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Wayfarer rested, regaining some of his vitality. Under Lu Yuns orders, he reshaped the landscape and shifted the earthen veins in an effort to set up a new layout; it was impossible to seal the crack with the immortal burial layout now.

Sixty-four dragons formed from earthen veins created a sprawling layout that protected Lu Yun and the others within.

However, the scarlet yin spirits seemed to be actively commanded. Aside from their persistent assault on the Azure capital, they directed part of their attention to the well-protected Lu Yun.

There were still roughly two hundred Feng and Qing immortals left in the province. Aside from Feng Wuxian and Qing Yuezhe, six more dao immortals stood among them.

Picking up chunks of earth, Lu Yun used the ultimate technique of equipment dao—forge of earth and sky—to refine that many coffins, then buried all of them alive. He needed everything hed ever learned to resolve this crisis.

Interment of heaven and earth!

Rather than a single tomb, this feng shui layout was for a mausoleum, one for all of the Feng and Qing immortals to come. Only something as complete as a mausoleum could possibly bury this devastating breach.

Yes,bury was the right word.

His Spectral Eye saw the will of death in the great fissure. It was as if the world beyond had already died, and putting that to rest had to come before anything else. The interment of heaven and earth was the strongest layout for a mausoleum there was, and was the only way the will of death could be buried at all.


Art Saint and Qin Sheng brought the Feng and Qing immortals soon enough.

Lu Yun had heard Zhao Changkongs words loud and clear. The Qing Clan was Qing Hans family and now that her father was patriarch in deed, as well as name, he had no reason to refuse them.

The Feng clan He didnt give a ** about them.

The two clans immortals glared at Lu Yun with alternating looks of rancor and terror, but he ignored them and soldiered on.

“Hold on. These immortals have too much resentment in them, and I dont know where the other end of this breach connects to. The aura of death is so thick… if I bury them in ordinary coffins, theyll probably become corpse demons and cause more trouble in a thousand years.”

Lu Yun clapped his hands together. The coffins hed refined shattered to pieces, dumping their new inhabitants into heaps onto the ground.

“Prepare five thousand tons of bronze for me, Yuying,” he messaged his envoy.

As acting governor of Dusk City, the white-robed pill fairy immediately contacted Qing Ruyan. Gathering so much bronze on such short notice required the help of the Panorama Pavilion.

At present, the merchant guild was Lu Yuns staunchest ally. In addition to refining the Tribulation Traversing Pill and lending a dao weapon to its lord, Lu Yun was also the master of the Pavilions future hope—Liu Qingmiao. Any request he made would be fulfilled immediately.

Bronze wasnt an expensive material, but it carried exceptional meaning. In the world of immortals, many symbolic treasures and ritual implements were forged from bronze. The metal definitely wasnt cheap, either, especially when compared to some immortal-grade materials.

Nevertheless, the Panorama Pavilion managed to gather up five thousand tons in a very short time. Yuying sent it into hell immediately thereafter.


The ground trembled under the newfound weight as a colossal mountain of bronze appeared in front of Lu Yun, who chopped off a tenth and began refining coffins anew with hellfire.

Bronze coffins and outer-coffins were widely known among tomb raiders as objects of great misfortune. Encountering them during the tomb-raiding line of work was the worst development possible, as these burial vessels often contained terrifying zombies or corpse demons, and for good reason.

They were widely employed by tomb-builders who realized that a tombs feng shui would corrupt its owner. Bronze, hanging, and netherwood coffins were very common methods of restricting the corpse demons that ensued.

Though these coffins generally turned into personal weapons of those they contained, thus strengthening the dead, their mysterious power also permanently trapped the corpse inside the tomb. That way, no disaster would befall the outside world.

As an experienced tomb raider and feng shui master, Lu Yun was perfectly capable of refining bronze coffins. Calling uponforge of earth and sky a second time, he gathered an incredible amount of natural energy once more. The yin spirits around the sixty-four earthen dragons were scattered.

Stretching upward to three hundred meters tall, the embittered bamboo bathed him in viridian light. Lu Yun was at the apex of his power.

A huge forge of earth and sky stood like a translucent, dark-gold mountain in the heart of Azure Province. The immortals in the Azure capital could easily see the spectacle, even from several thousand kilometers away. This was the ultimate achievement for equipment dao, something countless refiners could only dream of.


Several hundred bronze coffins and outer-coffins flew out of the forge, encasing the Feng and Qing immortals once more.

The Qing forefather approached Qing Han with sincere frankness.

“Child!” he said.

“Mm.” Qing Han couldnt do much more than nod slightly. The pain of the mixed venom inside of her threatened to consume her, but she remained steadfast in her control of the embittered bamboo.

Realizing the condition she was in, the forefather hastened his message. “In truth, the Qing clan has two crowning treasures. I have already given your father the Arcane Golden Orb, but the other is even greater. 

“Surpassing connate grade, it currently rests upon Cranecry Mountain beyond the East Sea. When you achieve immortality, you should seek it out for yourself, utilizing the blood in your veins!”

“Mn…” Qing Han nodded again. She didnt have any strength to actually speak, but her eyes radiated a deep sorrow. The Qing forefather hadnt done anything wrong. In fact, hed even once saved her from the rimesnake venom.

Plus… hed always known who she was. 

Lu Yun heard nothing of the exchange. If he had, the mention of Cranecry Mountain wouldve stunned him senseless. On Earth, Cranecry Mountain was where Daoism had begun. Was there a place like that in the world of immortals, too

Having said his piece, the forefather entered the biggest coffin of his own accord. It slowly sank into the ground.

“Interment of heaven and earth… Begin!” Lu Yun cried out.


Crashing into each other as dragons, the sixty-four earthen veins exploded in a burst of natural energy that spread out in every direction.

Suddenly, the earth under Lu Yuns feet began roiling like waves, and the outer-coffins still left on the surface were swallowed whole. The forty-five hundred remaining tons of bronze melted and slowly morphed into a grand palace, then slammed down upon the breach.

The Qing and Feng forefathers tombstones appeared at the center of the hall, while the dao and peerless immortals tombstones surrounded them, forming an enormous yin yang.

It was the same yin-yang layout as before, but this time in the form of a mausoleum. Qing Yuezhe, Feng Wuxian, and several hundred other immortals were the burial sacrifices.

Such was the interment of heaven and earth.-

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