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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 392: A Ghastly Scream

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The five origin dao immortals didnt have to enter Dusk, or even use their own power to attack the province. They could manipulate the power of the land to exert a crushing pressure and send a giant, invisible hand slamming into the province from the sky.

Thick, stifling shadows loomed over everyone. Formation upon formation lit up above Dusk City to counter the great power, but this was the power of origin dao immortals.


Within the manor, Lu Yun looked up at the invisible hand with a steely expression.

“You shouldve stayed in your huts and licked your wounds, origin dao immortals. Dusk Province is no place for the likes of you to show your face!” He waved a hand and manifested the Black Emperor.

A beam of white light shot out and blasted back at the great power coming from the sky.


The beam pierced through the air and scattered the power of the land.


“Is that the weapon of war that Lu Yuns refined” Seeing his power scattered put a frown on one of the origin dao immortals faces.

“How can such a great treasure be left in the hands of a mere cultivator” the old crone sneered, revealing what few teeth she had left. “Well take it!”

She flung open her arms and brought down a tremendous vortex of qi over the entire province. It rotated slowly at first, then with increasing violence, and summoned a terrible storm throughout the land.

“What are you waiting for, North Sea friends” the old crone cackled as she manipulated the storms in Dusk Province. “Time to have some fun.”

“Humans. Still fighting among themselves as usual.” Injuries fully recovered, Scarlet Ape sniffed at the storms ripping through Dusk Province. Itd taken up residence on Levitating Island for a few months, but still hadnt found what it was looking for.

“Protect the young ones under golden immortal realm and send them to Dusk Province, Beigong Xuan. Direct the Dusk River into the North Sea. Tsk, tsk, what a crazy surprise that no one has taken this treasure from Dusk.” It scratched its cheek and cackled, its fiery eyes dancing with cold fury. “The fox spirit is still alive… and dares call itself the monster spirit ancestor!!”


The five origin dao immortals jointly created a superstorm and sent it rampaging across Dusk Province, destroying what Lu Yun had just rebuilt. At the center of the storm was Dusk City. The Formation Orb hovered in midair and exuded rays of formation light to protect the city, but the storm had made a mess of the local power of the land, preventing weapons of war from being powered up in an offensive defense.

Located in the center of the province, the ancient tomb exceeding emperor-grade lay silent. The five origin dao immortals had launched the attack from outside the province, which meant they hadnt triggered the local restriction.

The destructive superstorm had sealed off the province and was attempting to crush the capital city, but the Formation Orb had emerged to defend the territory. This was the first time itd appeared in public since its burial aeons ago.

It seemed to be a resplendent cosmic body itself, the light it radiated hearkening back to the stars twinkling in the sky. Even the five origin dao immortals gaped in shock. Theyd never for one moment imagined that the Formation Orb would be in Lu Yuns hand.

“The formation light in the Myriad Formation Summit… Valley... is still there.” One of the origin dao immortals threw a glance at the valley thatd once been a mountain. Layers of great formations still circulated the landmark, obfuscating the truth of the situation within.

No one expected Lu Yun to have taken the Formation Orb, but their foul mood didnt last.

The North Sea monster spirits had come ashore. Although they were all below the golden immortal realm, their numbers were tremendous. There was no shortage of life and monster immortals in the ocean; it was something the nine majors and ten lands couldnt hope to match.

“The one controlling the Formation Orb is only a peerless immortal. We have a chance to take it for ourselves!” Calculating light flashed through the old crones eyes. “As for who should have the Formation Orb… lets deal with that after we get the treasure, shall we”

“Agreed.” The other four immortals exchanged a look and nodded.

“The entire province is only forty thousand kilometers from one side to the other. Well just destroy the whole place…. Wait, what are those monster spirits doing!” One of the origin dao immortals glanced in surprise at the invaders swarming toward the Dusk River. “Do they have a death wish How dare they make a move against the river”

“Well, they have no one to blame but themselves for their impending doom…. Raze everything in Dusk Province except for the ancient tomb and Dusk River.” The speaker extended his fingers and gathered terrifying power in the heart of his palm. It was a terrifying kind of combat art that only origin dao immortals could master.

The other four immortals called upon their greatest techniques as well.

“The so-called Formation of Heavenly Spirits and Earthly Demons is nothing but a joke. It cannot be incorporated into an immortals body. Those who have been eliminated by the times shall not struggle futilely.” It was the old crones turn to swat at Dusk Province. [1]

Jade-green light sliced through the air like razors, tearing through the sky, ripping through the air, and sinking into the earth. All of Dusk Province shook and trembled, with the Dusk River and the ancient tomb being the only exceptions. It was as if Armageddon had arrived.

“This is the strength of origin dao immortals!” Lu Yun hovered above the province and cast a grave look toward the west. Five of them were attacking in unison with enough ferocity to destroy heaven and earth, aiming to sterilize Dusk Province of all life. 


The world shook suddenly as a young man grasping an emerald-green bamboo stick padded out from thin air. His gaze was empty and his expression stiff, like his face was the work of a sculptor. By his side followed an ethereal girl dressed in an emerald chiffon dress. She cast a baleful glare at the five origin dao immortals.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

The young man tapped his stick in the air five times, instantly scattering the origin dao combat arts of the five immortals.

“Impossible!!” goggled the old crone. Such power couldnt possibly exist among current dao immortals! “Which celestial emperor are you!” she demanded.

“Go back,” Wayfarer said stiltedly. “Dusk Province is the resting place of the human emperor. It will not be destroyed at your hands.”

As he spoke, though, a beam of white light three hundred meters across thundered out of the province and hit the old crone squarely in the chest.

Her ghastly scream rang through the sky.

1. Strange, isnt the old crone well, including herself in that statement-

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