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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 446: Shitstirrer

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The strike had come precisely when Lu Yuns strength was spent, right before he could recover. But he remained vigilant nonetheless, so the sneak attack from Sword Divine merely grazed past his left shoulder before landing on the Sovereign Arena, almost cleaving the giant edifice in two.

Blood flowed down Lu Yuns left arm, and inside Jadeite Manor, a sinister wound likewise appeared on the left shoulder of Lu Yuns real body.

“Whats the matter! Where did that sword light come from!” shouted the immortals in Destiny City, including origin dao immortals. They hadnt seen the attacker at all, nor could they tell where the sword light originated from.

“Theres a really formidable powerhouse inside the arena. We cant even see him!” Cold wracked the bodies of the already-eliminated cultivators as shivers coursed down their spines.


Lu Yun turned his head to the left and observed the painful wound on his shoulder, surprised to find out he couldnt immediately heal the damage with his current ability. Clearly, his true body had also been wounded.

The Sword Atlas appeared once again in a multicolored cloud of light that curled around him,  a dense legion of illusory swords forming an impenetrable shield all around him.

Sword Divine slowly came into view. His figure was shrouded in hazy shadows that hid his true appearance. By comparison, the sword in his hand seemed exceptionally clear: the Sword of Chaos.

“I warned you not to meddle in my affairs.” Somewhat hoarse, Sword Divines voice had obviously been muffled on purpose to hide his identity. “But you chose to interfere anyway, so I must get rid of you.”

As his voice fell, he started moving once again.

Like a living thing, the Sword of Chaos streaked across the sky and hacked at Lu Yun. The Dusk lords eyes narrowed as he cried out despite himself, “Simplicity is the essence of dao! An attack that contains the greatest of dao itself, who on earth are you!”

Simplicity was the essence of dao!

The same concept had been showcased by the long-haired black monster standing on the path of cultivation and preventing cultivators from entering the void realm!

However, from what Lu Yun knew, a weapon of dao was also required to perfectly execute such an attack. In the absence of said weapon, Lu Yun himself could at most blend the power of the great dao into his own sword technique in a pale imitation.

Yet Sword Divine had unleashed a perfect version of it!

Although thoroughly aghast, Lu Yun reacted at lightning speed. The moment the sword strike was about to land on him, the Sword Atlas curling around him fashioned a sword formation to block the incoming attack.

One couldnt use supplemental daos in the Sovereign Arena, but Lu Yuns sword formation had evolved into an authentic combat art in its own right.


Carrying with it the essence of dao, the Sword of Chaos struck the Sword Atlas and instantly shattered it!

The sword slash lost none of its momentum in the process. It crashed heavily onto Lu Yuns chest and sent him flying far away, an arc of spewed blood trailing behind him.

“This is all you amount to,” sneered Sword Divine. His figure suddenly vanished. By the time he reappeared, he was already standing in front of Lu Yun, his sword poised to stab down.

“Master!!” Silver radiance suddenly flashed across the sky as Yuan Tongs giant frame landed in front of Lu Yun, a giant shield shaped like a turtle shell in its hand.

Yuan Tong and the Silvermoon Wolfking had been keeping a close eye on Lu Yuns fight. While they couldnt see Sword Divine, they could feel the terrible sword intent, so Yuan Tong had sprung into action the moment itd seen the young man sent flying.

It was calling upon the full might of its Scarlet Ape bloodline; the giant shield refined through shamanic arts flickered with rays of blood-red light as it clamped protectively over Lu Yun.


At the same time, a sword slash landed heavily on the shield. Blood overflowed from Yuan Tongs mouth and its vitality decreased at an alarming rate, but there was a gleam of satisfaction in its eyes. 

“In this world, only two have ever treated me well and given me a sense of self-worth. One is the Wolfking, and the other my master…” it murmured even as its vision began to blur.

“To think Id die like this. I… really am dying,” it uttered, conjuring the last of its strength. 

“Youre not going to die.” Lu Yun quickly pressed his hands on the gorillas chest, forcing its elimination a split second before the Sword of Chaos could land the killing blow. Then, he took the giant shield and hid behind it. Flung into the air again by the terrifying counterforce from the impact, he landed heavily on the ground. 

This time around, he too had suffered critical damage. Countless bones in his body were shattered and he was almost completely immobilized.


“Im still alive!” Yuan Tong lay bonelessly on the ground like a bag filled with rags. Although its wounds were heavy, its life had been saved. And thanks to a pill Scarlet Ape fed it, it quickly recovered from the worst of its injuries.

“Did you see who the attacker was” Scarlet Ape asked. Beside them, Lu Yuns body was also dyed a bloody crimson. Although Ge Long was tirelessly providing first aid, the young mans wounds couldnt be mended before his return.

“Master called him Sword Divine, but I couldnt see him.” Yuan Tong shook its head.

The next moment, Silverblaze also regained consciousness with a wry smile on her lips.

She hadnt been wounded; instead, shed been eliminated by Qing Hans sword. Her mistress had obviously been worried shed follow in Yuan Tongs footsteps. The two of them had eliminated quite a few cultivators in the arena, so theyd earned ample rewards.

“To think humans would protect monster spirits… Strange, how truly strange.” Scarlet Ape looked at the distant Lu Yun in the arena, its eyes filled with incredulity. This wouldve been utterly unfathomable back in its own era.

When Yuan Tong had taken the blow for Lu Yun just then, it wouldve been easy for the young man to use this occurrence to escape completely unharmed.

But he hadnt done so. Instead, hed struck Yuan Tong and sent him out. It was this very palm strike thatd caused him to miss the most optimal timing to dodge the incoming attack and condemned him to suffer the blow from the Sword of Chaos in full, leading to heavy injuries.


“Sidekick isnt invincible, it seems. At the very least, the invisible powerhouse can kill him!” Countless immortals cheered when they saw Lu Yun get wounded. He hadnt eliminated many people, but each of them had been a matchless genius from one of the top clans. By now, hed offended all of the factions standing behind the ten lords.

More importantly, hed skinned quite a few powerhouses and refined their bones into shamanic weapons. While those cultivators hadnt truly died, theyd gone through the very real experience of feeling their skins peeled off and their bones ripped away.

“Just now, I saw him betray the silverback gorilla that tried to help him…”

“Whatever the case may be, the Sovereign Ranking battle will return to normal after hes out.”

“What a **stirrer!”


Meanwhile, Lu Yun lay on the ground. The giant shield had landed not far away from him, and Sword Divine was presently standing beside him. He could feel eerie two beams of murderous intent shooting out of the blurry face and stabbing viciously into him.

“Im going to die anyway, so before I do, let me see who you really are.” Lu Yun heaved a helpless sigh.

“A soon-to-be ghost doesnt need to know that.” Sword Divine didnt fall for it, lifting his sword instead and stabbing right at Lu Yuns forehead.-

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