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“Theres definitely some history between the little fox and the human demon,” Qing Han stated seriously when he saw what happened.

The little fox was a golden immortal, and hadnt sealed her cultivation when she entered Dusk Province. Despite that, she was given a free pass.

It wasnt due to any inability on the part of the restriction, since itd become stronger against golden immortals and above after the previous battle. The divine Black Tortoise, previously able to burst out with peerless immortal strength in times of emergency, was now firmly under its constraint as well.

That didnt matter to Lu Yun, though.

He himself was so weak that powerful immortals could crush him like an ant. However, he had the supplemental paths to back him up. Although the paths werent the mainstream dao, per se, and he had to pull out everything in his treasure chest to just hurt an old heavyweight, the longer one lived, the more they feared death. Those who opposed him wouldnt take the risk.

Back on Earth, human beings were vulnerable and weak, compared to other animals, but theyd managed to conquer the world with technology and were capable of destruction that could rival the immortals of this world.

Who was to say the same couldnt be achieved here

In the end, Lu Yun was still an Earth native. He wouldnt confine himself to the box of established rules in the world of immortals.


“Donglin Taihuang!” Qing Han cried out suddenly, his expression shifting. A silver hand had abruptly appeared out of nowhere to grab at the dragon and the girl on its back.

The dragonling was the one Lu Yun had brought out from the dragon tomb. Somehow, itd become Qingmiaos playmate. It howled, bursting forth with golden light to keep the silver hand at bay.

Liu Qingmiao possessed a cosmic constitution; there was no hiding it. Her existence had been announced to the world by the pillar of resplendent starlight at the moment of her birth.

Donglin Taihuang needed a woman of that constitution to dual cultivate with. Now that there was one at hand, he didnt even bother to converse with Lu Yun or the Panorama Pavilion before making an attempt on Qingmiao.

“First he tries to carry off my future wife, now hes coming after my disciple. Does he take me for a doormat” Lu Yun narrowed his eyes at the hand formed of starlight.

Qing Han glared at Lu Yun, but decided against saying anything.

“Formation!” Lu Yun exclaimed.


The violet-blue flowers carpeting Dusk Province soared into the sky, their color washing over the province. The violet light they emitted was as sharp as any sword, and cut straight through the clouds.

“What!” Donglin Taihuang screamed from midair, his silver hand quickly cut down by the violet sword light.

And then, the threat was gone.

The golden dragonling quickly shot back into Dusk City with its precious passenger, timidly keeping its head down.

The entire province had been set up with a tremendous sword formation, using the mother flower of the Violet Orchid Fruit as eye. All of Dusken soil fell within the formations area of effect, and the sea of flowers was its outward manifestation.

“Lu Yun!!” Donglin Taihuang raged from outside Dusk Province.

“Uh huh” Lu Yun remained on the city wall, a casual arm around Qing Han and a surprised look for Donglin Taihuang. Qing Han glared at him again. Lu Yun must know something, or he wouldnt be acting like this!

After an uneasy squirm, the disguised girl stopped struggling and stood meekly by Lu Yuns side.

“You better huddle in Dusk Province for your entire life. Ill kill you if you set even a toe outside the province!” Donglin Taihuangs sinister tones spread far and wide in waves. This was a threat and an attack!

Lu Yun was the top youth sovereign, and the greatest cultivator in the world! And hed now ascended to the void realm and perceived the void with his nascent spirit. There was a limitless future ahead of him.

If he truly hunkered down inside Dusk Province because of Donglin Taihuangs threat, itd be a fatal blow to his confidence. Even if he ascended to immortality, hed never be one of the best.

A proud genius with great ambitions would never permit this to happen. They wouldnt allow themselves to stop advancing just because of a threat.

“Then… youd better never come near Dusk Province, or Ill kill you too.” Lu Yun smirked evilly.


Eighteen beams of light shot out from eighteen cities in Dusk Province, converging into a single beam and slamming into Donglin Taihuang. Every single one of the light beams could rival a weapon of war, and all eighteen together could rival a peak arcane dao immortal.

Snarling, Donglin Taihuang used all the tricks up his sleeve and barely countered the attack.

Then, the eighteen weapons charged up again and flared in another burst of white. Scared witless, Donglin Taihuang bolted from the province.

“Ha, a mighty arcane dao immortal scared off by a widdle cultivator!” Lu Yun gave a loud bark of laughter. “I cant very well just stay silent after you attacked Dusk Province and threatened me now, can I”

His smile dropped as suddenly as his burst of laughter cut off. Dusk Province had seen many attacks during the past few months. First there was the North Sea court, then there were the five mysterious origin dao immortals, and now Donglin Taihuang had come to take his disciple.

The entire world of immortals would think they had Dusk Province at their mercy if Lu Yun didnt do something.

“I dont want to provoke the big monkey in the North Sea yet, and I dont know where in the heavens the five origin dao immortals came from. I suppose I should thank you for arriving on my doorstep, Donglin Taihuang.” His expression steely, Lu Yun turned to give Qing Han a determined look. “To be honest, Ive never been intimidated by House Donglin.”

“Well, that can wait until youre an immortal!” Qing Han blurted out. Hes definitely guessed my true identity!

Sulking, Lu Yun turned away and waved his hand to summon the Skybearer Gates. It was not only the perfect treasure for dealing with ghosts, but could also be turned into a portal to transcend the limit of space and connect two points far away from each other.

Still, it was only a dao immortal treasure, and the distance it could bridge wasnt that great. To solve that problem, Lu Yun sent out another treasure—the Ingress Path. They were simply a match made in heaven.

When combined, the treasures connected Dusk Province to Aureate Major. House Donglins ancestral land came into view before his eyes.

“Time to show them what weve got.”

Black Emperor emerged from the void and was aimed straight at the heart of the Donglin ancestral land.-

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