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A bronze palace! Interment of heaven and earth!

Just like the immortal burial layout was the most sophisticated tomb, this was the most sophisticated mausoleum recorded in his sects texts.

After the burial had failed in fiery glory, the incredible energy released by the Embittered Bamboo and shattered yin-yang graph had enabled Lu Yun to draft the framework for the interment and palace.

The now-enormous fissure a hundred kilometers across was sealed up again. Of course, the seal was still incredibly fragile and could be broken by the slightest bit of disturbance. If the bronze palace broke open, Lu Yun would truly have no recourse left.

After all, he was only a single cultivator. No matter how plentiful or strong his methods were, they werent inexhaustible.

The immortals holed up inside Azure capital no longer dared come out. When the Feng and Qing Clans intervention had caused the tomb to explode, more than eighty percent of the immortals outside the city had died in an endless tide of yin spirits.

The breach might be sealed now, but its impermanence gave them no reassurance. Only the Azure capital was left, anyway; it was far safer to stay inside to protect it.

The yin spirits werent able to go anywhere else. Innumerable immortals were lined up on the provinces borders, cutting down anyone that crossed over. The Nephrite court and East Sea monster court were both involved.

Azure Province bordered the East Sea, so if it was taken over by yin spirits, the marine neighbors wouldnt fare much better. Indeed, the entire coast was covered with monster spirit generals and battalions that charged at any spirit that tried escaping the province.

Under the yin spirits repeated attacks, the Azure governors veil of light was at its breaking point. Nephrite immortals from the surrounding provinces gathered at their adjacent borders, hemming the dead in. Immortals fought at every developing crack, filling the gaps with their own bodies and lives.


“Have void realm cultivators come,” an anemic voice sounded.

After setting up the tombs in the bronze palace—two main, seventy-two major, seven hundred thirty minor—all of the power drained away from Lu Yuns body. The faintest ember of hellfire burned inside him and Qing Han collapsed unconscious in his embrace.

The Embittered Bamboo returned to her body, suppressing the venom inside her once more. Empress Myrtlestar and the Azure Dragon King combined their ancient techniques to seal away the agitating poison curse inside her.

The interment of heaven and earth was now completed on a preliminary level. A heady energy of creation flowed forth from it, filling the gap beneath it with its potent essence. The nearby yin spirits were dispersed by the bronze palace; they dared not approach it.

However, the great hall that spanned fifty kilometers was still vibrating slightly; the mausoleum wasnt finished enough to defeat the terror on the other side of the breach. Whatever was there remained persistent in its battering against the new barrier.

Lu Yun was exhausted in both mind and body. The emptiness he experienced was incurable by any pill or herb.

“Void realm cultivators can draw power from heaven and earth... the power inherent in the world of immortals is anathema to the yin spirits.” Lu Yun spoke quietly, but Wayfarer helped make his words heard throughout all corners of Azure Province and abroad.

“I knew you were always up to no good, Lu Yun! Even now, you want to kill the geniuses of the world!” Immortals on good terms with the Feng and Qing Clans instantly pointed accusing fingers. If dao immortals were dying left and right, what good would void realm cultivators do Werent they being sent to their deaths

Lu Yun closed his eyes. He was speechless out of necessity. The words hed spoken just now had robbed him of the last vestige of his strength.

Yuying, Feinie, Aoxue, Xuanxi, Huangqing, Cangyin, Su Xiaoxiao, and Xingzi; all eight Envoys of Samsara appeared around him in a protective circle. The pure energy of creation erupted from their bodies and rose to the heavens, eradicating the horrifying yin spirits swirling there.

“How can this be!” The other immortals colored with shock when they sensed the envoys auras. The ladies radiated oneness with heaven and earth. In other words, theyd achieved immortality through the void realm!

Only those whod progressed through the void realm possessed this quality. The entire world still remembered the power that Mo Yi had wielded after attaining immortality. She had done so as a void realm immortal.

“No, theyre all peerless immortals… Ive seen many of them in Dusk Province before. The girl in the blood-red dress once blocked the Qing Clans door—she was already an immortal back then!” Someone recognized Aoxue among the octet.

As a peerless immortal, Aoxue emitted an aura as impenetrable as an ocean. She breathed in sync with creation, just like a new-generation immortal would.

“A formation of heaven and earth!” an immortal yelled. “He declared that he would invent one back in the North Sea. He said that it would let immortals attain the same level of strength as those who progressed through the void realm…”

“He actually succeeded!” the immortals murmured to themselves.

The possibility of a formation of heaven and earth had been a very popular topic, once upon a time. The entire worlds formation masters had gathered to research and discuss it. Alas, Scarlet Apes attack on Dusk Province had scattered them and their work to the winds.

Later on, it was apparently proven that a so-calledformation of heaven and earth couldnt be incorporated into the body at all, which reduced it to a joke.

Many believed from then on that Lu Yun had made such an outrageous claim only because hed wanted to save himself. A formation of heaven and earth didnt—couldnt—exist. That was why Dusk Province had been isolated, besieged, and systematically uprooted.

Today, the appearance of eight peerless immortals who carried the power of heaven and earth with them was a resounding slap in their faces. The formation of heaven and earth actually existed, and the proof was right in front of them!

The eight envoys arranged themselves into a formation around Lu Yun and Qing Han. On their masters orders, they used their power to suppress the palace beneath.

The bronze palace instantly stopped vibrating.

Lu Yun opened his eyes. Hed returned to hell through the Gates of the Abyss as soon as he was able, and now that he was fully recovered, he was ready to fight again.

“One potential!” proclaimed Lu Yun. Countless formation stones flew out from his hands, settling into the shape of a magnificent formation that enclosed the bronze palace within.

“Two principles!”


Another layout fell into place. The feng shui shapes that Wayfarer had arranged earlier were coming into effect. A light touch from Lu Yuns compass was all it took to activate them.

“Three essentials!”

“Four divisions!”

“Five elements!”

“Six directions!”

“Seven stars!”

“Eight trigrams!”

“Nine sectors!”

“Ten orientations!”

Ten layers of layouts simultaneously pressed down upon the bronze palace. All ten were ordinary feng shui influences, but they came together to form a grand influence over the world.

Finally, the interment of earth and sky was complete.-

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