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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 469: A Pair of Eyeballs

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“What… what did you eat” Lu Yun asked, flabbergasted. Qi Hai gaped at Ge Long as the old servant emerged out of the darkness.

“Hic!” Ge Long belched and wiped away the smears of blood at the corner of his mouth. “The terrible thing that kills cultivators… hic! Its thanks to milord that this old servant could eat it!” Drowsily, he continued, “Milord, this servant, this servant is going to sleep.”

“Wait!” Lu Yun hurriedly stopped him from drifting off. “Can you eat the thing on my back”

“Hmm… Such a great yum-yum.” Ge Long looked over Lu Yuns shoulders with heavy eyelids and wiped away drool from the corner of his mouth, then shook his head. “Theyre poor things looking for what theyve lost… This old servant cant possibly eat them.”

Ge Long shook his head and murmured, “The matriarch… Milady can resolve their grudges...” He went still and toppled to the ground, his snores thunderous.

“Where does your steward come from” Qi Hai stared dumbly at Lu Yun, at a complete loss of what to say. Ge Long had just... eaten the thing that the human demon had grimly decided to destroy, even at the cost of his life

Qi Hai was from the era of human dao and thus knew how terrible the guardian of the resting place of the human emperor was.

Although the human demon was no longer at his peak, he was still someone Qi Hai couldnt rival. Qi Hai had been one of the senior council of the human race, while the human demon was the guardian of the human sacred land.

Lu Yun sent Ge Long back to hell with a wave of his hand and probed his surroundings. The power that could easily snuff him out had indeed disappeared.

“Id like to know what he is, too.” Lu Yun shook his head. “Hes the first person I killed.”

Although itd been Wanfeng whod cut off Ge Longs head, hed died at Lu Yuns hands before that.

There was no point in hiding such things from Qi Hai. He knew Lu Yun was the overlord of hell, and he knew about the strange abilities at the young mans disposal. In some ways, he knew hell better than Lu Yun did.

“Since that thing has been dealt with,” Lu Yun continued before Qi Hai could say anything, “ Ill let the tomb owner out to destroy the extinction layout!”

He could see the layout, but couldnt locate where it was. Although the threat in the darkness was gone, some power was still hindering his senses. More importantly, he was exhausted. The rotten flesh of many lives had prevented him from replenishing his energy, and he didnt even have enough for the Dragonsearch Invocation any more.

“Open the coffin!” Lu Yun opened the way to hell and summoned a few Infernum to open the lid of the scarlet hanging coffin, but didnt relax his guard.

Netherwood coffins, bronze outer-coffins, and hanging coffins interred only the most dangerous things in the world. Qi Hai couldnt fight now, and Lu Yun had almost no energy left. His only option was to summon helpers from hell. Fortunately, the restriction against immortals didnt reach where the tomb owner was buried.


The hanging coffin trembled as its lid was pushed open.


Beams of dark golden light shot into the sky, forming a criss-crossing web of Sacred Origin Runes. Remnants of the outer layer of runes etched on the surface were reflected as another layer within the coffin. This inner layer had formed after the outer had slowly seeped into the coffin over the course of a thousand years, forming a second seal, but it was much weaker than the one Lu Yun had just taken down.

After some rest, Lu Yun began disassembling them as well. It took him about an hour to destroy the last layer of runes, bringing the scarlet hanging coffin to a soft landing on the ground.

Breath hitched, Lu Yun and Qi Hai quietly stared at the coffin.

“It...” They both widened their eyes in shock, gaping at the thing crawling out of the coffin. It wasnt a zombie or an immortal ghost, like Lu Yun had expected, but a... pair of eyes.

A pair of regular-sized, very pretty eyes. The gaze in them was bright and focused as they gave Lu Yun and Qi Hai a onceover.

“The tomb owner is a pair of eyes” Lu Yun breathed in shock, but then was reminded of something. “No wonder Senior Human Demon always manifests as a pair of eyes first. He borrowed the power of the tomb owner.”

“You should not have let me out,” the eyes transmitted.

“That thing has been eaten,” Lu Yun answered the unspoken question.

“It will come back to life. Many have tried to destroy it over the years, but they have always failed. The extinction layout passed down from the human ancestor planet is the only hope to destroy it.

“But… I dont want to be destroyed completely either, so I had to take action to bring down the layout.”

“You know feng shui as well” Lu Yun asked despite himself.

“I dont, but I know how to dismantle the extinction layout...” The consciousness of the eyes was conflicted and resigned.

“Be careful,” Qi Hai suddenly said in Lu Yuns head. “The eyes are dangerous and in no way a kind soul. They werent buried here, but sealed here. ...wait! This thing isnt the tomb owner!” he suddenly concluded with great urgency, suddenly recalling a terrible legend.

Lu Yun was completely unfazed by the sudden twist. He was the greatest commandant of tomb raiders in history, so of course hed noticed that something was amiss. The eyes were alive and sentient!

Moreover, although they looked bright and clear, the crimson light hidden deep within couldnt be concealed.

“I need to borrow your body to take down the extinction layout,” continued the eyes.

“Borrow my body” Lu Yun paused. “Dont you see the thing behind my back”

“I can deal with them for you,” the eyes cast a glance over Lu Yuns shoulders and transmitted. The use ofthem suggested that the eyes knew what the rotten flesh of many lives was.

“Go on, then.” Lu Yun opened his arms and closed his eyes.

“Ill have to scoop your eyes out first.” The eyes turned crimson, as did the patch of light and the darkness behind them.

The layout of Ghost Hits Wall shattered and the feng shui spirit behind Exalted Celestial Emperors back disintegrated with a mournful wail. The celestial emperor jerked out of his trance.-

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