulity.

To many, it seemed this was no longer the North Sea attacking Dusk Province, but somehow a civil war between denizens of the North Sea that just so happened to be taking place inside the province

Particularly of note were the number one and number two monster kings of the North Sea, Beigong Yu and the Scaled-Dragon King, respectively, slicing through monster immortals like hot knives through butter with nary an eyeblink.

“If I dont get rid of Lu Yun, hell become a mortal threat to me sooner or later!” Zhao Changkong whispered to himself in alarm. Hed also reached Dusk Provinces shores and was witnessing the strength at Lu Yuns disposal.

“Quite a few formation grandmasters have already obtained a copy of his formation, which means that even without Lu Yun, other formation masters of the world can also perfect it….” Of course, hed also sent the Nephrite court formation masters court to Dusk Province. 

“Your Majesty, shall we….” Standing at Zhao Changkongs side in the shadows, Wayfarer drew a light gesture across his neck.

“Go and see if theres an opportunity to do so.” Zhao Changkong nodded faintly.

Wayfarer smiled and faded into nothingness.

However, the next second saw him bouncing back in a bedraggled heap, his sorry figure trembling slightly and his eyes shrouded in shadows of reluctance.

An expressionless young man holding a bamboo pole stood quietly atop a mountain, a girl clad in green standing beside him.

“Wayfarer!” Wayfarer gnashed his teeth.

Zhao Changkongs face also darkened when he spotted Wayfarer, but there was nothing to be done. This other Wayfarer was the bane of the one by his side.


“Lu Daoling, how dare you still show yourself!” A purple-robed man was about to enter Dusk Province, only to be stopped by a young man in white.

“Old geezer Qing, remember when you stood outside my clans doors and prevented me from rescuing Lu Yun Now its my turn to stand in your way.” Facing the purple-robed man, Lu Daoling remained expressionless.

In Xiankan, Lu Yun had been caught inside a formation deployed by House Donglin, House Qing, and immortals of the Exalted Immortal Sect. Lu Daoling had wanted to help, but the man in front of him, House Qings old forefather, had blocked his way. 

Face dark, House Qings forefather turned on his heel and stalked off.


A radiant silver star streaked in from the west and hurtled toward Dusk Province.


Seven resplendent shooting stars descended from above and sent the silver star careening back, resolving itself as a short and plump silhouette tumbling awkwardly from the sky.

“Donglin Taihuang, they call you the number one genius, but if you dare enter Dusk Province, Ill turn you into the number one dead man.” A girl in mens clothes walked out of the emptiness, glowering frostily at her opponent.

“Mo Yi!” Donglin Taihuang trembled. “You, you crazy... you're crazy!!”

This wasnt his first time seeing her. Hed traded blows with her before shed begun her cultivation anew, so he knew full well how terrifying she was.

In a few other places, the Feng and Ling Clans, House Donglin, the Exalted Immortal Sect, as well as the Corpse Refiners were also halted by the five powerhouses of the Star Demon Sect. If allowed inside Dusk, these people would undoubtedly start a blind slaughter of friends and enemies alike, razing the province to the ground.

Lu Yun was the creator of the Great Formation of Heavenly Spirits and Earthly Fiends and a beacon of hope for immortals all over the world. But at the same time, once completed, the formation would turn Lu Yun into a figure of worship. It would make him larger than life, and in fact, it would make him a saint.

However, he was merely a cultivator. Yes, he wasnt without influence, but nothing outrageous. Dusk Provinces sacred land was nothing but a future prospect, while men lived in the present. In the eyes of the ancestors of the greatest races, sects, or clans, he was merely a tiny bug. 

However, the power he now displayed filled them with apprehension; hed broken free from his leash! Such a person absolutely could not be allowed to become a living saint, to be revered as an object of worship through the world. Sainthood was only for the dead!


“We already have the formation diagram. Dont mind those people, attack Dusk Province with everything we have! Its only forty thousand miles wide, a hand wave can erase it all!” the Feng ancestor growled.

“Try erasing Dusk Province and see if I wont slaughter your clans bloodline to the last.” The Star Demons first sovereign grinned coldly. “Just try it if you dont mind seeing your clansmen cowering in a hole for the rest of their lives, never daring to take half a step outside.”

The Feng ancestor paled.

“Be my guest and give it a try if you dont believe him,” added the fifth sovereign of the Star Demon Sect—the silver-haired woman. “If Dusk Province falls, well extinguish your bloodline, even if we have to risk the destruction of our sect!”

“You demons!” House Donglins ancestor gritted his teeth.

“Why, thank you for the compliment,” the fifth sovereign sneered. They were demonic cultivators after all. For them, to be called demons was music to their ears.


Meanwhile, back in front of Dusk City, Lu Yun boarded the Divine Glory. The ship cut through wind and wave, finally arriving at the battlezone where Scarlet Ape and the human demon fought.-

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