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Within a patch of vitality in the land of darkness, a three-foot-long wolf radiating silver moonlight lifted her head in confusion.

“Strange, I sense the ripples of my tribes combat arts nearby. Is there another Silvermoon Wolfking here” The little wolf stood up and cast an inquisitive gaze into the distance.

Next to her, Qing Han put away the dao book in her hand and followed the wolfs gaze.

“It is indeed the combat arts of the Silvermoon Wolfkings, but whoever using it has disguised it as the bloodline power of the Yue Clan.” Qing Han cocked his head and hummed bemusedly. “It must be a strange talent that can replicate other peoples combat arts.”

The silver wolf shook its furry head. “Arent you going to look for your sidekick, master”

“No.” Qing Han shook her head firmly. “Opportunities abound in this land. This is the perfect chance for him to grow stronger. If I seek him out, hell just give me all the treasures he finds. So no, Im quite happy staying here.”

The Silvermoon Wolfking looked at him in confusion. What was so bad about being given treasure

“I know hes had his fair share of great encounters, and hes more talented than most cultivators in our world. However, our world is vast, and there are many worlds apart from our own. No one can predict the future.

“I saw many great geniuses when I restored the path of cultivation,” Qing Han murmured at the book in his hand. “Some had already glimpsed the void realm, but kept their cultivation in check because of the severed path ahead of them. Now that the void realm has been restored, the elites whove been laying low all these years will be reemerging as well.

“What he has is not enough, its far from enough… Lu Yun needs more opportunities to further his potential if hes to realize his dream.

“The current me will only be an obstacle in that pursuit. Not even Mo Yi is unrivaled in this world. If theres one of her, there will be more of her. Lu Yun is powerful, but hes far from being on her level.”

The Silvermoon Wolfking stared at Qing Han in abject shock. Finally, shed realized that her master was Qing Han, and his sidekick was Lu Yun!

Since Qing Han had made the wolf her loyal pet, there was no harm in letting the wolf learn her true identity. Besides, they were currently residing in the blind spot of the Sovereign Ranking in the sky. Even the immortals in Destiny City couldnt see the two of them.


In front of the cave.

Silversnows attacks broke open wounds that had just knit together, but Yuan Tong didnt fight back. Instead, he clenched his jaw against the pain and stubbornly blocked the entrance, his eyes tender as they settled on the female gorilla.

“Die!” Silversnow snapped, manifesting a sparkling golden club and swinging it at Yuan Tong.

“Out of the way!” The little nun intervened just in time. The silver moon above her head shone even more intensely, and the bloodline power concealing it shattered. A silver wolf bathed in moonlight howled and leapt in a powerful strike.

“No!” Yuan Tong panicked when he saw the girls blow.


Moonlight blasted Silversnows giant body backward, sending her crashing heavily to the ground.

“Dont worry, I know you have feelings for her. I checked my strength accordingly.” Her robes fluttering, the little girls black locks streamed in the air and an immortal sword hovered around her.

“That combat art… You arent from the Yue Clan. Youre a Silvermoon Wolfking!” A disbelieving clamor arose from the monster spirits circling the area.

“Impossible! How can she be a Silvermoon Wolfking” General disbelief and incredulity reigned. The little nun was clearly human, yet when the disguise shrouding her combat art fell away and shed tapped into her true power, it was clear that she was using the signature combat arts of the Silvermoon Wolfkings!

“Who are you!” roared a giant black wolf.

The little nun stood before Yuan Tong and the cave, looking around coldly at the cultivators in the area.

The crowd was growing bigger. As time went by, there were increasingly fewer burial mounds for cultivators to raid. Every time there was a burst of immortal light, bloodshed would follow. More than a thousand people had gathered here in no time. The little nun paled slightly at the size of the assembly she faced.

“Speak!” the refined spirit realm wolf roared again. “Who. Are. You!”

“Shut up!” With a single point, the girl sent her flying sword at the black wolf and pierced a hole between its brows.


The mountainous wolf collapsed to the ground. Its Life Glyph flew out of its body and sank into the Sovereign Ranking. Shed eliminated a refined spirit realm elite with a single attack!

“Shes so strong! She killed a refined spirit realm monster in one move!” Cultivators in the nearby vicinity sucked in stunned breaths and fell silent.

“Whoever sticks their neck out,” declared the little nun coolly, “dies.”

The sword next to her exploded with sword light amidst a penetrating dragon howl that swept the area. Then, the silver moon above her head merged with the sword light to form... a cerulean dragon!

Vast Dragon Seaturner!

That was the first of Lu Yuns original sword techniques!

“Wait, thats one of Lu Yuns techniques!” Her demonstration alarmed the crowd into instant petrification; theyd all witnessed the might of the Vast Dragon Seaturner before. Lu Yun had employed it to kill an august immortal back in the Dusk Tournament.

“Whats your relationship with Lu Yun of Dusk Province!” demanded one of the cultivators.

“Lu Yun and I” The little nun puffed out her chest with a proud smile. “Im his dao partner! Well… in the future...”

“Lu Yuns dao partner, hmm...” Many looked at her and committed her appearance to memory.

“No wonder Lu Yun himself didnt come,” someone grumbled. “He sent his dao partner on his behalf.”

“Dammit! The light from the cave is dimming, someones collecting the heritage!”

“Ignore this witch. Shatter the mountain with everything youve got!” someone immediately roared. “Each to their own for the opportunity inside!”

This was patently the leader of the group. As soon as he finished giving orders, a few dozen slashes slammed into the mountain behind the little nun.

“Come on!” The others quickly followed suit when one had taken the lead. Thousands of sword slashes criss-crossed the sky, descending upon the dark mountain like locusts swarming the crops.

A loud rumble roared from the mountain as ugly cracks spiderwebbed through its surface.

“What a hard mountain. Again!” came a furious roar, followed by another wave of attacks.

“Damn, we need to get out of here!” Color draining from her face, the little nun punted Yuan Tong out of danger and dodged out of the way.

The attacks would hit both her and Yuan Tong this time. She might be able to defeat all the cultivators if she charged into them, but sitting there and facing the concerted attack of more than a thousand cultivators would surely destroy her.

Bam! ...crackcrackcrack.

The giant mountain crumbled into pieces.


“I was looking for a target to test my new technique on,” a voice muttered from the ruins of the mountain. “How nice of you all to oblige.”-

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