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Both male cultivators and immortals in the surroundings gaped dumbly. Qing Yus parting huff was especially enticing to them.

“I think… I should find myself a dao partner...” an immortal muttered, his eyes glued to Qing Yu.

Although shed already concealed her visage and transformed back into a regular man, her stunning appearance from moments ago was deeply branded into many peoples minds. Her beauty ran more than skin-deep. There was a unique grace and presence to her, due to her being the only dao sovereign of the immortal dao.


“So she is indeed a woman.” A few Donglin immortals watched from atop a tall building, their expressions dark.

“A Qing surname… is she… Damn that Qing Clan, hiding the truth from House Donglin!”

A woman of cosmic constitution with the surname of Qing—that couldnt be a coincidence.

Suspicions were rising in House Donglin that Qing Yu was the girl with the cosmic constitution born to Qing Taxian and his dao partner all those years back. The signs had all been there, but the babe had somehow ended up being male in the end.

“What can we do with that information though” Another immortal shook his head. “The man beside the woman put a bounty of a hundred billion crystals on Taihuang as soon as he approached. Hes still in hiding even now.”

Any other time, no one in the world of immortals would dare go after Donglin Taihuang after House Donglin had made their own declaration.

However, House Donglin had fallen to the same fate as the Destiny city lord, their reputation and dignity in tatters around their ankles. Although they were extremely powerful, theyd lost all authority. Theyd even been robbed of their ancestral lands. Who cared what House Donglin wanted anymore

“We must capture that woman no matter what and present her to Taihuang as a cultivation vessel!” a Donglin dao immortal asserted coolly. “If Taihuang gains the cosmic power from the woman, theres an eighty percent chance for him to pluck an origin dao fruit without suffering any injuries!”

“Lets see what the ancestor has to say.” Two dao immortals from House Donglin cast their gazes into the depths of the clouds.

The seventeen origin dao immortals hadnt returned to Destiny City, but were instead hovering in the clouds above the city. Among them was the Donglin ancestor, the man whod split the house from the Lin Clan: Dong Lin.


“If anyone dares kill Fairy Qing Yu, I, Yu Botong, will be the first to fight them to the death!”

“Thats right. Fairy Qing Yu is innocent. Its that Sidekick whos been a bad influence on her!”

“Take down the Sidekick and save her from the suffering and torment shes in!”

The entire area dissolved into utter chaos. Many of the weaker-minded cultivators had already fallen head over heels for Qing Yu, their minds filled with only thoughts of her stunning figure.

She did this on purpose, she totally did this on purpose! Lu Yun quickly understood that Qing Yus presence held a fatal attraction for immortals and cultivators alike. Regular cultivators couldnt resist it at all.

Of course, Qing Han couldve fully retracted her attraction, but shed decided to enact this little bit of retaliation against those whod so grievously insulted her before.

“We need to go!” Lu Yun grabbed Qing Han. The two of them turned into particles of dust and disappeared.

“Fairy! Wheres my fairy!” Numerous cultivators burst into tears when Qing Han disappeared from their sight, their expressions lost and forlorn.

“They turned into two particles and escaped over in that direction.” Origin dao immortals sitting cross-legged on the clouds tensed; theyd been keeping a constant eye on Destiny City with their consciousness.

“Its just a little trick. It may be able to fool the regular immortals, but not our senses.” Dong Lin appeared to be a middle-aged man, quite unassuming in a long, gray robe. However, the other origin dao immortals present were all exceedingly wary of him.

The Lin Clan was already considered one of the top factions in the world of immortals. They were no lesser than any of the heavenly courts of the nine majors or the ten lands in terms of raw power.

However, Dong Lin had managed to win independence for his branch from the clan, breaking his family out of the clans blockade and bringing them to Aureate Major. There, they settled down and gradually grew into the top aristocracy of the major.

Dong Lin hadnt even been an origin dao immortal at the time.

It was after the establishment of House Donglin that hed entered the void and plucked an origin dao fruit, ascending to the realm. However, he didnt escape the same fate that had befallen the other origin dao immortals.

The immortals around him expressed their agreement.

“I want that Qing Yu,” Dong Lin said suddenly. “She has a cosmic constitution and will make the perfect cultivation vessel for Taihuang.”

The others didnt respond to Dong Lins declaration.

“What happens once Donglin Taihuang gains a woman with a cosmic constitution” wondered a man with fiery long hair. He was a heavyweight who hadnt suffered that serious a dao injury, which made him one of the most powerful among the origin dao immortals. Itd been he whod forced Scarlet Ape to back down earlier.

“Theres an eighty percent chance that Taihuang can ascend as a complete origin dao immortal,” Dong Lin admitted candidly.

The others shook and threw disbelieving glances at Dong Lin.

“Its not a trifling matter to become a complete origin dao immortal!” the man suddenly scoffed. “All of us know how deadly the monsters guarding the dao fruit tree are. Youve been there yourself as well. Do you really think acquiring a woman of cosmic constitution is enough for him to defeat them”

“I am skeptical, yes,” Dong Lin nodded. “But Taihuang says he is eighty percent confident. I will not let that opportunity slip away then.”

Itd been Dong Lin whod personally threatened the Qing Clan into bowing their heads to House Donglin all those years back. The major factions of Nephrite Major were considered top factions, but none of them had an origin dao immortal among them.

Followers of the first Nephrite Celestial Emperor, including Lu Daoling and the Qing ancestor, had only plucked nine arcane dao fruit, and dared not push their cultivation further.

If a complete origin dao immortal ever came onto the scene, perhaps theyd be able to heal the injuries the crippled origin dao immortals had suffered through the course of their cultivation.

The nine celestial emperors wouldnt get involved, since it would interfere with the karmic retribution of the dao fruit tree. Theyd avoided the monsters guarding the tree with the power of the nine heavenly mandates and werent going to overstep where they shouldnt.

Dong Lins words silenced the other origin dao immortals.


After evading the ardent cultivators, Lu Yun and Qing Han found a quiet spot and used a simple transformation method. With their appearances transformed, they freely wandered around Destiny City.

There was nothing in the city that was worth Lu Yuns time. He was, in fact, secretly setting up a formation in order to help them escape. It wasnt a formation of immortal dao, but a shamanic creation. Although it fell under the purview of the immortal dao, it didnt give off the same energy that an immortal dao formation would.

After spending the day frolicking in the city, Lu Yun and Qing Han returned to Jadeite Manor.

“Ah, the two of you finally came.” Lu Yun perked up when he saw the two visitors in the manor. Lin Yu and Lin Xuan! The two brothers had finally come to Jadeite Manor.

However, they spared no thought for Lu Yun, but instead stared at Qing Han with heated gazes.

“My goddess!”


“Get out!” raged Lu Yun.-

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