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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 432: Sword Tribulation

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“Whats wrong with Qing Yus Sidekick” Many immortals in Destiny City were keeping an eye on Lu Yun, and quite surprised to see the grave look on his face. Theyd never seen him with that expression in all this time.

“Has he discovered some kind of danger” someone said bemusedly. “He looks like hes facing his worst enemy.”

In their eyes, the little nun was the only one standing beside Lu Yun. They couldnt see the wielder of the Sword of Chaos, Wu Tulong, Mo Qitian, or Zi Chen.


Wu Tulong and the others looked at Lu Yun with chilling eyes.

“It would behoove you to stop interfering with my business,” the swords master suddenly said, his voice hoarse and deep like that of a growling beast. “I wont even break a sweat if I wanted to kill you. The attack back in Dusk Province was merely a warning.”

Wu Tulong, Zi Chen, and Mo Qitian uniformly cackled eerily in low tones before they slowly vanished into thin air. Lu Yuns face tightened further.

“Whats happening” asked the little nun. “Whats with the dreadful look, and who are you talking to”

“Wait,” Lu Yun blurted out, “you couldnt see them”

The little nun shook her head in confusion.

Lu Yun lowered his chin, his expression thick with tension. “The man was right, he can easily kill me with a single slash. Im not yet his match.” A great pressure weighed on his chest. “Dont interfere with his business… Does that mean hes going to start making his moves now”

The Sword of Chaos was the last hope of the ancient divine court. Forged after the divine race had been toppled, itd arrived in the world with the intent to restore the races position as the overlord of all.

Now that the sword had found its master, its next step was to rebuild the ancient court, and Lu Yun was the only one who knew about the events to come.

“Killing me wont even make you break a sweat” Lu Yun huffed out a laugh. “This was originally none of my business and I wouldnt have bothered getting involved. However, since you specifically came all this way to threaten me...”

His lips twisted into a cold smile. He never tolerated being pushed around; threats would only make him more eager to do something.

“Theres something the divine race needs from the central world.” Lu Yun turned around with a slight frown and looked in the direction where immortal light was still surging.


Nearing the end of the second round of the Sovereign Meet, everyone chose to preserve their strength. Even the ten lords trapped in Ghost Hits Wall had given up on chasing Yuan Tong, instead settling down where they were with resigned glances at each other.

Finally, it reached the thirtieth day since the competition had commenced. Under the encroachment of the dark void, the world was now only a thousand kilometers wide, within which were seven mountainous burial mounds and three tombs.

One of the tombs had already cracked open, spilling immortal radiance into the skies. Many cultivators sat around the tomb, waiting for it to completely open. However, that didnt take place even after the end of the second round.

A loud bang resounded through the sky, gold luminescence pushing away the encroaching darkness as the giant Sovereign Ranking slowly unfurled.

On it were the names of more than thirty million cultivators, but more than ninety percent of them had gone dark, marking their elimination. Only about thirty thousand names were still glowing, but even those began to blur. They didnt go dark, but those outside could no longer glean any information about them, nor could they match the names to the cultivators.

Then, all of the cultivators in the Sovereign World turned into streaks of light and entered the Sovereign Ranking, returning to Destiny City.

“I… I actually really did ascend to the void realm!” marveled a surprised voice in the city.

“Heavens, Ive reached the unravelled void realm and this… this is the ancient legacy I found in the Sovereign World! It was all real!”

“I was able to go toe-to-toe with a golden immortal while I was a perceived void realm cultivator. If I meet the guy again, Ill beat the crap out of him!” Cultivators whod returned from the Sovereign Ranking were shaking their fists with great confidence.

Many sucked in sharp breaths at this new development. Those whod been eliminated had also returned with their cultivation, but theirs were flawed, much weaker than what itd been in the Sovereign World. Theyd also completely forgotten the ancient legacies they'd unearthed from the burial mounds.

These thirty thousand cultivators, on the other hand, had returned with perfect cultivation, heritage items embodying ancient legacies, and all of the combat arts and techniques theyd learned from the items.

“What happened Why did they suddenly return from the ranking” 

This question beset many immortals. According to their speculations, theyd thought the cultivators wouldnt return from the mysterious world until the Sovereign Meet had ended.

“The last battle of the Sovereign Meet will commence in three days.” The powerful will of the Sovereign Ranking descended once again. “Cultivators who have just returned shall digest what they learned and recover to their peak in preparation for the last round of the tournament!”

Only then did the immortals understand what the Sovereign Ranking wanted.

Elimination had always been a lurking danger when they were in the dark world. Here in Destiny City, they would be able to cultivate and recuperate in peace under the protection of their elders. More importantly, theyd be able to hand over the opportunities and heritages theyd gained to their respective factions.


“Surrender our traitor, Wolfking!” demanded the elder of the silverback gorillas of the old wolfking of the silvermoon wolves.

“I...” The wolfking scowled. “Silverblaze and Yuan Tong have already left.”

“What! Wolfking, this seat calls you by your title only as a show of respect for your seniority. Dont take that as us silverbacks actually being afraid of you!” The silverback gorillas voice rumbled through the city like thunder, attracting many gazes. Many other people were delighted to see monster spirits fight among themselves.

“Hmph!” the old wolfking scoffed, its expression a shade darker. “This seat wasnt the one who let them go—it was the Life Glyphs who took them.”

That gave everyone pause. The Life Glyphs had taken them away What was that Was there something the Life Glyphs could do that they didnt know

What surprised them even more was that the old wolfking had actually given the silverback gorillas an explanation. The silvermoon wolves had always been the fierce and unyielding sort.

“So thats what happened...” The elites of the silverback gorillas nodded.


A deafening explosion rang out as a giant silver crescent moon emerged over Destiny City, a terrible pressure rippling out in all directions.


The old wolfking raised its front leg and clawed through the silverback gorillas chest, seizing its beating heart. The gorilla elder stilled, then lifelessly collapsed to the ground with a loud thud. Its nascent spirit hovered helplessly in the air, surrounded by eight arcane dao fruit.

“I destroy only your physical body today. If you dare talk to this supreme like that again, I will slaughter your entire bloodline!” The wolfkings voice rang like a death knell from hell, eliciting shudders through the crowd and abruptly delivering understanding of what the gorilla had done.

There were only seven wolfkings of their tribe, marking each of them noble and sacrosanct. Even the great one on Levitating Island showed them great respect. They were the only tribe that could rival the gold bloodlines. 


Lu Yun and Qing Han opened their eyes at the same time. Before them was a scattered pile of countless bodies of different shapes and forms. They were neither humans nor monster spirits, but divines.

“No wonder the owner of the Sword of Chaos didnt attack me in the central world...” Lu Yuns face darkened. The divines had already made a move against him in Jadeite Manor, but failed. Xi Yingchen, first disciple of the Destiny city lord, must have protected him.

Lu Yun looked around and saw that the Silvermoon Wolfking and gorilla had showed up next to them at some unknown time. By Qing Hans side was a jade-colored longsword.

“Whats that” Lu Yun turned to Qing Han in surprise.

“Its the treasure hidden in the tomb, but its nothing good.” Qing Han pursed her lips with a resigned shake of her head. The sword seemed to have imprinted on her and would follow her wherever she went. “If I pick it up, Ill be possessed by the will of immortal dao and lose myself.”

“Give it to me...” sounded a bleary voice. “Give it to me, give it to me… I didnt expect this sword to show up. I wont have to eat Lu Yun if I eat the sword!”

Lu Yun and Qing Han blinked, dumbfounded.


A strand of violet sword light came out of nowhere and slashed at the jade-colored sword of dao. 

The dao sword shuddered, as if itd been given an enormous fright, and rushed out as a streak of light. Seeing that her attack had been dodged, Violetgrave paused, then chased after it.

“She… she was going to eat you!” Qing Han looked at Lu Yun with wide, worried eyes.

“None of its historical owners have fared well. The previous owner of Violetgrave was...” Lu Yun frowned.

“Me,” Qi Hai said broodingly from hell. “I was its last owner, and I did get eaten.”

Qi Hai was a special case. Once Violetgrave had eaten him, hed seized the opportunity to disappear from the world of immortals and enter the dragon tomb in the North Sea.-

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