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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 496: To Bury Immortals

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“Thats right. Its dangerous outside the city, and absolutely deadly if you approach the tomb. If you intend to head there, young man, you should have people along to protect you!” Many immortals clamored in agreement with the sentiment.

They understood the timeline of events now.

First, these two youths had hurried here to inform the Azure governor about the incoming tide. If not for that, every city in the province would have fallen in the first couple of seconds. They of Azure Province were at the end of the line. Theyd have to rely on him even if he were an ordinary mortal, much less a void realm cultivator.

“No need. Too many people will attract unwanted attention from the yin spirits. Qing Long and I are enough.” The Feng arcane dao immortal had dragged a fellow Qing along for the ride.

Both were seven-fruit arcane dao experts, and itd be a tall order to find many better in Nephrite Major.

Qing Long and Feng Xiao descended from the sky, landing at Lu Yun and Qing Hans side.

“You stay here,” said Lu Yun.

Qing Han shook her head. “When push comes to shove, Ill be able to help.”

Her resolute look compelled a very slow nod from Lu Yun.

“Alright then. Lets go.” He saw no reason to refuse the Feng and Qing immortals, either. He did indeed need protectors and experts to accompany him. Even if they hadnt come on their own, he wouldve sought them out.



The white Path of Ingress carried Lu Yun and company out of the Azure capital toward the ancient tomb.

Over the land outside, the color of blood filled the air. Brandishing a bamboo staff, Wayfarer struck down exceptionally powerful spirits while beating back the bloody aura. 

Upon the group's arrival, Qing Long and Feng Xiao produced powerful dao-grade treasures that drew enormous energy from heaven and earth. For a time, they were able to hold off the scarlet tide.

"Whatever you're going to do, be quick about it. We can't hold on for too long." Feng Xiao looked at Lu Yun with unconcealed bloodthirst, a glint of sardonic humor in his eyes as if he were watching a clown perform.

The defense he coordinated with Qing Long seemed to take no toll on him. A strange, bloody light flared upon them, sealing off their signs of life to evade the yin spirits. However, the light barrier they set up was a bit crumblier. It appeared liable to fall at any moment against the sustained attack.

"Senior." Lu Yun and Qing Han ignored them, and instead raised a cupped fist salute toward a different direction. "We have brought the sacrifices. Let us begin."

His words chilled the two dao immortals to the bone.

"Lu Yun! You were the one who brought the tide, after all…" Feng Qing shrieked.

Before he could finish, an emerald staff struck him down to the ground. Qing Long wanted to flee, but the same fate awaited him.

A black flame ignited upon Lu Yun's body, its protective aura covering both Qing Han and himself. Because the fire blotted out their aura of life, the scarlet spirits simply ignored them. 

Outside the cities, arcane dao immortal protectors were focused on the tomb as well. When they saw Wayfarer take down Qing Long and Feng Xiao, the shrieking of the latter drained the blood from their faces.

Lu Yun

The messenger was Lu Yun Then the one with him must be Qing Han! Was he really the mastermind behind the outpouring of evil spirits What was he doing Did he intend to take revenge on Nephrite Major!

"Lu Yun is the head of the Star Demon Sect, a veritable demon himself!" a Feng clan immortal clamored. "He must have led us here on purpose after sparking the undead tide! The only reason he delivered that message was to feed our lives to the demons!"

There was a wave of panic at his words. Several arcane dao immortals were consumed by the aggressive spirits in a moment of negligence and their bones clattered to the ground.

"All of you, shut up!" Nephrite emperors uncle commanded. "Anyone who babbles any further will answer to my sword!"

He drew an immortal sword with a ringing schwing!, then cut the prattling Feng immortal in half.

Trembling like cicadas in winter, the others were too intimidated to engage in further hearsay after that. 

"What do you want, Lu Yun!" Enveloped in a cocoon of light, the old man sternly called out to Lu Yun by the tombside. 

"The Feng and Qing clans are my enemies. Why do you believe their words, senior" The young man opened his Spectral Eye and began surveying the surrounding landscape as he answered. 

His words were intentionally quiet, so they didn't carry far; the only ones who could hear him were the strongest experts present. 

"Plus, they specifically came with me after learning who I was… shouldn't all of you already know what they intended" He smiled. "But that's all water under the bridge now. Even a mountain of sins are absolved by their coming. This is how I will seal the tomb: I will bury these two right here!"

His volume increased continuously as he spoke, ending at a deafening level. The experts who heard his words felt their ears humming at the commotion. Burying two seven-fruit arcane dao immortals here… to seal the ancient tomb

Feng Xiao and Qing Long were still alive!

The two men paled when they heard Lu Yun's words. Burying them here to seal the tomb They were great arcane dao immortals—lofty, noble, and to be venerated! Theyd endured incredible trials and tribulations to pluck their seven arcane dao fruits!

And now, an ant of a cultivator was going to… bury them

"Lu Yun!" an old man cried out coldly. "If the two of them lose a single hair on their body, I will crush Dusk Province!"

He was a Qing arcane dao immortal—one with eight fruits. Eyes burning with fire, he wanted to save the other two, but couldnt possibly break through the layers of evil spirits to reach them.

"The old senior wants me to give up on saving Azure Province, then" Lu Yun snorted. "If that is your wish, I must comply. The people of Azure Province need to be saved, but I refuse to let the people of Dusk Province die for no reason."

The Qing expert bristled with anger. That casually delivered last statement pinned all of the blame on him!

"Do whatever you need to, Lu Yun. If the Qing Clan dares move against Dusk Province, my clan will integrate into Dusk Province and feud with the Qings to the bitter end!" Cutting a swath through the spirits with his seal, the Azure governor gave an ultimatum.

"May your will be done, Your Excellency." Lu Yun waved a hand and stripped off two talismans from Qing Long and Feng Xiao's bodies. It was these talismans thatd hidden their life auras from the undead.

"Senior, please adjust the geographical layout of this place as this junior tells you." He turned to Wayfarer soberly. "This junior is going to bury immortals."-

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