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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 476: What a Waste

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Dusk Province.

The blockade of the province had been lifted with the arrival of geniuses from the Sovereign Meet. With Dusks restriction against immortals, no power from the golden immortal realm or higher could be deployed here. Thus, this province would allow them to demonstrate their true talents.

Most of the visiting geniuses had ascended to the void realm, and many of them had reached returned void realm.

August immortals

Those wouldnt survive a single punch from void realm geniuses! In fact, some top geniuses could actually rival golden, arcane, or even peerless immortals. Dusk Province was a paradise in which they could frolic to their hearts content. Even dao immortals had to docilely bow their head to the new pecking order here.

The most famous among the cultivators were the forty-six geniuses, consisting of the ten lords of the Sovereign World and the thirty-six champions of the Sovereign Arena. 

Although theyd been swiftly dealt with by Qing Yu and her Sidekick, that hadnt compromised their reputation. They hadnt been able to tap into their full power in either the Sovereign World or the arena.

In recent history, the world of immortals had seen a decline in combat arts and a rise of the supplemental paths. Unable to bring their personal treasures with them into the second and third stage of the Sovereign Meet, the geniuses had access to at most half of their power.

That was why the ten lords and thirty-six champions had come to Dusk Province for a rematch, fully confident in their abilities. Of course, they also wouldnt turn down the opportunity to beat up the two **stirrers too, if those two dared enter Dusk Province.


“But the current top youth sovereign of the world of immortals is still Lu Yun,” snickered the Fallen Lord. “We should take care of this so-called number one before our two targets come.”

He looked at Dusk City in front of him from his vantage point in the air, his hands placed behind his back.

Dusk City had once been torn down and rebuilt into an even more impressive city by the Feng Clan. However, the invasion of the monster spirits had left the city walls cracked and teetering on the verge of falling apart.

Months had passed since then, but Lu Yun didnt seem keen on rebuilding Dusk City. The other cities in Dusk Province, on the other hand, had all been restored, albeit empty of any living residents still.

“Perhaps... Lu Yun is the **stirrer.” The Thunder Lord looked over at Dusk City as well, his eyes cold and his body encircled by whips of crackling purple lighting.

“Purple hair!” the Monster Lord sneered. “If he were Lu Yun, why would my ancestor protect him in Destiny City”

“Hmph!” The Thunder Lord shot the golden lion a silent look.

After their internal division, monster spirits from the ten lands and Levitating Island were now bitter rivals. Each side wanted to conquer the other, so it was no wonder that the Thunder Lord and Monster Lord couldnt stand each other.

“Lu Yun is a snivelling baby, look at how he doesnt even dare open the city gates. Is he waiting for us to kick his front doors in” The Fallen Lord remained calm and composed throughout. He appeared to be a delicate-looking young man, but hed almost broken Chu Yingxins dao heart with just a few choice words after losing to him in the arena.

“Show yourself, Lu Yun, or Dusk City will be no more!” In addition to the ten lords and thirty-six champions, tens of thousands of genius cultivators had also flocked to the city. Theyd all improved exponentially after digesting what theyd gained from the Sovereign Meet and were in fine fettle, sure that theyd be able to easily conquer Dusk City.

Located within the provincial capital was the complete heritage of an ancient lord whod exceeded the dao immortal realm! The cultivators had gained many treasures and legacies in the Sovereign Meet, but none had won anything beyond the dao immortal realm. Challenging Lu Yun was merely an excuse for them to break into Dusk City. 

They were here on a mission.


“Lets besiege the city.” The Fallen Lord nodded to the cultivators around him. These tens of thousands of geniuses had waited long enough. They wanted nothing more than to rush in and loot the inheritance tower in the city!


Countless sword slashes made for the city gates, but they were blocked by rippling energy just outside the city. A figure emerged atop the city walls.

“Do you all have a death wish” Qing Han uttered frostily, looking down at the swarms of cultivators below.

They stopped attacking when they saw him.

“Traitor!” shouted someone from the Qing Clan. “Open the city gates and make amends for your wrongdoings!”

Qing Han responded with a nonchalant wave of her hand; inky-black weapons of war emerged atop of the city walls.

The cultivators paused when they saw the cannons, then burst into an uproar of laughter.

“Do you know how many weapons of war there are aimed at the city” a Qing void realm genius laughed in Qing Hans face. “Three hundred and sixty-five! The heavenly courts of the nine majors have set up three hundred and sixty-five weapons around Dusk Province!

“Your weapons of war Just try using them, why dont you!” Named Qing Hong, this cultivator was a secret genius of the Qing Clan. Although he wasnt of the Qing patriarchs bloodline, his talent was one of the best in the clan.

Hed ascended to returned void realm during the Sovereign Meet, making him only slightly lesser than the thirty-six champions and ten lords. He was now the top genius of the Qing Clan. But despite his cultivation level, he didnt possess his own void realm methods, which prevented him from proceeding any further.


As soon as Qing Hong delivered his taunt, one of the weapons of war lining the city wall lit up and he disintegrated in a beam of light.

Silence fell.

Cultivators and immortals observing from the dark alike gaped at Qing Han, caught off guard by the sheer audacity. There were three hundred and sixty-five weapons of war around the province, all aimed at Dusk City! How had Qing Han dared make a move

What they didnt know was that Qing Han had been pushed to the limits of her patience. The Lu patriarch had been assassinated, sending the clan into a frenzy, and even the Chen Clan jumped at the slightest shadows now. More importantly, Lu Yun had been missing for a month...

One last lingering shred of reason was the only thing keeping her from blowing all of the cultivators outside the city into bits. Her attack on Qing Hong was a message to these people: she was well past making empty threats and would kill them if they tried anything.

“What a waste,” Qing Han huffed, her gaze sweeping over the cultivators.

Shocked realization rippled through the crowd; Qing Han meant it was a waste to kill them with weapons of war!

“Qing Han! Dare you leave the city and fight me!” A peak returned void realm cultivator among the thirty-six champions took flight and flashed Qing Han a mocking look. “Youre a dao sovereign under the immortal dao. Are you afraid of accepting my challenge because you have nothing to back up your title”

This champion was human and wearing a full set of golden armor, imitating a miniature sun.

“Piss off.” Qing Han aimed another weapon of war at him.-

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