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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 455: Intimidation

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Zhao Fengyang.

No one had expected him to suddenly show himself and kill Dong Lin, even shattering his origin dao fruit!

Stifling silence descended upon Destiny City. The former Nephrite Celestial Emperor had been the first to pass down his throne, thus raising the curtain on a brand new era in the world of immortals.

“Havent… havent you gone into closed door cultivation Why are you here!” The long-haired fire spirit gawked at Zhao Fengyang, at a loss as to what to do. The other origin dao immortals didnt dare make a move, either.

Donglin Taihuang gaped in horror. As an eight-fruit arcane dao immortal, he was able to do as he pleased and order the Qing and other major clans around only because of Dong Lins support.

However, his house ancestor now lay dead on the ground. More importantly, the bounty the unpredictable man from Jadeite Manor had put on him was still in effect. In that moment, many came to the same conclusion: House Donglin was doomed. They were looking at an aristocratic house without a future. House Donglin would either be destroyed by the Lin Clan, or annexed by the Aureate court.

Even so, the thirteen remaining origin dao immortals didnt dare twitch a muscle. Theyd been holed up in their clans territories over the past eighty thousand years while the nine celestial emperors ruled, unbeknownst to most in the world of immortals.

Theyd only dared poke their heads out of hiding because the nine celestial emperors had passed the torch. Had the celestial emperors still been in power, they never wouldve come out, no matter how much noise Lu Yun made or how alluring the rewards from the Sovereign Meet were.


Zhao Fengyang scanned the surroundings with cold, eagle-like eyes. The remaining origin dao immortals did their best imitations of statues. Sword Divine, on the other hand, had fled as soon as the former celestial emperor showed up.

“Ive long said that rotten apples like these should be nipped in the bud or excised entirely,” Zhao Fengyang said apropos of nothing, ignoring the fire spirits question.

Abject terror struck the thirteen origin dao immortals, scaring the wits out of them and replacing all their emotions with despair. 

The nine celestial emperors had always known about them, and a handful considered them tumors of the world. Zhao Fengyang was especially radical, tolerating no twisted origin dao immortals like them. That was why Nephrite Major was the only major in the world without such crippled origin dao immortals.

The ancestor of the Ling Clan, top clan of Nephrite Major, had once ascended to origin dao realm. However, the torment hed undergone to pluck the dao fruit twisted him, leading to the celestial emperor personally killing him.

That had, in turn, prompted the Ling Clan to move out of Xiankan and establish Ling Province in the southern part of the major, settling down in their own territory.

Midair, Qi Hai turned and gave Zhao Fengyang a surprised look. Noticing Qi Hais gaze, Zhao Fengyang turned and bowed at him, calling him martial uncle.

Qi Hai nodded and slowly dissipated. With a peak origin dao immortal like Zhao Fengyang here, there was no need for him to stay.

The thirteen origin dao immortals held their collective breath, terrified that the vengeful former Nephrite celestial emperor would kill them all.

“Get out!” commanded Zhao Fengyang. The dao immortals scattered helter-skelter at the rare show of mercy. “Master.” He turned back to the Destiny city lord.


It came as a surprise to all that Destiny city lord was Zhao Fengyangs master. But no matter what anyone thought, things could finally settle down in Destiny City. 

Zhao Fengyang didnt stay long before taking his leave, and the city became peaceful once more.

Although everyone knew Zhao Fengyang had intervened because Dong Lin had injured his master, the former celestial emperors influence was such that no one dared go after Lu Yun and Qing Han even after Zhao Fengyang seemed to depart.

“Was that one of the former celestial emperors” Scarlet Ape goggled and sucked in a breath. “No wonder the two fellows on Ingress Island and the Dark North Sword Sect remain in hiding. With figures like these ruling over the world of immortals…” It cut itself off and flashed out of Nephrite Major.

“Now that the unwanted eyes are gone, lets move on as well.” Lu Yun allowed himself to relax once Scarlet Ape left. It was no surprise to him that Zhao Fengyang had shown up. The Ingress Path was the greatest treasure of Nephrite Major, but it was also Zhao Fengyangs personal treasure.

Zhao Changkong, the current Nephrite Celestial Emperor, hadnt yet earned the right to wield the treasure. Thus, the Ingress Path remained in Zhao Fengyangs possession.

The Dusk lord knew as soon as the Ingress Path had appeared in Destiny City, becoming the first trial of the Sovereign Meet, that Zhao Fengyang must be there.

“So we're going to the East Sea, milord” Ge Long emerged out of nowhere with a smile. He was so certain it was as if he was reading Lu Yuns mind.

Lu Yun nodded. He was indeed planning on heading to the East Sea. His bargain with Scarlet Ape had never been his true intention. He had a feeling that once he went to the East Sea, the ape trapped there would break out of its restraints even if he didnt want to release it.

“You mustnt go now!” Qing Han shook his head. “That big monkey will notice if you do. Its better to return to Dusk Province for a while.”

Lu Yun wanted to go to the East Sea to look for the kunpeng nest and explore the desolate land so he could find the remaining pearls and cure Qing Hans poison.

However, she didnt want him to take the risk. She felt he should make ample preparations before making the trip, or at least wait until hed digested his gains from the Sovereign Meet.

“Besides, its been three years since we heard from my big brother and cousin,” Qing Han lowered her head and whispered, “Im worried about them.”

Three years ago, after the great battle in Dusk Province, Qing Buyi and Chen Xiao had set out for the Endless Desert to the west of Nephrite Major. They hadnt returned since, nor had they sent word. Qing Han was beginning to worry, despite her confidence in Qing Buyi and Chen Xiao.

Lu Yuns expression turned grave as well—he couldnt just recklessly go into the desert himself. Ancient tombs and desolate lands were his forte, but the Endless Desert was different. Within the vast desert, the most dangerous threats were the endless monsters and beasts liable to spring out of nowhere.

“Well return to Dusk Province first and figure out a plan,” Lu Yun sighed. He knew how Qing Han felt.

The three of them left Destiny City. Although many immortals would like to make a move against them, none dared take the risk. Zhao Fengyang was too great a threat.

“Ah, I almost forgot.” Lu Yun came to a sudden stop after he left Destiny City and raised his voice. “The Blood Formation of Ten Thousand Spirits is still functional. The way to activate it can be found in Jadeite Manor.”

The Destiny city lord perked up, and Xi Yingchen immediately returned to his former manor to see a scroll floating above the crimson altar.

“It is indeed a shamanic formation.” The Destiny city lord sucked in a breath when he arrived and took a good look at the contents of the scroll. “Who are Qing Yu and the young man They cant be descendants of the shamanic race...”-

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