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Scarlet Apes question prompted Empress Myrtlestar, Lu Yun, and Qing Han to shift their gazes to Ge Long, eyes burning hotly with curiosity.

The old servant puffed his chest out and declared proudly, “This humble one is Ge Long, the grand steward of Lu Manor in Dusk City!”

Dusk Province had essentially declared independence from Nephrite Major and the governors manor had been transformed into the Lu Manor, referring not to the Lu Clan, but Lu Yun.

After his statement, Ge Long bent down and fawned over Lu Yun with an ingratiating smile.

“Tsk.” Lu Yun curled his lip and didnt pay any more attention to Ge Long. So far, he had yet to uncover anything suspicious about Ge Long. The old servants name had been written into the Tome of Life and Death above the names of his Envoys of Samsara.

“You dont have to bother yourself with the seventeen crippled immortals, Senior Myrtlestar. I can deal with them myself.” Lu Yun smiled and grabbed Qing Hans hands. “Cmon, lets go take a stroll. We havent had a chance to take in the sights and sounds of Destiny City since we arrived.”

The two of them walked out of Jadeite Manor holding hands.

“They... actually walked out of the manor! Do they have a death wish!”

While the seventeen origin dao immortals had left, many immortals still stayed to keep an eye on the manor. They could scarcely believe their eyes when they saw Lu Yun and Qing Han leaving the manor.

The news quickly spread through Destiny City. Although the Sovereign Meet had ended, many people still milled around in the city. They wanted to see for themselves how those two **stirrers died.

Most importantly, Chu Yingxin was still here. Many were still eyeing him, planning on skinning him to refine a robe. However, the seventeen origin dao immortals made them think twice before starting any trouble in Destiny City.

Some wanted to stir up chaos for a chance to kill more cultivators, much like what had happened after the second round of the Sovereign Meet. What prevented a repeat of that mayhem was three origin dao immortals allying to kill the peak arcane dao immortal responsible for agitating would-be troublemakers, then slaughtering his clan members as well.

Since that swift retribution, no one had dared cause trouble in Destiny City.

“Quick! Notify the powerhouses in the clan that Qing Yu and his Sidekick have left Jadeite Manor!”

Though the news immediately got out, no one leaped into action against Lu Yun and Qing Han.

The seventeen origin dao immortals and Scarlet Ape had a deal, and the entire world of immortals served as witness. They wouldnt go after the two youths during the next three days. These immortals cared a great deal about face and wouldnt risk their reputation by going back on their word.

Moreover, itd be highly unwise to offend Scarlet Ape.


“The seventeen origin dao immortals arent going to do anything because of their image and their connection with that big monkey.” Resentment brewed in many hearts. They all hated Lu Yun and Qing Han, but the deadly threat Scarlet Ape posed gave them pause.

“What if… the two of them make the first move” An immortals eyes lit up. “If those two little bastards attack first, well be able to kill them without the seventeen origin dao immortals involvement. In fact, Im sure theyll even protect us from Scarlet Ape!”

“Youre... right. Thatll work!” After a quick exchange of ideas, the immortals snuck up on Lu Yun and Qing Han. Not to ambush them, of course.

“Tsk, two men holding hands in public… Thats just...” jeered a derisive voice. “Is this what people call passion of the cut sleeve I didnt expect the two powerful youths who swept the Sovereign Arena to be into each other. What an eye-opener!”

The unwanted commentator was a golden core realm cultivator. He stared at Lu Yun and Qing Han with repulsed mockery on his face.

“If youd dared say such things in public on Earth, youd get a good beating,” Lu Yun addressed the cultivator in a serious tone. [1]

“Earth” The golden core realm cultivator paused, flabbergasted. However, his comment had already triggered a corresponding clamor of insults.

The culture of the world of immortals was similar to that of feudal society on Earth; the populace still held uncommonly conservative values. Lu Yun and Qing Han wouldve attracted scorn for simply walking hand-in-hand in the street, let alone when someone was purposefully drawing attention to them.

All kinds of distasteful insinuations and personal attacks were thrown around; anyone else wouldve instantly lost control of their emotions and picked a fight.

Qing Han was trembling, her eyes blazing with fury. What those people were saying didnt even bear dwelling upon for a single second. They had absolutely crossed a line!

“Hehehe, who wouldve thought these two powerful youths like going through back doors I wonder whos on top in bed”


Immense inner energy burst forth from Qing Han as she levelled a cold gaze at the wretched nascent spirit realm cultivator.

“What” the man continued taunting. “You dont dare do anything to me in Destiny City!”

“Dont mind them. Theyre trying to taunt us into attacking them.” Lu Yun patted her on the shoulder and injected her with a stream of calming energy. He was entirely unfazed by the insults. Compared to the insults of Earth, this was nothing.

“Oho, so youre the taker and hes the giver,” the cultivator leered lasciviously.

Qing Han flushed red in the face. “Lets go back!”

“Thats not an option anymore.” Lu Yun shook his head. “They mustve set up other traps for us. Let them talk, it doesnt hurt us.”

Lu Yun was right. If they turned back, theyd be facing other trumped up provocations. He could control his temper, but Qing Han wasnt able to do so. She threw him a disapproving look and lightly waved her hand.

A veil was gently brushed to the side and the entire city fell silent. A girl who was too stunning to exist in reality stood beside Lu Yun. Three years ago, Qing Yu had only been fifteen and bore hints of childishness on her face. Now, however, she was an adult.

Lu Yun stared at her, lightheaded and in a daze.

“The clouds are your clothes, the flowers your visage Yours is the most beautiful landscape; your eyes as moving as the rivers, and your brows as beautiful as Jiangnans peaks.” He muttered various lines of different poems to himself and struggled to find the right words to describe Qing Yu. “The little fox is nothing compared to you.”

Other cultivators and immortals gaped at Qing Yu as well.

“She, she… so Qing Yus a girl...” the cultivators thatd been mocking them were rendered speechless.

“No wonder she disguised herself as a man. I almost lost control of my dao heart for a moment! How shameful,” an arcane dao immortal sighed, breaking out of his reverie.

Qing Yu was stunning enough to topple a nation. More importantly, as the dao sovereign blessed by the Dao Flower, there was a unique grace about her that made all other fairies in the world of immortals pale in comparison, Empress Myrtlestar and the little fox included.

“Hmph.” Qing Yu pouted and huffed. With a wave of her hand, she turned back into Qing Han.

1. Yo LY, you forgetting how you freaked out when you might be gay Tsk tsk.-

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