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Both the Divine Glory and Black Emperor emerged at the same time to take aim at the three origin dao immortals.

Numerous heavyweights hidden in the void were caught off guard. Even at returned void realm, Lu Yun was but a mere cultivator, easily squashed by dao immortals. Aether dao immortals would be able to kill a void realm cultivator without breaking a sweat, let alone origin dao immortals.

However, Lu Yun, an elite among the weaklings—but a weakling nonetheless—was able to threaten origin dao immortals with death by calling out the two weapons of war!

There were many weapons of war in the world capable of decimating crippled origin dao immortals, but they were attached to earthen veins, making them more akin to giant, immobile formations.

Such weapons also couldnt be controlled by a mere cultivator.

Lu Yun, however, had hauled out two weapons of war at the same time. Terrifying white light gathered at the mouths of the weapons, unfurling an advent of death that made these lofty origin dao immortals fear for their lives.

Supplemental paths as king.

They were suddenly reminded of what Lu Yun had said back in the North Sea dragon tomb. The idea was later spread by those whod sought to capitalize on it, but a majority of immortals had considered it nothing more than a joke and paid it no mind.

Lu Yun did possess such weapons, however, and hed killed origin dao immortals with them. Still, no one treated him seriously.

All nine heavenly courts in the world of immortals possessed their own war treasures. To use the regular ones, though, one had to connect the weapons to earthen veins and set up all the necessary formations, which took an extraordinary amount of work.

A full day was the minimum, and even more time might be needed.

Yet here Lu Yun was, casually floating two weapons of war in the air as if it took him no effort to do so, and the cannons were primed to fire.

The origin dao immortals were quite unnerved.

A cultivator possessing the power to kill origin dao immortals… If Lu Yun popularized this new and improved version—extremely likely, considering the kind of person he was—the consequences would be unthinkable.

Every faction would then possess weapons like these, and the crippled origin dao immortals would enjoy no further advantages in the world of immortals. The structure of power would be completely toppled.

Mum was the word when faced with the cannons, and they had no choice but to let Lu Yun and Qing Han pass.

“Lu Yun has to die… Hes too big a threat to us alive!” An origin dao immortal stared darkly at where Lu Yun had vanished into the dark continent.

“We must use everything in our power to acquire a complete formation of heaven and earth in the Dusk auction two months from now,” interjected another origin dao immortal. “Lu Yun is but a cultivator. No matter what opportunities hes encountered, or what hes gained, hes no more than a cultivator at the end of the day!”

He held the other immortals gazes. “Between us, we possess the wisdom of half the world of immortals...”

“Thats right! Well obtain one complete formation and summon all the masters of formations and other supplemental paths in the world to study it!”

“The moment the auction ends is the moment Lu Yun dies!”


“Those old cripples will never give up on killing you now,” Qing Han said with a smile, looking around in the ghost realm. She was referring to the origin dao immortals injured in the course of their ascension.

“What else is new They were just too worried about dying to kill me before.” Lu Yun shrugged. 

The origin dao immortals had threatened Scarlet Ape in Destiny City as a desperate gamble they knew they would win. Scarlet Ape was unlikely to take the risk, which was why they dared threaten it with mutual destruction. Actually die These immortals were far too crafty for that.

Lu Yuns weapons of war, on the other hand, could easily kill them. They would be able to kill the youth if they attacked with abandon, but they would never run the risk of doing so.


The ghost realm was full of ruins and yin spirits. However, what remained suggested a once glorious world more prosperous than even the current world of immortals.

These spirits werent as vicious as those that had invaded Azure Province. They didnt attack Lu Yun and Qing Han after the humans entered, but instead drifted about aimlessly in the air. Every once in a while, some would be attracted by the heavenly energy seeping through the cracks and attempt to struggle to the other side.

However, Lu Yun didnt see the East Sea when he turned around, just a vast expanse of nothing but crystalline blue.

“Whats going on” Qing Han frowned. “This place feels like the central world, but it isnt.”

“Thats because the central world once fell here, but was then dragged out!” Lu Yun took in a deep breath and cast his Spectral Eye over the pale earth—bone powder, to be more precise. He identified the dead in a particular spot to be a regular person whod died hundreds of millions of years ago.

“This is a world thats truly dead. It died a long, long time ago. And now… this world is going to devour the world of immortals.” Lu Yun approached the barrer for a close look. “The cracks result from the pressure applied by the dead world. Im afraid this barrier wont hold for much longer. Something has to be done.” He shuddered in spite of himself.

The yin spirits here were meek and harmless… because this was their home. Once outside, the spirits would instantly turn vicious and prey on the living.

Hed discovered that the closer the yin spirits were to the world of immortals, the more aggressive they became. Those who were halfway out of the barrier were even more terrifying, baring their teeth and brandishing their claws in a threatening manner.


“Heres the celestial master tomb.” Lu Yun took out the jade slip Xiangliu Ting had given him. Once injected with inner energy, a detailed map emerged in the air.

With the tomb at the center, the map covered an area roughly a million kilometers across. In addition to the tomb, Lu Yun noted other marks on the map—the tortoise nest and the qilin tomb. Both had arrows marking their move to the celestial master tomb.

“Is the kunpeng nest here, Beigong Yu” Lu Yun opened the Gates of the Abyss and summoned the kunpeng.

“It is!” Beigong Yu cast his gaze in the distance, his eyes bright. “Over there!”

Lu Yun nodded. Beigong Yu was pointing at the celestial master tomb.

“Milord… Im afraid I cannot serve you further, milord...” 

Beigong Yus body suddenly began rotting, and his bones deteriorated into powder that drifted to the ground. His soul broke apart and turned into a yin spirit, drifting toward the celestial master tomb.-

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