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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 435: Soul Planting

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Increasingly violent conflicts tore through Destiny City. Even the city lord was powerless to stop things as increasing numbers of genius cultivators lost their lives.

Soaring ambition had reared in a proud heart when the will of the immortal dao had first chosen his city to hold the Sovereign Meet. Hed pledged himself to organize the event as well as possible and set a precedent for the world of immortals.

Who wouldve ever thought that things would end up like this

“Those old immortals wouldnt be acting like this if it werent for the void realm.” The city lord lifted his head and looked in the direction of Dusk Province, shaking his head with a sigh. “Qing Han… You are the greatest sinner of our world.”

‘A desperate frenzy was no longer sufficient to describe the state of the world. Countless immortals had just about lost their minds upon facing the ruins of everything theyd ever lived for and an abject future of their long lives.

“Master,” Xi Yingchen spoke up quietly. “Isnt there the Great Formation of Heavenly Spirits and Earthly Demons Once incorporated into the body, itll—”

“Incorporated into the body” the city lord sneered. “Ive seen the formation for myself. Once incorporated, itll only cause an overload of energy and detonate the body.

“Why else do you think the major factions of the world abandoned Lu Yun and sealed off Dusk Province Thats because the formation is a dead end. Lu Yun… is one of the greatest villains that can be found!”

Shock wrote over any expression on Xi Yingchens face.

“However, the hand behind the scene right now is likely those old immortals whove severed their own cultivation… Though they slashed their cultivation, their replicas remain what they were.” The city lord didnt wish to speak further about the formation.


Destiny City was engulfed in utter chaos, but no one dared approach Jadeite Manor. 

Even the old wolfking, the most senior member of the Silvermoon Wolfkings, had been thoroughly routed and slunk out in human form. The manor had thus gained a foreboding and mysterious reputation.

“Someone who can give away a hundred billion premium immortal crystals must be somebody.”

The river of crystals remained coiled atop the manor like a river. A hundred billion in total—no more, no less. It wasnt that no one had tried taking the crystals, but that no one had succeeded so far.


“Milord! We have a guest, milord!” The night before the third round of the Sovereign Meet, an unexpected guest visited Jadeite Manor. Ge Long welcomed the visitor with a smile, instead of barring him at the door.

“Its you.” Lu Yun paused. He was both surprised and not surprised. The young man mustve figured out who he was.

It was Mo Chenfeng!

Lu Yun had seen the Mo genius from Lazuli Major at the end of the Ingress Path, observing a young man so dominated by Mo Qitian that hed become a shadow of himself. He hadnt expected his acquaintance to pay him a visit.

“It is indeed you!” Mo Chenfengs eyes lit up.

“Oh” Lu Yun neither admitted or denied who he was, but simply looked at Mo Chenfeng without a word.

“Youve changed your appearances and bearing… Even the ripples of your nascent spirit are different. But thats not enough to fool me!” Mo Chenfeng inhaled deeply. “My sword intent recognizes you!”

Lu Yun nodded. His sword intent had started out inspired by Mo Chenfengs. Although itd now evolved into a different thing, it still couldnt escape Mo Chenfengs notice.

“Out with it, what are you here for” Lu Yun asked.

“Qitian...” After a long pause, Mo Chenfeng said, “He doesnt seem to be who hed been before.”

“Mo Qitians probably dead. Whatever this Mo Qitian is, Im not sure.” After a moment of deliberation, Lu Yun asked, “What does your senior council think of him”

“Qitians really dead” Dejection painted a thick stroke over Mo Chenfengs face. “No wonder. No wonder hes been in closed door cultivation ever since returning to the clan...”

“Wait!” Lu Yun tensed and manifested a talisman, then stuck it to Mo Chenfengs forehead.

“Whats wrong” Mo Chenfeng questioned in shock as a surge of golden light paralyzed him.

“Hehehe… So you noticed...” an eerie voice rose from behind Mo Chenfeng, sending shudders down the young mans spine.

“What a big yum yum...” Standing guard outside the door, Ge Long stared past Mo Chenfengs shoulders. “But… I think I cant eat it… not just yet...” His expression turned uncharacteristically grave.

An infant with a bluish complexion crawled up along Mo Chenfengs back, bearing a seventy percent resemblance to the young man. This mustve been what Mo Chenfeng looked like when he was young.


The talisman attached to Mo Chenfengs forehead burst into blinding golden light. With a piercing shriek, the infant ducked back behind Mo Chenfengs shoulders, attempting to burrow back into the young mans body.

“Think youre getting away on my watch! Halt!” Lu Yun stepped forward and shot another talisman at the infants forehead. Gold light flashed by, restricting the wide-eyed infant whod opened his mouth. No sound or movement was forthcoming from it.

Lu Yun grabbed the infant from Mo Chenfengs shoulders and removed the talisman on the young mans forehead.

“Whats going on What is that!” Mo Chenfeng gaped at the infant, chilled to the bones.

“This is you.” Lu Yun glared broodingly at the immobilized infant.

“...me” Blaring confusion reigned.

“Once he grows up, hell replace you and take everything from you. Youll never be you again. ...this is soul planting.” Lu Yun rubbed at his forehead, his expression severe. “Its a technique of the shamanic race. Have they allied themselves with the divines”

The shamans were the only descendents of the Primeval humans, while the divines had been deemed traitors by the Primeval humans. The two groups shouldve been the worst of enemies.

Why would they work together

“Or perhaps...” Another possibility came to Lu Yuns mind.

No matter what the truth was, Mo Qitian was indeed dead. Like Mo Chenfeng, someone had planted the seed of a soul in Mo Qitians spirit, which was in the process of growing up to eventually replace him!

Realization suddenly striking him, Lu Yun vanished into thin air.

“Whats wrong” Qing Han was startled by Lu Yuns sudden disappearance.


Unceremoniously, Lu Yun stuck a golden talisman to Qing Hans forehead. She trembled as a trace of black smoke left her body, slowly taking the form of a human.

“Ive already warned you, Lu Yun. If you insist on interfering with my plans, I will show you no mercy.” The black figure stood atop Qing Hans head, its ruthlessly chilling gaze settling on Lu Yun through the black smoke.

“Why dont you stay, since youve come all this way” Scoffing, Lu Yun grabbed at the smoke figure.

“Hmph!” It huffed and scattered in an instant.-

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